Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima finds the culprit

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima getting a glove. She recalls seeing the shadow. She says Vansh won’t believe me, I have to get a proof first before telling him. Vansh sits sad. Dadi and others perform the aarti. Riddhima says its about a son’s love for his mum. Someone pours kerosene in the mystery room. Riddhima looks for the glove. She sees someone and goes to see. She slips by the oil and falls down. She says what’s this. She smells the kerosene oil. Riddhima goes to check. She opens the door. The candle falls down. The kerosene gets lit. The painting burns. She shouts no…. Everyone hears her scream and runs to see. Vansh gets shocked. They see Riddhima. Vansh shouts Maa and tries to save the painting. Dadi says your hands will burn, get back. Angre comes and stops Vansh. Vansh angrily beats up Angre. He shouts leave me. He turns and sees the painting burnt to ashes. Vansh and everyone get shocked. Vansh cries holding the ashes. Vansh sees Riddhima and holds her neck. He says you burnt my mum’s last sign. She says no, I was finding it. He says you burnt it, right. He gets angry.

She says I didn’t do it. He recalls their first meet. Ishq mein marjawa…..plays….. He asks Angre to make her out of the house. Riddhima says listen to me, trust me, there was someone her, I m sure he has done this. Vansh says I don’t want to hear any false story. She says I didn’t do it, I m saying the truth, he had worn a black colour glove, it had a silver motif, I was just holding the kerosene can, I didn’t do it, you misunderstood me, I can’t separate a son from a mum, that person is still in the house, we can together catch him, listen to me. Vansh shouts Angre…

Angre holds her hand and asks will you take luggage or shall I drop you out. She says I made relations for Kabir, I wanted to get Vansh punished for Ragini’s murder, I m blamed for the mistake I didn’t do, its about my self respect, I will bring the real culprit out, just show me the way. An apple falls down near Anupriya. Riddhima picks the apple. Riddhima sees Vansh there. Angre takes her out. Vansh cancels all the meetings for some days. He sees Angre fallen on the ground. He asks what happened to you. He checks Angre’s pulse and breath. He asks him to come to senses. Angre holds his head. Vansh asks what happened. Angre says Riddhima….. He recalls Riddhima hitting on his head with a vase. She runs back to her room. Vansh takes Angre to the sofa. He shouts Riddhima….

Everyone comes to him. Vansh asks Riddhima to come out. Dadi asks didn’t she go. Chanchal says such a cheap act after the insult, this girl likes to stay in the big house. Vansh says she attacked Angre, what does she want, she has hurt me, she burnt mum’s painting, enough, I won’t leave her this time, Angre, Aryan, find Riddhima and get her to me alive, I will punish her. Angre checks all the rooms. Ishani jokes that Riddhima fainted him. Angre says it was sudden, I was not ready, Riddhima said she had seen some shadow, who burnt that painting. Riddhima checks the black coat in Ishani’s cupboard, hiding inside. She thinks did Ishani do it. Angre asks Ishani does she know about it, why is she nervous. Ishani says I don’t know about it. Angre doesn’t see Riddhima. She says I will expose that person somehow. Aryan looks for her.

Someone wears the black clothes and kidnaps Riddhima. Riddhima gets up and says remove the mask, it was a drama to catch you, show me your face, you are the unknown enemy. She removes the mask and sees Anupriya. Riddhima scolds her. Riddhima says I had done it to catch you red-handed. She recalls getting kerosene smell from Anupriya’s saree and seeing a stain. Riddhima says I knew you will follow me and try to catch me, see it happened, you got caught, how can you do this with Vansh who regards you your mum, why did you burn that painting, I have the answer, you are his step-mum, right. Anupriya cries and says yes, I m his step-mum, I loved Vansh more than his mum, I stood by him in his every pain, I did this since I can’t tolerate his pain, I have raised all the kids, I couldn’t lessen his pain, I wanted to free him from this suffocation for his betterment, if you think you should tell him, you can go and tell him. Riddhima says I will tell everyone about it.

Precap: Riddhima does the puja. She thinks to find truth even if she puts her life in danger. Dadi asks her to break shagun coconut. Everyone looks on

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Thank u so much Amena…

  2. Omg……
    Ye Kya muje aa episode dhaeknaeki himmath bee nahi… Ithna dharadhmae my mere vansh Koo Nahi dekhsakthi… Lekin Kya karu vansh Koo bina dhekae Mera day complete bee Nahi hotha

  3. Episode is too confusing. And I am sure Riddhima will not say Anything cuz she is out Television Bahu.

  4. Maya Jaisingh

    please give an update of the precap.

  5. Pls upload 1st September episode pls

  6. oh my God this ep is so good, i just liked ridma’s acting yu really impressed me. She is becoming smart and i like it.

    not able to take away yo stepson’s sorrow makes yu hate him like that there is more to it taking the precious thing in his life. Who is going to buy this story now

    team imm just keep us thrilled

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