Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vihaan arrives finally

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 28th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupriya asking Kabir to handle Riddhima. Riddhima thinks how will this marriage stop now. He twists her hand and scolds her. He says think like Vansh was a bad chapter in our love story, which ended, you had dreamt to have a life with me, your dream will turn true, you should be happy. She says it was my big mistake, I will never repeat it. He says mistake has happened, think of any miracle, one who messes with me never wins, you, your life, both are in my control, waiting is useless, nobody will come. He smiles and says just you have to come to marriage mandap. He goes. She says why did he say this, Kabir can’t win, Vihaan answer my call please. Kabir says game set, winner is Kabir, there is no speed breaker now. Anupriya says she had to lose her jewellery. He says keep an eye on her.

She says don’t worry. Vihaan is leaving. Kabir points gun at him. He says I knew Riddhima is planning something, how can she be a fool to get a roadside hacker in the plan, sorry man. He shoots. Riddhima shouts no… Her imagination ends. She says no, if Kabir knows it and killed Vihaan, I can’t go out, what shall I go. She recalls Meher’s words. Anupriya comes and sees Riddhima/someone lying on the bed. She says I know this marriage is a trouble for you, you won’t get freedom from this cage. Riddhima comes to Vihaan’s house and says why is the door locked. Aryan calls Anupriya. Anupriya says I will let her live, just 15 mins left for her freedom. She checks and sees Chanchal there. FB shows Riddhima saying I have to calm down and think. Chanchal comes there. Riddhma faints her and says sorry, I have to do this for family, I will get Vihaan and come back soon. FB ends. Anupriya calls Kabir and says come fast, there is a problem. Riddhima tries to open the door with a rod. She goes in and says its all empty, did Vihaan run away with money or Kabir did anything to him.

FB shows Riddhima asking will you cheat me, I m trusting you. He says my mom is the most precious to me, I swear on her, I will not cheat you. FB ends. She says Vihaan can’t cheat, it means Kabir has done this, how shall I find Vihaan. He gets a video form Kabir. She gets shocked and drops the phone. She sees the bomb near the mandap. He calls her and says Riddhima, just 15 mins left, if you don’t come, then everything will be over, this family, VR mansion, everything, come, stop this bomb and save your family. She says I m coming, you won’t do anything such. Anupriya does Kabir’s aarti and says you always have smart plans, I m so proud of you. He says she was trying to fool us, now she will madly come running. Angre comes. Kabir says you worked for Vansh, you have to play same role for me, same dedication and loyalty. Angre says I will better die than being loyal to you. He goes. Kabir gets angry. Anupriya calms him down. She asks him to break the coconut in one time. Kabir hits coconut and it doesn’t break. She says do it again. He leaves the coconut and says I don’t need your good luck, I have already cleared the hurdles, no one can stop this marriage. Riddhima comes home. She looks for the bomb. Kabir says its with me, Riddhima. He shows her the bomb. She says you lied to me. She says I had one way to call you back, I promise everything will be true next time, pandit is coming, go and get ready, you are going to become Mrs. Kabir in 5mins. Anupriya takes her.

Kabir thinks my plan will work. Pandit asks them to call the bride to mandap, the mahurat is starting. Dadi recalls Vansh and cries. She prays that Vansh returns. Ishani says we all miss him Dadi. Anupriya says family will doubt seeing you like this, forget the past and move on, it won’t hurt you, congrats for the marriage. She take Riddhima. Riddhima thinks Vihaan, where are you, I can’t be of anyone except Vansh, my family security is in your hands. She comes downstairs. She thinks of Vansh and Vihaan. She thinks my life is over now. Pandit asks them to stand for varmala. Riddhima recalls Vansh. Anupriya gives her garlands. Riddhima is sad. Pandit says the girl will make the groom wear garlands first. Kabir looks at Riddhima. The door opens. Vihaan comes there and says this marriage can’t take place. Riddhima looks on.

Riddhima runs to Vihaan and hugs him. Kabir and everyone get shocked. Dadi says my Vansh has come back. Vansh says inspector Kabir, Vansh has returned to his place, won’t you welcome me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now seeing Vansh standing in front of eyes, Anupriya and Kabir will have diarrhea…….

    1. Yes, absolutely…👍

  2. Forget about the episode…
    Precap was amazing…. RiAnsh’s Hug..💖🥰😍😘 OMG…. I’m looking forward to it… and I’m loving it… Can’t even wait for Monday..

  3. God!!!!!We made so many speculations who is gonna gun point Vihaan but look! Makers made it a dream again.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Hum log to bhul hi gaye the iss show mein dream jyada hote hai..makers ne yaad dila diya.
    But in the promo it was shown that Riddhima threw a capsule on fire, Riddhima is attemting to drink poison so where did that part go?
    So the arrival of Vihaan is also a dream??I’m feeling like a dumb now.
    Kya pata Vihaan wala part bhi sapna hai!
    They’ll show Vihaan’s entry(for real) at the end of Monday’s episode I guess.

    1. Yess @tonni even i was confused kyuki vo capsule fekti h nd tries to drink poison…bt i dont think ki ab yeh vihan entry dream hoga bcoz dadi nd everyone saw him..Ridhima even hugged him..bki u never know Ridhima khuli akhon se bhi spne leti h aajkl

    2. Actually now I am also feeling same that it is her dream and when Riddhima will be about drink poison then only Vansh/Vihaan will enter and stop the marriage. Oh god can’t wait anymore plz Vihaan/Vansh jldi aa jao bas…

    3. [email protected], tumne yeh yaad dilaya, meri excitement ka band baj gaya….
      Precap dekhne ke baad meri khushi ka thikana hi nhi raha….
      But Anyway I’m eagerly waiting for Monday’s episode… Hopefully, atleast Monday we will witness what they shown in today’s Precap.

    4. Did anyone notice when vihan sweared his mom nd said ki unse pyara mere liye koi nahi hai…nd that’s the’s confirmed ki vo vansh h bcoz he really loves his mother nd wants to find her true murderers

    5. @Ishi today’s ending moment will be dream only. Riddhima will imagine Vihaan and just then Kabir will tell her that none is coming to save you. After that Riddhima will throw capsule on fire, try to consume poison and then Vihaan’s entry(the real one) will happen and the rest of the precap sequence will happen afterwards . That’s what I personally think.
      Let’s see what the makers are up to now.

    6. Exactly when she hugs him she has the garland around her neck!

    7. @ tonni…For the first time am glad ki wo spana tha…. aur uss se bhi zayada am glad ki mere wala assumption nai tha….

    8. Yes I too feel… again it is again Riddhima’s dream of vansh arrival…

      Becoz before vansh entry

      1)riddhima threw capsules.
      2)second thing she attempt to drink poison.

      And shw knws that he is vihaan so hw can she hug him like that. So pakka dream.

    9. No due to shortage of time they cut that part . You can find that part on voot . That happend in that cliff part also they cut vansh’s dialogue tere ishq mein marjawan . In precap also you can see ridhima and kabir have garland on their neck . So watch voot for poison part

  4. Can’t wait for Monday 😇awesome precap😊

  5. For the past few days I’m so disappointed with this show. Can’t they actually write a worthwhile, thrilling, attention grabbing scene that’s completely logical without bringing IMAGINATIONS AND DREAMS into the picture. These things are starting to upset me and even though Vihaan’s entry is supposed to attract me to the show, right now I couldn’t care less😪
    IMMJ2 is just not gravitating as was. It’s loosing it’s spunk. So sad that the writers have such dynamic actors for the show and spoil it with a stupid script

    1. You are absolutely right. It is a thriller, but devoid of logic and includes lots of dream sequences and prayers. Actually for a good logical thriller, it is absolutely necessary that it should be a finite series ending within few episodes. When you stretch a thriller to 200 episodes, it definitely loses its thrill.

    2. Yes. And in all this chaos of the show, I think people are not realizing in the precap, How the Hell does Vihaan know how to behave and speak like Vansh when Riddhima never taught him? Is it that there will be a flashback or what? Cause I’m genuinely annoyed.

    3. Also, the makers had decided to make both Kabir and Vansh as the villains and how Riddhima is stuck between these two. But because of audience’s pressure, they had to whitewash Vansh’s image and absolve him of all crimes, and in turn shift the entire burden of negativity on Kabir. It would have been so much better if Vansh was also a villain or atleast had some grey shade to him. Also Kabir has been made this psycho killer who kills anyone and everyone and also is never punished or questioned for his crimes.
      If you really enjoy thrillers, you can watch Ek Hasina Thi. It is not very fast paced, but somewhat stays true to its theme. Here, both the protagonist and the antagonist play enough games to outwit each other, and both get to win on different occasions. Not like Riddhima who always loses.

    4. @Nia i agree with you
      Ek Haseena Thi is worth watching…..Vastal and Sanjeeda and the cast gave justice to their characters

    5. Merhawit Hadera

      where can i get it please ,I couldn’t find it in YouTube???

    6. Get it on hotstar ^_^

    7. Yes …i do agree….Ek hasina thi was one of my favorites…truely loved it

    8. @G Yes it is one of my favourite shows. The entire star cast did an exceptionally good job. In fact I’d recommend everyone on this forum to watch Ek Hasina Thi if you haven’t.

    9. Merhawit Hadera

      where can I get it ,,l couldn’t find it in YouTube?

    10. you will get it in Disney + hotstar
      i often used to watch the shows whenever i wanted to have some thrilling mood
      trust me its awesome upto some core….( me personally doesn’t like after the marriage sequence)

    11. @Nia and @G I absolutely agree that Ek Hasina Thi is a worth watching. But I realised it after a long time. Sach kahu to mujhe yeh show tab pasand nahi tha kyu ki us time mein shayad Balveer ata tha aur meri ma us show se addicted thi jaisi ki hum hain immj2 se. Itne sal be bad ek bhi thriller show uske jaise interesting nahi mila. I miss that show a lot.

    12. @ TSA, @ Niya, @G
      I am so glad that anyone over here once watched that exceptional thriller show in history of Indian Television. For the first I saw a show where female protagonist was powerful and intelligent. Other they are shown dumb like Riddhima.
      The difference between Ek Hasina Thi and other thriller shows was that Ek Hasina Thi was a finite series and therefore they kept it logical and no stretching at all.
      Other thriller shows’ story is indefinite and decided seeing trp ratings. These production houses prefer quantity over quality. And Ek Hasina Thi chose quality. Even Beyhadh which was also a thriller, was a success because it was a finite series.
      Not every show can create a history in thriller genre like Beyhadh or Ek Hasina thi. If I get time, I still I like to watch it, even after so many years.

  6. Guys I am damn sure vihaan is non other than our vansh… The way Vihaan told Riddhima “MAA KI KASAM” ..

    1. Exactly!! I am also thinking the same

    2. Exactly @Anjali….that part was like…. it’s definitely Vansh Raisinghania….the way he said “Maa ki kasam” means it’s Vansh who became Vihaan…
      And Riddhima was so sure that Vihaan/Vansh will never broke his mom’s promise…… This is best part of 2days episode.👍👌

    3. Guys…..if you want Vihaan to be Vansh…….pls don’t trend Vihaan is Vansh……trend its reverse……beware of our maker’s disappoint mein marjawaan

  7. Finally!!!!! Vihaan/Vansh is here. Now I am just waiting for revelation that Vihaan is Vansh and Ridhima and Vansh are together or Vansh is testing Riddhima cuz he saw her sad after his death. And now there no one to whom she will pretend anything.

    Now Kabir and Anupriya’s game is over. I am just waiting for many many Vansh/Vihaan and Riddhima’s scenes.

  8. Now We should wait till Monday for atleast seeing his face………nothing is gonna reveal on Monday also. This is not fair…..🤷‍♀️
    Angre was not there at Mansion!!! point.
    Cheerful or dejectful……..Ridhima never stops dreaming🤦‍♀️
    Ridhima and head bang…….combination like Bread and butter…….😂😂😂
    Now Kabir also started prank. LOL!!!😅
    @Tonni…….Do you remember We thought about doing prank to stop Marriage……..Like calling and dummy bomb(In the view of makers)🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Hamne nahi Kabir ne kardiya…….shaadi hone keliye

    1. Riddhima faints everyone and says SORRY.🤣🤣🤣🤣
      I think they read our comments and thought of doing this prank..😆😆😆
      I’m really disturbed that Riddhima hasn’t stop dreaming yet..Even in time like this you’re gonna dream!!!!
      Other people have panic attack but Riddhima dreams. WOW!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Wait Vihaan said his mom is most precious to him and he swore upon her. This again puts a greater proof that he is Vansh indeed.
    Also has anyone noticed Vihaan’s dressing style? Today I counted he’s literally wearing 4 tops at the same time!!! A jacket below which he’s wearing 2 shirts and below which he’s wearing a t-shirt. How is he even breathing in that? Thats why I always found Vihaan’s appearance weird. What was the stylist even thinking?
    When Kabir asked Angre to work for him, my heart skipped a beat thinking Angre maybe has been working for Kabir the entire time thus cheating Vansh, but I’m happy that said no and gave a befitting reply to Kabir. I know Angre has proved his loyalty towards Vansh many times before, but still I suspected him in that small amount of time.

    1. @Nia the dressing sense of Vihaan actually reflects me in winter.
      In winter I even wear 5 tops(maximum).😅😅😅😅😅
      But I never thought my winter style will be someone’s dressing style in a TV show.

    2. But Tonni, in Mumbai it’s not necessary to wear so many shirts or Jacket as here(Mumbai) the temperature never go down below 22-25%… you can see, people in Mumbai are in one simple cloth, some wear cotton cloth and some of them a full sleeve shirt/top are much enough…
      I’m staying in Mumbai only.

    3. @Tonni it’s reflect me as well… Even I wear 5-6 tops in winter… Infact I’m already wearing shawl and socks…😂😂 Winter has not even started here in Bangladesh…

    4. @Nia,
      Agreed with your 1st point of Vihsan is Vansh.
      And 2nd point…yes I observed that he wore a Jacket, 2shirts and a T-shirt….at that time how even Rahul aka Vansh manage…I think for him Makers put the AC on….
      And 3rd point… Actually I was sure that Angre never go against/decieve Vansh…as he’s most loyal towards Vansh since long ago…but you’re thinking coz of writers/makers….as they are pro to spoil the story and it’s totally up to them…so maybe that’s why you was supposed to doubt on Angre.

    5. @Tonni What 5 tops? How do you even manage with that? Does it get really cold in Bangladesh during winter? I can barely manage to wear a sweater without feeling suffocated, however cold it might get.

    6. @Niya temperature sometimes become 15 degree celcius or below in the northern regions of Bangladesh especially Sylhet. I once experienced winter there. It was very cold there.

    7. @Nia naaah…there is not that much cold in Bangladesh but maybe I’m a bit sensitive to cold.
      Actually I’m the indicator of our house that winter is coming. 😂😂😂😂😂
      Even now I’m in my socks.
      After 7/10 days later you’ll fine me in socks, hand gloves, head and ear-covers etc etc.

    8. @Tonni….and…. @Nia
      My bestfriend too wear such 3-4 tops at a time (occasionally)….That too in summer season……Kabir se bhi zyaada Psycho hain🤣🤣🤣……pata nahi voh ullu ka bandha kaise tolerate kar rahi hain…. I will be getting suffocated even seeing him in these much layers….
      @Tonni…..I love snow and Winters…….After this Corona pandemic and Exam pandemic end, I would ilke to have a vaccation there…..suggests me some

    9. @Neha1 Yes in Mumbai its never really cold, so I dont understand where this fashion sense comes from. In Hyderabad, its 18°C right now which is not very cold.

    10. @Nia, in north it’s more colder than west and central-west
      Even I’m one of them who wears at least 4-5 tops in winters………
      @Tonni virtual high-fi…😂🤣

    11. @G Where are you from?

    12. @Nia I’m from Uttarakhand.

  10. God!! The makers won’t let us live in peace. I’m seriously fed up with this Anupriya and Kabir’s melodrama. End it soon yaar…..
    BTW @M…we need your evil smile….for Anubir…And I’M DAMN SERIOUS
    I just want Vihaan’s entry…which was shown in the whole episode just for the least 1 minute that too in the ending….
    Now we have to wait till Monday to see what happens next…the makers seriously need a break they are giving us disappointments and disappointments and disappointments…..
    The writers who write ff’s write and think way better than the makers
    I can say one thing instead of the title ‘ISHQ MEIN MARJAWAN’ it should be ‘SAPNO MEIN MARJAWAN’

    BTW has anyone seen the latest interview of HELLY on Buzz Bollywood, in that interview she is wearing bridal dress and that too red in colour one (the one which Riddhima had wore when she was getting married to Vansh). Seeing that I have a feeling that either there’s a remarriage or some throwback is going to be shown which wasn’t shown earlier in the show. What do you guys think???

    1. Bridal dress ka toh pata nahi……par Ridhima is back on her saree with choodiyaan

    2. Hindi serials Mae more than 1 time shadhi karlaena trend hogaya….. Shadhi ho yaa beechamae shadhi rokhjanaeka hoo fhir voo decoration, new bridal look, new look for every one…. Omg! Aa sab ek baada headache thaa

  11. Again a dream….my god….riddhima raat ko sapne nhi dekhti kya…jo usko day time sapne dekhne padte hai??……as expected,they dragged it till monday….still in wait😒😒😔😔….

  12. Omg the precap 😍😍😭😭 can’t wait for Monday 😍 the hug 😍 that dream sequence tho 😂😂 I thought someone actually came to gun point Vihaan but turns out it was a dream..kya yar. Precap best 😍💥

  13. Guys, do you think that Vansh is back, or is this Redho’s dream?

    1. No its not her dream because if you see Rrhaul post on insta and makers have posted the Kava shaadi scene so he will be back in real. Have to wait for Monday 🙁

    2. Kushi
      I hope it’s not a dream

  14. Vaishnaviaddanki

    I toh feel it’s Vansh because the way he hugged his Sweetheart was just amazing!!!!
    But now he is in the character of Vihaan so may be he might trust riddhima and later he realizes that riddhima always loved him and was actually saving his family

    1. @Vaishnaviaddanki,
      Yes, Even I too thought the same…. Right now Vansh becomes Vihaan to know the truth of Riddhima and the mastermind behind all of this…..
      Maybe later Vansh will realised that Riddhima was protecting his family, it was Kabir who blackmailed her and then he might drop the vengeance drama for Riddhima. Let’s see what makers are upto….

    2. Vaishnaviaddanki

      Before they reveal anything we might die of suspense

  15. Oh Shit Man I have to wait till Monday now… Ye Ridhima itna Daydreaming kyu karti hai I was scared af when Kabir shooted Vihaan..I just hope ki Vihaan ki entry bhi sapna na ho gosh kitna intezaar karna padta hai 😑😭

  16. Watching that precap again and again ….. that hug and that smile of riddhima are just next to awesome…. kabir aur anupriya ke tho thothe udgaye….. just loved it…

    1. @Rimsha, Thothe udh gaye, samjho…😂🤣🥳

    2. @ neha 1 … yar i was just w8ng for anubir reaction … form day when riddhima asked vihan for help…. and finally we got to see that in the precap…. but I don’t think they will belive that he is vansh…. bcoz of 48lakhs (riddhima sold her jwellary)… so from now kabir try to expose vihan …. and vihan will try to have narrow escape like riddhima used to when vansh was doubting her … …..

  17. Oh God finally visa and see here is just can’t wait to see kabir and anupriya’s reaction they will be like WHAT THE HE’LL JUST HAPPENED 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  18. Muntaj

    Vansh aagaya…… Vansh aagaya ……… Omg ! Mera vansh vapas aagaya…… 😁😀😃😄😆😊☺️🙂😏.
    Kabir……. Mera gussa sae, mere galiya sae Aaj tuje vansh hee bachaya ny thooooooooo
    I don’t want to spoil my mood because of you.
    Mera vansh….. Mere Rahul…. My Jaan is back….. Aaaj my hava Mae hood rahihu…. Chandh Kae opper bhayt kar party kar rahihu……. Tharooom sae mala banak vussae Khel rahihu.

    1. By reading your comment I remembered the dialogue ‘Mere Karan Arjun ayenge’

    2. Muntaj…..tumhari Vansh aagaya….Vansh agaayaa…..padke aur makers ki…..Vansh aa rahi hain….Vansh aa rahi hain sunke……..
      I just recalled a story I read in my childhood……🧒🧒
      A farmer used to prank all by…Sher aagaya….sher aa rahi hoon…………at last when really sher came…nobody was there to help him…..🤦‍♀️
      MORAL FROM THE STORY👉if they are dragging this entire 20 mins even more…..nobody will be there to watch Vansh’s Entry….🤷‍♀️🙄

    3. @Den agree with you the too much of dragging may lead audience to lose the feeling of curiosity and suspense.The makers should know about it.Since,from yesterday they are about to bring Vansh,on Monday while watching Vansh’s entry some might watch it as they watch on regular nbasis.No suspense .

    4. @Muntaj @TSA And after reading her comment, I remembered that old song “Pita tu ab toh aaja” where at the start of the song, the dancer Helen will say “Dekho woh agaya. Woh agaya!” 😂😂

    5. Looks like you people are recreating scenes here..😆😆😆😆

    6. Haha…M…im also dancing like that…Mera vansh vapas agaya…yay😀😀😀😎😎😎

  19. Maybe it is Ridho’s dream because she is waiting vihaan so how do she hug him when she knows that Vihaan is not a vansh

    1. @Jasmine Riddhima might have hugged Vihaan
      So that no one has a doubt on her…that she is the one who did planning with Vihaan, so that he can enter the house as Vansh and stop the wedding
      And if Kabir gets to know that he’s not Vansh but an imposter then he can do anything with the family and Riddhima.

    2. G
      You are right, and it may also because she was afraid that he not come But he came, so she felt safe then she hug him

  20. Do watch today’s bigboss Rrahul and Helly are coming as guests there.

    1. Kaab aa rahaehai……

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