Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Vansh accuses Riddhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 24th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riddhima praying with the family. Vansh thinks of her words. He says Riddhima, I know you were hiding something, but what, I have to find out. Riddhima sings the shlok. Dadi praises her and asks her to do aarti. Aunt says I think she is going to rule on our throne. Ishani says don’t worry, Vansh will stop her, he doesn’t like oversmart people. Kabir says what would be going on there. Someone comes to him. Kabir turns and gets angry. The guy says Sir, please, I get panic attack. Riddhima does the aarti. She prays that Vansh doesn’t get the transmitter. Andre looks around. He gets the transmitter. Vansh comes there. Riddhima gives the aarti to everyone. She goes to give aarti to Vansh.

Ishani says Vansh will not leave her. Vansh says I don’t believe your Lord, I trust my talent, I m my own God. She asks don’t you believe the one who has created you and the universe. He says I didn’t see God doing my work, I have earned each coin, I have made myself, not any God. She says its about thinking, we have talent because of God. He says that’s why you have everything, right. She says you have support of the entire family, Lord didn’t give me my family, so he has given me himself, he is my family. Vansh says very interesting, so you think God is yours, you will get everything by doing bhajan. She says its about thinking, I thank him for giving me so much and also peace, you think you have everything, but you couldn’t get peace, because you didn’t learn to thank anyone, you can’t say thanks or bend your head in front of anyone, anyways, I will thank Lord on your behalf, maybe he brings some peace in your life. He looks at her. Ishq mein marjawa…..plays…. Dadi smiles.

Andre says boss, I got the make up kit items here, I don’t understand to whom this belongs. Vansh checks it and says interesting, very interesting. He comes back and shouts Riddhima, Prasad has come for you. He gives her the make up box. She gets tensed. He says person’s hands get shaken up because of fear. Riddhima says I didn’t understand anything. Ishani asks whose make up items are these. Vansh asks Riddhima to say, how did this come in the garden. Riddhima says I don’t know, maybe its of anyone else. Vansh says lie, you went to my study, this was fallen outside my window, who are you, who has sent you, what do you want. Riddhima says its not mine. Dadi asks what’s the need to create the issue for make up box. Vansh says its not ordinary make up kit, right Riddhima. He fixes the parts and switches on the transmitter. Aryan says this looks like a high tech transmitter, info can be sent out easily. Maa asks what will she send and to whom. Vansh says maybe my enemy. Riddhima says its not mine.

Vansh says the way you looked at the device, its proved that its hers. Dadi says she is not like that. Vansh says we will clear the misunderstanding, we are on this side of the transmitter, the other side will prove who is right. She thinks Kabir may take my name, he shouldn’t get caught. Kabir gets the connection back. She thinks Kabir don’t say anything. Kabir says hello….. Vansh says sshh….. Kabir hears this and gets alert. He keeps a kerchief on the mic and says yes, Aryan, how did the call get disconnected. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir asks are you fine, is there any news. Vansh throws the transmitter away. Riddhima gets scared. Kabir says Riddhima is in some danger. Vansh sees Aryan. Aryan says this is all crap, this girl is framing me. Vansh says you have time until morning, you have to prove Riddhima wrong and your innocence. He asks Riddhima to live the night, the truth will come out tomorrow morning, then anything can happen.

Riddhima asks how shall I tell Kabir that Vansh is doubting me. Riddhima throws a red cloth out. Aryan says she was giving a signal to someone. Kabir comes to meet Riddhima. Vansh comes there. Kabir hides behind her.

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