Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Riddhima saves Kabir


Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vansh saying this is the secret I was talking about, I called agency and got Badrinath’s pic. He shows the pic to Kabir. He says I understood he has many masks on his face, its like making joke of the law, interesting. Kabir says I know I broke the law, you are the sun of the crime world, and I m just a flickering diya, I know Ragini’s murder truth, I will bring it out. Vansh asks how do you know, did you leave any spy after me, I don’t care, just I know the truth, even my wife doesn’t know it, so whatever you know is a misunderstanding, He points gun at Kabir. Anupriya worries. Vansh says you can never know about Ragini and my truth.

Riddhima thinks Kabir was saying right about Ragini. Kabir says I m playing this cat and mouse game with you since years, come on lets end this, I m not scared of you and your threatening, lets get over with it. Vansh says good, those who aren’t scared of me will get less today. He loads the gun. Riddhima cries. Vansh says my pleasure, inspector Kabir. Riddhima thinks I don’t know Ragini’s truth, I can’t let Vansh kill Kabir and become a criminal, I have to stop him. Anupriya thinks how to stop Vansh and save Kabir. Riddhima runs and stops Vansh. Vansh asks what are you doing, you are saving enemy’s life. She says no, I m saving your life, he broke law, but he is a police inspector, you will be becoming a criminal after killing him and go to jail, the family and I will bear the punishment, I can’t see you behind the bars. Vansh says its good that someone cares for me when there are many cheaters. She turns to Kabir and scolds him. Vansh says you should be punished for coming inside VR mansion. Riddhima thinks what will Vansh do now. Kabir says you, Vansh, you can’t do anything.

Vansh calls commissioner and says my doubt was right, Kabir was here in my house in disguise. Kabir stops and hears him. Kabir says Sir, I m here, I will tell you everything. Commissioner says shut up, you broke the law and defamed the department, I didn’t expect this from you, you are suspended now. Kabir gets shocked. Vansh thanks commissioner and ends call. Kabir says fine Vansh, I lost my uniform, I didn’t leave my intentions, if you think you will cover up your crimes by getting me suspended, then you are wrong, now there are no restrictions on me, I can do whatever I want, I will do it, you pointed gun at a police inspector, you have become a big criminal. Vansh says you don’t need to tell me, be thankful that my wife saved your life, better you leave silently. He asks Aryan to send him. Aryan signs Kabir to leave. Kabir thinks I promise a big destruction. Riddhima thinks thank God, Kabir’s life got saved. Vansh sees everyone. He says there is a special dinner at our house today, Sejal would be coming. Dadi says you did good, I will prepare the menu. Vansh says the dinner will be interesting, many secrets will come out. He goes upstairs. Riddhima thinks.

Sejal comes home. Vansh asks who kidnapped you. Sejal says he kidnapped me and tortured me. Aryan says she is lying. Sejal says I m not lying, he tried to kill me, he said he will kill Riddhima and you. Chanchal says this didn’t happen, forgive him. Vansh slaps Aryan. Vansh says one who cheats me has one punishment, death….. Vansh shoots Aryan. Everyone gets shocked. Chanchal’s dream ends. She wakes up and prays for Aryan. Aryan comes. She hugs him and says I got a bad dream. Aryan asks did you see Vansh killing me. She says yes, you are imp than my jewellery. Aryan says trust me, I m prepared for Vansh’s move. He shows the gun. He says I don’t know what has Vansh prepared, he can point gun at me like that inspector, I will ensure my safety. Vansh plays basketball. Riddhima comes to him.

She asks why, answer me, how did you get Sejal, did you kidnap her. He says I don’t need to answer you. She takes the ball again. She says I won’t go without getting my answers. She ties up her hair and tucks the saree. She plays with game. Vansh’s hand touches her waist. Ishq mein marjawan…..plays…. She baskets the ball. Vansh looks at her. She says you have to tell me, Vansh. He pushes her against the wall. He says you answer me first, you are smart and knew that Sejal is kidnapped in our house, why didn’t you know about inspector Kabir coming here in disguise, you are my wife, you didn’t doubt him, why. She thinks Vansh doubts on me, it means maybe he knows about me and Kabir. He says its impossible for any enemy to enter, unless someone in the family is a cheater, come on, sweetheart, don’t take stress, you will know it on dinner, Sejal is coming. He smiles and takes the ball to basket it. He goes. She says sweetheart…. Vansh called me sweetheart when he doubted me, what shall I do.

Precap: Ridhima gifts Vansh’s sketch to him. He tells her that sketch will always be there whether she remains s there or not. He then asks her if she remembers what he had told her on their wedding night. She wonders whether he knows she’s betraying him. Anupriya says that she sacrificed all Kabir’s happiness and gave it to Vansh, and today Vansh tried to use gun at Kabir. She vows to take revenge. Kabir comes to a room in drunken state. He turns on lights and says what he’s doing there?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Chachi is also dreaming now!!
    Who’s next??
    But it’s exciting. Really it’s something worth watching now.
    Well,,I always complained about family getting involved in romantice crime thriller is a bad idea. But as for immj 2 Vansh is a mafia as well as he’s equally a family guy. So he’ll have enmity, jealousy from family too. So I’m okay with it now.
    It will be interesting to see what Sejal opens up about. She is a big lead in the show now. I’m also thinking that Kabir might find her and kill her before she tells anything to Vansh.
    Riddhima is in trouble from all over now. it’ll be interesting to see what she does now.

  2. Again suspense!!!!!! Thrillers fully loaded……what will be next to unfold???.

  3. Awesome update😍
    As rahul returned the show is back to its spicy pace😍

  4. Oh my god! What a thrilling and romantic episode!! 🥰🥰🤭👏
    Really didn’t expected this to come literally can’t sleep last night and now just cracked by laughing what a amazing turn 😊🥰🤭
    What kind of mother she is, at least ridhima came for the rescue but thinking of vansh🙁
    To be honest I like ridhbir more than riansh maybe the reason is their height differences don’t know but I like them more!! 🤔😏

    1. I also like ridhbir more than riansh because they look cute and perfect together but whenever I see riansh I feel like they have been imposed on each other and most important factor for not liking them is their height.

    2. The is very Mind Blowing amazing and keeps the viewer hook not because of Ridhbir but Riansh and the thrill / Romance / Suspense is proving that name of the show is perfect totaly different from Season 1

  5. Wooow! Day by day serial is getting more and more interesting, am eagerly waiting to watch the serial on tv.And immj2 bgm music and song I just loved it. Muje mere love Koo koyi song dedicate Karo boltho definitely my aa song ko hee dedicate karungi. Abbthak koyi pyaar Nahi future Mae huva thoo definitely aa song sae hee propose karungi

  6. krithi poojary

    oh, so vansh is coming in his old form. interesting, very interesting.

  7. sorry shraddha if u see this… i am coping ur style
    1. Riddhima saves Kabir for Vansh… cute!
    2. Kabir gets suspended… super cool!!
    3. Chaachi has started dreaming :D… it’ll be fun to see who dreams next
    4. Basketball scene was cool!… but only until they were playing
    5. Vansh doubting Riddhima was… sad? and maybe dissapointing too
    6. Sejal is coming for dinner!! I hope she has told Vansh everything in detail so that understands that our Ridhu isn’t wrong or bad or traitor… Don’t want our cute couple to part ways 🙁

    Anyways, YJHJK has it’s one year anniversary today… congratulaton to the fans (including myself ;D)

  8. Riddhima playing basketball with Vansh 😍 Dying to watch the episode on TV …

  9. Thanks for the WU was practically choking with suspence.Im glad Riddhima’s intention was to protect Vansh and not Kabir.To all IMM 2 team,good job the show ir proving to be worth my time

  10. But guys ….. agar vansh ko riddhima pe doubt hai tho wo use puch kyu nai letha …. he could have kicked her out with kabir …… aur muje tho laga ki riddhima ka raz tho khul hi jayega …. it’s lagging yar…. kuch nai tho riddhima ko tho batha do ki kabir is villain…. story ko kuch tho aage badna chahiye … it’s just revolving on same track… kuch tho progress karo plz

    Plz recap bhi update kare plz

    1. Vansh didn’t threw ridhima out of his house becoz vansh is special whatever he does he only knows.or maybe he loves ridhima too and don’t want to loose her at any cost.Reason could be anything but they are not dragging things becoz kabir is villain was told to viewers in 50 episodes only.

    2. you are Right Rimsha

  11. I am attached to this show

    1. Glad to meet you as cherry. I wish ki dobaara aap flop prank na Kare jo illegal hai. ☺

    2. Hi .I hope you stick with this name please ..Den is right it’s illegal to copy rrahul sudhir and helly shah names

  12. Hi sometime back there was a discussion on creating a fan club/group for IMM 2 how did it go?if you have an idea,please reply

    1. how about instagram??

    2. how about instagram??

    3. I don’t think so instagram is a good idea , bcz there are dozens of Immj2 fan accounts in India. So try something which is creative and new platform for fans group. Just take it as a suggestions ONLY

  13. Now it seems like our old immj 2. Loaded with full suspense and thrill. All thanks to our “Vansh”.

  14. What really the makers are up to? Filling these much suspenses. why I’m feeling like there won’t be a big damakedar Twists or Turns

  15. Vansh’s behaviour is kind of weird from past two days like seriously he’s not normal I know some people must be feeling like the old Vansh is back but actually this is even more weirder, can’t wait to know the reason behind his mysterious behaviour! I’m getting negative character type vibes from Vansh nowadays…!

  16. They should reveal Kabir to Riddhima atleast that should be done.same like a giant wheel it keeps on rotating.some time I watch only riddhu and vansh scene.tomo Anupriya scene will be full bakwas.they made riddhu and vansh sleep together and again back to start.little boring of seeing the repeated raaz and the questions of dokha.

  17. I have a very scared feeling for Riddhima .As he asked her if she remembers what he had said on the wedding night🔫🌹…The gun or rose.What did Sejal say?please can someone please tell me what she said😭🙏.I want my romantic Vansh back .This one his scarey 😖

  18. I wish Riddhima knows about kabir ..😂if she did she would of shot him herself…This episode was a dhamaka.Please can someone tell me what sejal said to Vansh please😭🙏🙏🙏🙏.please

    1. What sejal said to vansh is not shown on t.v or episodes till now.Just hope that she must have told everything about Ridhima that she was just a normal girl and did everything for a reason…

  19. Any guesses guys ….. kabir ne kiddo dekha hoga ?

    1. It must be Aryan

    2. Muje tho lagra hai ki anupriya hogi…shayad bete ki vaisi halath dekh kar hi anupriya ko uthna gussa aya ho …. kuch bhi ho saktha hai …. 🤞

    3. I also feel it’s Aryan. Maybe he’ll join hands with Kabir against Vansh.

  20. whats going to happen next?cant wait…

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