Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddu to judge a competition


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gudiya telling guddu that she has become magical and he can take her advantage. Guddu asks her to go. Harbheji asks what happened? Gudiya tells that her Amma was wonderful, but after seeing the miracle, nobody can touch her. She asks Guddu to come to her house to witness the miracle. Harbheji asks Guddu to go and have halwa. She tells that even she will have Devi Maiyya’s placement in her house and all Sipri will see. Gudiya says it will be fun and goes to inform Sarla. Harbheji thinks her Devi Maiyya will be more beautiful. Pappu gets many calls and he confirms of the miracle happening in their house. He asks Radhe to pick his phone. Radhe says this girl has made this news public. Sarla tells Sweety that the miracle happened because of her devotion and asks not to ruin it, calls her female crow. Sweety cries. Radhe asks Gudiya why did he tell everyone about the miracle. Gudiya tells that Harbheji told her that miracle will happen in her house too, as she will place Devimaa in her house. Sarla shouts and calls Harbheji, call her copy cat. Harbheji laughs and tells that she will come to her and will handle her. She then comes to the window and says small people, small talks. Radhe asks Sarla to calm down. Sweety asks what did you ask her?

Harbheji laughs. Sarla tells that she is blessed by the Devimaa and gets upset with Radhe. Harbheji asks how do you handle her and tries to provoke Radhe against Sarla. Guddu asks what are you doing? Harbheji asks him to be quiet when two women are fighting. Harbheji tells that she got blessed by all Devimaa’s avatar. Sarla says firstly and lastly she will be blessed. Harbheji asks her to answer her question and asks why Mata Rani’s first avatar is said as Shailputri and laughs. Sarla laughs and says Shail means Himalaya. Our Devimaa was called Shailputri as she was born in Himalaya. Guddu asks her to come inside. Sarla asks who is the God who had done our Devi Maiyya’s Aradhna. Gudiya says this question is wrong and asks her to change it. Harbheji answers Shri Ram had prayed to Devi Jagdamma and got her blessings. Gudiya says this is competition. Harbheji says I am born as a winner.

Sarla challenges her for the competition. Harbheji refuses. Sarla says you come to my house holding sugar bowl in hand. Harbheji says she has sugar bags in her house. Putli Bai comes there and asks what is the argument? She says Gudiya is right and fixes the competition. Gudiya says who will be the judge and suggests Guddu’s name. She says Guddu will be the judge. Guddu refuses, but Putli Bai says Guddu will give the verdict depending on who is more devoted to God.

While Sarla does the puja, Harbheji also starts puja at her house. Putli Bai does the aarti. Sweety dances. Gudiya says it is a miracle that bhabhi is dancing even though music is stopped. Sarla says she shall not dance. Radhe asks Pappu to stop her. Pappu says action. Sweety asks oh Maa..did you hear my prayers. They hear Harbheji playing the bell in her inhouse temple. Sarla asks them to ring the bell. Harbheji hears the sound and tells that they shall go and see. Guddu says what is happening? Putli bai says Harbheji left the bhakti and went to enjoy standing at the window. Sarla and Harbheji beat the plates standing in their respective house. Putli Bai finishes the aarti and says lets go and check. She asks why is this drama? Gudiya says who is more devoted and asks Guddu to give the verdict. Harbheji thinks he will speak in her favor. Sarla also thinks the same. Guddu is trapped and hears a voice telling that he is trapped and asks him not to say anything. Guddu pretends to lose his sight and shouts for help. Nanhi says she will call Doctor. Guddu says no and tells that he can’t give the verdict. Gudiya asks him to give verdict. He refuses. Gudiya asks him to taste the prasad and say, whose prasad is best. Guddu feels stuck again.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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