Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep comes back

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Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi runs and hugs deep. she says you are alive. I knew you would come back. He shoves her. She is about to fall in fire. Deep holds her. He says the wound hasn’t healed yet. Roma says deep you are alive. I knew Arohi wont be able to do anything. We were so worried when we got to know about Arohi. She was locked in a closet. Deep is silent. He recalls when Arohi shot him.. He woke up and got his bullet out. Roma says you went through so much. we were making Tara believe that you are not alive. She never believed that you are not alive. arohi will face her consequences. Deep says Arohi has died. For me. Don’t ever discuss her again. She is nothing to me. Roma says Tara you deep is here.

Roma sasy to Tara you can live with Deep. But I have a condition. You wont tell him we were celebrating. Arohi says why don’t you kick him out if you hate him. Roma says I am the only one who knows about Deep’s parents. Arohi says are they alive? Why you lied him all his life. Roma says for my family. you have to spy on him and tell me everything. She leaves. Arohi ssays I have to find deep’s real parents.
DEep comes to Dilip. He says papa ji I am alive. Arohi showed me both life and death. She did so wrong with me. I always protected her but she tried to kill me. I loved her and she hated me.. This new deep is only made of hatred. I will only live for this hate. Arohi says I have done a sin. I will fix what I did.

Arohi comes to deep. He dresses his wound. Arohi is in tears. She says deep let me help you. He stops her hand. She says arohi did all that to you. Why are you punishing me instead? She tried killing me. i will kill her. I know whats in your heart. You said we will start a new story of our love. What happened now?> He says I hate this face that always betrayed me. dont’ try to play these games with me. She says take this knife and cut my face. He says stop this drama. this new story new love.. I said all that to Arohi in London. How do you now? She says Arohi told me on call. She said she loves me. DEep hits on wall. Arohi says eyour love gave me life. I wont mind even dying for it now. Arohi says deep stop and listen to me please. He leaves.

Deep recalls Arohi shooting him. He hits the punching bag over and over again. Arohi comes. He says why don’t you leave me alone. She says please eat something. He throws the food away and says you are fooling me? First you showed my heart love and then shot me? How much drama would you do Arohi? Arohi is shocked. What happened? you thought I don’t know anything? you thought you can fool me? I am not crazy? You shot me here on heart and now bringing this food to kill me. Now whats in this food? She sayss I did all that. I am really sorry. He givves her gun and says kill me now. shot me in head and kill me this time. Arohi says leave me. He says don’t worry about me. Arohi says I can’t do that. I am sorry I made a mistake. I thought you were with these people. But you protected me and my family. You never killed anyone. You saved me. I should have loved you instead of hating. I couldn’t see it but I really love you. He says just shut up. Better not talk about love. Arohi says I will say it every time. He says you just wanna know where you bhabhi is thats why you are doing this drama. You will see my dying everytime. I will hurt myself. She says please don’t do that. I dont know where chawnai is. Niku is killed too. You can’t go away from me. He says you will see me dying every day. I am a very bad human. I only believe in hatred. She says don’t harm yourself kill me rather. Tell your family about me. He says I have no sympathy for you. i don’t care about anyone. Arohi says please don’t do this. He says I wont own you nor will I tell anyone. You will stay here. She says please stop. He says I hate you and your face. Arohi says stop. He shoves her. Arohi falls on pillar. Her lip bleeds. This was Taara.
ACtual arohi comes out and says deep stop. Tara says deep doesn’t love me anymore. She will have to pay for her sins. She can never be Tara.

Precap-Tara says now she will know what it takes to be Tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hiii friends i miss u guys i am here almost after a week and today’s episode made me crazy.I don’t get what the hell makers are trying to show can’t they focus on one thing either revenge or love they kept it swinging like pendulum first arohi’s hatred now deep’s why don’t there is a single moment of happiness and love in both life.I got it that deep is angry and arohi is guilty and makers could give us some moments where arohi tried to make deep happy and deep supported her but no they brought tara back in the frame to complicate the story and creating hurdles and havoc in their lives sometimes it is so confusing

  2. But yes i am happy with the episode as finally the good deep is back in arohi’s life rightnow he is angry on her but still he loves her a lot and now i am damn sure that raichand’s know about arohi and planning things this whole is a trap for her but deep is here and he will save her(as i wishes).Roma man she is changing colors faster than chameleon worried because of tara and for chawani(hope he is safe) and last i missed everyone of u(Rhivanya,Nabs,Lutfa,Arohi&deep,mo and the other name whom i left sorry guys as i am not good with names) and missing dhara badly

    1. It nice to see you again, I also think it a trap as well.
      Arohi has to be careful.

      1. thanks mo

    2. Hi Anvesha u can remember mine too from now on…… Nice to meet u….. Though virtually… Its okey?

    3. Hello Anvesha miss u more

    4. miss you too my friend of ishq mein marjawan 🙂

    5. Hi r u? I was really miss you and your comments. Agree with you dear.

  3. Hello friends.
    I can’t see arohi pain.what happened with Roma. Where is deep parents. Still they are alive.what a twist Tara comeback.
    Deep not understand arohi.i am not like this kind of deep.
    Deep dialog: pyaar se nafrath.nafrath SE pyaar.
    Deep arohi Se memory card Lena ki liye kya kuch nahi kiya.hecross the limits.isliye tho arohi badla lenaa chaathi agar deep apni dil ki baath bathayiya ho sab kuch nahi hotha.arohi do mistake. Its very wrong.But deep again punish arohi.why everyone torture one support Tara also included.I really felt bad for her.

    1. its true..deep doesn’t care about arohi’s feelings

      1. Hi SSS.yes no one care about arohi.

    2. Mona146

      what arohi did is not mistake. he never told her truth so she never knew all this. marne se pehle deep itna emotional tha ab itna ruthless. kis baat ka badla nikaal raha tha jab use pata tha ki arohi ko kuch nahi pata. arohi ki jagah koi aur hota to woh bhi wahi galti karta. i dont understand how virat and prithvi forgave roma for vedika’s murder and brought her back from jail.

      1. Exactly mona, these questions remain unanswered

      2. Hi Mona.i was asked this question already.but no ans.
        Arohi deep ko jail bejna tha.but she was kill only am said that arohi do a mistake.

    3. hii rhivanya i agree deep thinks only about his pain

    4. hii rhivanya i agree with u

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Love hate revenge game start again… ?????? only thing plz do proper updating… Sometime updater mix secenes…

    1. I don’t like this game.

  5. deep should not treat her like that.though he was good he sent arohi jail and she suffered a lot in jail and because of which she gave him punishment. deep thinks that she gave him punishment through hatred .bt what he did with her was a big sin.deep thinks only about his problems….

  6. Deep should have understood Arohi pain. Even if he didn’t like, what was happening. Deep still had the power to say no.
    But he went along with it.
    So tara is back again, I hope Arohi find out quickly. Still hoping tara to die.

    1. yes mo now this tara is too much sometimes

  7. Oh god why can’t Tara die. Show maker please remove Tara once and for all. Tara is irritating. I hope Deep knows the difference between Tara and Aarohi and support Aarohi.

  8. okey i think deep is too much angru i try to kill her then why i say i save her why he didn’t save her when roma try to kill her he was wating at the door in tears pfff now i make the lover who was fooled sorry but wake up deep you are guilty okay sometine you was forced but sometimes you could save her you didn’t

    1. I didn’t get u at all, plz be clear

      1. sorry i say that arohi was in trouble and deep didn’t try to help her. When roma try to kill arohi he did nothing and he sent arohi to roma so why now i say i’m innocent he isn’t guilty as i was thinking but deep isn’t innocent i think i deserved this and now i hope he will move on and forgive arohi. I REALLY HOPE THIS TIME DEEP BE ONLY ON AROHI SIDE

    2. Yes you are correct. Deep didn’t save arohi.

    3. I agree with SSS,mo,shinjini.

    4. yes deep even doesn’t try to help her

  9. M quiet grateful to Atiba for her quick update but plz make a note that the update at times is confusing
    For those who didn’t understand the last part, it’s actually tara who hits herself as deep pushes her, the real arohi enters the scene later on when deep leaves

    Btw this episode was boring……….. Too much of tara arohi n then we hv the reverse, feel irritated at times.
    Did anyone notice that how is it possible to carry poison with u when there’s a tight security check at almost every airport, they check out every suspicious element (InShaAllah) n then how can someone possibly get poison so freely in a country like the UK…………. Illogical things finish the keenness n the interest of a viewer
    Anvesha agree with you ?

    1. hiii amaira it’s great to meet u and i will definately remember u and yes the show seems a way too illogical at times why don’t makers try to keep it realistic

  10. Well, i have stopped guessing the future of this drama because this drama is some time way too unpredictable, well for npw i am enjoying the drama but but they soon should end the current track soon, only thing which i dont like is how tara always appears! It seemed like tara was jailed in london track! Then again she appeared! How? They are also playing with viewers! Btw once this deep’s parents truth reveals i think the story will be much much exciting if they keep themself on track! And pls show that how roma came back from jail and virat and prithvi are normal with her! Well it will be very exciting to see deep and arohi as protogonists fighting against tara the antagonists! I am also tired of a number of antagonist in the show and only one positive character! And if they show deep’s parents alive it would be more exciting!

    1. Am also excited.

  11. Deep is hurt because Aarohi betrayed him what about what he did 2 her he should put himself in Aarohis shoes any 1 in her place would have done de same now Aarohi did what he did 2 her de score is finally settle its time dey join hand and destroy Raichand family and we c some romance ……….Nwai tomorrow is A Ramdhan we wil start fasting 4rm 2mrw wish me all de best

    1. i agree with you deep isn’t totaly inocent

      1. Mona146

        true he is thinking only from his side from the beginning. his karz towards roma and his responsibilty to fulfill it. I feel he sympathises with arohi not love her varna use guilt naam ki cheez hoti for what he did to her.

    2. i agree with u even has to understand arohi’s pov alsi ans all the best for ramdhan

  12. Lutha didn’t u fast today?

  13. I like it

  14. Hello guys……….
    Commenting after a long time…….Missed couple of episode and don’t know what is actually going on immj………..l don’t know what’s happening with me too my tv is not working(due to thunder) moblie have some problems……..So iritating……..I am completely depending on updates
    Coming to episode………….Love and revenge starts………..Only that for today’s episode………
    Today onwards……Ramadhan fasting is starting……….very happy

    1. Hi r u?
      Mee too very happy. Yes ramzan fasting starts.

    2. hiii shifa happy ramdhan

  15. OnlyI word i could apply here is confusing confusing
    Woow loved deep s entry and Aarohi doesn’t know the things happening with her but my question is how did Tara come back without a passpo rt and again the mouse and cat game to start Tara ???but feel sad for deep he has so much emotions and now Tara is trying to play with it too by becoming Aarohi will deep really hate Aarohi ?? I will enjoy this track but I missed to watch it yesterday as stuck with these exams but will watch it at 2pm (mom will be working hence no problem???).. but what is Roma trying to di now what is this big secret of deep s I also want to know Roma didn’t say it before as virats was there thats logical but wats this new syappa??

    1. hii nabs all the best for exams and yaa sad for arohi because this tara make things difficult for her

    1. OOOHHH NOOO if this deep send arohi to jail i will …………. kill him for sure lol

  16. I can’t see aarohi pain wht she did it’s not mistake. She never knew about deep now she realised. She faced so much pain deep has to understood that. Tara is back aarohi don’t know that. Wht she is going to do..

  17. How magically a person’s nature n behavior changes our perspective, u see tara n arohi, both roles r played by the same person n note the remarkable difference in our approach towards both of them……

    1. What a fan episod i get very exited to see deep back in the show

  18. Love the show… Love acting of both….

  19. I think that Deep shouldn’t be angry with Aarohi as he also betrayed her. I know that he tried protecting her in many ways and still kept her things and loving her but she was not aware of it until now. I don’t the think that she should be sorry to Deep. He sent her to jail and she suffered there. If you love someone so much you wouldn’t be able to see others torture them or destroy their lives. Aarohi is an innocent girls whose life got destroyed.

  20. Aarohi is a conqueror and she must not fall weak to Deep.

  21. Deep deserved the hatred from Aarohi as she has got hurt many times.

  22. I really like Tara’s fierceness and attitude. Also Aarohi needs the change her hairstyle. Instead of leaving it straight in the night they should leave it straight in the morning. If she is going to have curls at least put it away from her face. Also her hair color looks terrible now.

  23. Also praises to Aalisha as she needs appreciation for playing both roles so well. And she can just switch from an innocent sweet character to a fierce shrewd character which is amazing and that is what you call a true actress. She deserves the best female series actressa award as she is amazing. You will think that is two completely different characters playing Tara and Aarohi.

  24. Hi aalisha/alia/Amara /Eden
    U just said what I felt…. Agree with you ?
    Dear we won’t mind having u with the same name ?

    1. Hi Amaira.? Thanks

  25. Wow nice episde

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