Kaleerein 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vivan Speaks to Pammi Unknowingly

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Kaleerein 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vivan sitting in his car chats with his business partner. He sees Meera carrying a huge bag bare footed and gets angry, goes to her and scolds if she cannot do anything straight way, where is she going bare footed. Meera says she was feeling hungry, so she ate it applying jam and butter. He scolds to be specific. She says Biji told her wish will be fulfilled if she takes flour to gurdwara bare footed. He says he is leaving soon, then she will get her life partner. She says yes, she will get her real prince charming, then says she is praying that he meets Pammi Kapoor. He says she will anyways and remembers orphanage manager’s call. She asks him to take flour to guardwara, she will come walking. He keeps flour in car and lifting her keeps her in car. She says sinner, why did he do that. He says let it be. Their nok jhok starts. Vivan thinks whatever she does, he is not concerned, he just wants to meet Pammi today. He drops Meera outside gurdwara. She asks to come in. He says he does not believe in god, dorns dupatta on her head and walks back. Pammi comes to gurdwara, but they both don’t notice each other.

Meera prays at gurdwara. Pammi walks in and prays. Meera prays that Vivan’s mummy should also be like her mummy and not bitter. Roma prays to not let her son hate her.

Vivan goes to orphanage and waits for Pammi’s call. Pammi calls. Vivan angrily speaks and asks where he can met her. She disconnects call, but he hears gurdwara bhajan in background. Meera calls him. He says Pammi is in same gurdwara and asks her to find her. Meera searches Pammi, but does not notice her. Roma calls orphanage, and manager informs that Pammi had called and Vivan went to meet her in gurdwara.

Vivan reaches gurdwara and thinks where to find head scarf to enter gurdwara. Meera continues searching Pammi, but does not notice her. Head scarf falls from Pammi’s thali on Vivan. Vivan holds it. Pammi walks down and noticing Vivan gets tensed, but does not react and says it is hers. He returns. She asks to wear it. He thanks and tries, but cannot. She helps him wear it and calls him son. He asks if she knows him. She says he is Vivan Kapoor, the most eligible bachelor and business tycoon, congratulates him for his wedding and leaves. Vivan seeing Meera continuing to search Pammi and says phone came from landline somewhere around. He sees landline nearby and asks owner if he saw who called last. He says he cannot see. Vivan angrily tries to break landline, but Meera stops it.

Roma reaches gurdwara yelling if Pammi is here, she will kill her. Pammi passes by and identifies her, but Roma does not. Vivan sees Roma and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to pray. Vivan makes her hear Pammi’s voice. Roma gets tensed. Vivan says her tension reveals it is Pammi..

Precap: Orphanage manager informs Vivan that Pammi is in office. Vivan reaches office and pulls hiding Pammi saying game is over.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Thank you for the update
    Very excited for the next episode
    What is the secret of Pammi and when will Vivan realise his love for meera

    1. hope its not when something bad happens?:( and that its too late

  2. Good episode today….happy that I disrespected any other serial mentioned on today’s forum…

    1. typo error… Happy that I didn’t see any other serial…

  3. Naz,sorry for the late reply..There is no doubt that without watching the regular episodes you can neither enjoy the story nor give right comments….updates alone are just meaningless….you will just know what is happening in the serial. ….really unbecoming of this channel to treat its overseas viewers in this manner….unbelievable that you are stil in pre marriage tracks….looks like Zee does n’t have any idea that a certain telly updates forum exists where viewers from all across the globe love to participate,express their views and interact with each other…otherwise they would not be following this haphazard schedules…either that or simply they don’t care…Anyways.like you I am also getting frustrated…as of now I can say that there is not a single of the current serials that has come close to my heart…to be frank I am not able to connect myself to any of the characters like we did with Raja and Rani or Prem and Teja or Jodha and Akbar….I used to wait with bated breath for those serials…now that enthusiasam is gone…happy for you that you have atleast one serial ,Aap Ke Aajane se that you are eager to watch …May be i couldn’t enjoy as I tried to watch after many episodes were already over and particularly missed watching that initial all important phase between the leads nurturing their relationship : adding to that are some of my own preconceived notions or rather reservations regarding this too much age gap between the couple..I do love Vivaan and Meera ,,,they are a cute couple but it is disappointing that after a considerable number of episodes ,leave alone confession their love for each other,,even their chemistry is still in ‘on and off ‘ stage…sometimes they are warm towards each other followed by those cold vibes particularly from Meera’s side….As of now ,Vivaan and Meera are comfortable with each other and becoming aware of each other…given some time they will certainly realise they are in love but before that itself I heard another character will be making his entry ,may be to make Vivaan jealous ….again misunderstandings,harsh words and fights.Going to become another typical Zee serial unless the writers have a different script.
    Coming to ths episode ,this belongs exclusively to mother and son….the scene in the gurdwara is very touching and a bit filmy as well…the way Vivaan loses his balance to touch his mother’s feet.What intrigues me is Pammi Kapoor….as Mrs.Singh ,she was shown as an al together different woman…cold ,business like,insensitive to other’s feelings whereasMrs.Pammi Kapoor looks exactly her opposite….now who ,out of these two ,is Vivaan and Amaya’s mother?Hope we will get a credible answer.

    1. I know you’d understand what I’m going through concerning the way we are behind scheduled episodes..that’s exactly how frustrated I am. What I did going on to AKAJS, I had an open mind to try something which is exactly opposite to the mainstream Indian serials I’m used to and I hit jackpot. I usually can’t wait for the next day to see the next episode, it’s like when you love someone and can’t wait to see him the next day… ?.. I also think the age difference is too much but this is just exactly what I want, something to stimulate my mind, it’s fast paced, leaves me chuckling most times and Sahil is best husband material ever, if women had husbands like him this world would be happier. …so I’ve connected with his character and sticking with him… I feel for you that after Prem, you haven’t found a suitable hero to cheer on, Vivaan is worthy but not much romantic scenes are leaving me heartbroken….and Raja is the best of them all… The rate we are seeing kaleerein here, It, ‘s like how I’m watching JA reruns …it feels like the past is recurring but just that I haven’t seen this before ….Zeetv is a loser!!!! They treat us like a neglected wife…. Lol

  4. I love dis episode……specially d scene where Vivan meets his mother.Lakshmi my gut feeling says dis is real Pammi kapoor she was just pretended to be d stronger one .I think she was simple punjabi lady due to which she has suffered a lot of torture & humiliation by Roma…even she try to kill her also.She doesn’t want any other simple girl to go through similar situation so she starts soni kudi acadamy…this are all assumtions….Naz i am also big fan of Aap ke aajane se…lije dat story…

    1. OMG… Please comment on the forum there please, you see how we all root for Sahil and love him to bits!!! That’s how a man should love a woman, have trust in them even when things go astray…and romance them as well!!! Mrs Singh used that cold facade as her fortress to protect herself, poor lady had so much going on inside her internally and had no one to share her pain and misery. So I’m going to see what you and Lakshmi say in my mind and how beautifully the temple scene was… I can imagine… As Pammi Kapoor, she’s more vulnerable and exposed to exactly what she’s hiding from and that’s Roma, who I’m sure was the integral reason why she had to flee from her husband and young kids and Roma is still going on…..like the Energizer Bunny!!! Pammie is grieving inside but won’t reveal much…

  5. Nimisha ,I wonder what sort of man was Vivaan and Amaya’s father ( I presume he is not alive,though not explicitly said by anyone) and what was his role in all this .I too wish that this gentle lady ,Mrs .Pammi Kapoor is Vivaan and Amaya’s mother ,this is the least the writers can do to alleviate Vivaan and Amaya’s pain and give back their mother….let us see how the writers are going to explain the reason why Pammi had to leave her children ,come back to India and lead the life of a recluse taking a pseudonym .We could make out in the gurdwara scene that Pammi ,even now ,is scared of this evil Roma…why? Better this is explained fast without dragging too much and get on to the next track.

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