Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi hides Anjali

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says to Arohi she was on this bed. Who could take her. Arohi says please find her. Ask your staff. He says let me look around. arohi goes out and looks for her as well. Deep disguises as doctor and takes anajli. Nurse comes and says doctor there is an emergency please come. she takes him. He says I forgot my phone. Let me get it. deep takes anjali’s bed but its just pillows. Deep says who took anjali from here? He looks around.
Deep call Mausi and says see where is tara. Mausi says she isn’t in her room. Deep says where is virat? Mausi says he is on call.

Deep comes home. Mausi says tara isn’t back. Mausi says anjali isn’t home either. Deep says everything is getting worse. Deep asks virat where is anjali? He says I dont’ know. Deep says find her. Virat calls her but her phone is off.
Deep calls his spy and says find out where is tara. Tara comes out of bathroom. She says what happened. He says you were here? Where were you? Answer me. She says you look cute in anger. Deep says answer me. Tara says I was home. Where were you? He says I went out for some work. She says I know what were you doing. What do you wanna know? Deep says where is anjali? Have you seen her? She says you were worried for anjali. I killed her. Deep is dazed.

Virrat asks his men to look for her everywhere. Deep says you can’t do this. You are lying. she says why can’t I? Why are you so worried for her. You love me and you are only mine. Mausi comes and says come downstairs.
Media comes. He says police told us there will be an arrest here. Deep says who? Inspector says you will be arrested deep. Everyone is dazed. Inspector says your car hit a girl and it was your car. Come to police station. Police arrests Deep. Deep wonders who took his car. Deep says my car was stolen. She gets a call from inspector and says he is right. His car met an accident. Deep says I want to meet the girl who met an accident.

Deep comes to hospital. Virat is there too. Anjali/Arohi is on bed.
Virat says anjali.. Arohi recalls she replaced Anjali with herself. she left Anjali with doctor. Arohi said please take care of her every moment. Virat says anju are you okay? I wont leave anyone who harmed you. DEep says who is it? Arohi or anjali?
Precap-Virat takes Arohi home. arohi reads a letter I know what your secret mission is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Oh no.nia play a double role.I can’t see her in a single she play a double role.wt’s going on.
    Today deep said arohi name.then he find out anjali. he is care for arohi or anjali or both.
    Deep not happy stay with Tara.Tara not happy stay with deep.then why both are stay in raichand house.
    Can’t understand precap.
    Today I like Tara act only.otherwise nothing.
    No interest.

  2. What to say nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing is happening.. im sure tmrw also we won’t get any answer… Im not getting one thing accident didn’t happened within hospital aarohi made drama.. how police came to arrest deep.. r they police or jokers..

    Hi this video. Share your comments.
    It’s really very funny. I can’t stop laughing.
    Sorry share this video in this page.
    Immj current track is not interesting. So I think
    Share this video here.
    Good night.

    1. Really it is soo funny
      Thank u for sharing it rhivanya

    2. Satya127

      It is soo funny
      Thank u for sharing it rhivanya

    3. i don’t understand someone please can translate ?? there always togheter alisha and vineet just friend or somethink else ?????

    4. Hi rhivanya… It’s really funny ???

  4. My full doubt on deep mausi.

  5. Satya127

    Guys I dont understand these writers why they r soo interested in showing crap…. Why don’t they understand our feelings…. Brainless people….
    We cannot tolerate nia for few seconds now they gave her double role wht do they think it is comedy show….
    Today deep also confessed that nia is arohi for that I am really frustrated….
    Today it is quite clear that deep has done all this with reason and he really care for arohi because he was so tensed when deep music told about anjali….. And this stupid mystery they r just dragging it like chewing gum….
    I everytime don’t understand whenever deep goes into some alone place he completely shifts his sides like
    When I tara wrote the suicide letter for arohi and told deep to get arohi signature that time also he was out for few minutes then he confessed the truth before tara ya bit we know it is to calm down tara but to his bad luck arohi had also got to know the truth there he became villain…. Then second time is that when after ardeep shadi, when he is taking rounds he confessed that he will take arohi to a place where she only get happiness it is not any showoff that he is showing he really meant all that he loves arohi then when went to repair the fuse don’t know how much big stone has fallen on his iron brain…. Don’t know wht had happened in few minutes that he had done all this drama planning…. Now he is acting like a villain…. Trying to understand deep or his feelings is like thinking why sun is not rising in south….
    But one thing I understand is that his brain works more fast than the fastest train in World be it in planning or manipulation or anything and he loves AROHI only….
    Guys today at random I watched some old episodes of immj where arohi breaks deeps car, the very first conversation of ardeep after the betrayal when arohi reveals that she is not dead to save vedika and that super plan to fool deep with same dressed girls…. After watching all these no one can accept nia as arohi at all…
    I don’t know wht happens next and I am not interested in knowing it I only want ALISHA back as AROHI because without her the show has become lifeless alisha being tara is also not saving the show…. The writers made our favorite show into the worst show ever….

    1. I like Nia and double role is just perfect

    2. Hi satya.agree with you.

  6. Satya127

    Guys I have some doubts
    1. Why would writers spoil their one of the best cutest and most loved jodi just for a track….
    2. How come nia became more important these days that they made arjun and alisha as side characters….
    3. R they introduced this stupid track to entertain us or to hate them….
    4.r they really worried about trp or their viewers feelings
    5. How come they ignore the soul of the show arohi played by ALISHA….
    6. When they really gonna end this track….
    7. When will ALISHA come back as our arohi…..
    8. And most importantly when will nia leave the show….
    9. By now they could have understood that 95% viewers are not accepting nia but they gave nia double role…. Why….
    10. R there any chances of our arsha coming back as our ardeep…. Seriously I hope they should not think making nia and arjun as jodi
    Frankly speaking she looks like sister to arjun and till now this combination of jodi is the worst with arjun….
    Please bring ARSHA AS OUR ARDEEP…. Really missing them
    I am just waiting for Saturday where this time I can watch arjun as sharuk khan….. I always enjoy whenever he becomes sharuk Khan…. Like mayank in mjht the famous nupur’s raj and in pmhmd also there is dialogue where he addresses himself as SRK…..

  7. Satya127

    Good night guys
    Let’s hope we get back our alisha back as AROHI

  8. The writers are nt even trying… Does deep always makes a complaint that his car is stolen or did he just know that tara will hit someone this week? Also from tara’s expression it is clear that she did hit somebody. Bt in hospital nia is doing only drama. So wherr is the girl tara hit? Full confusing senseless episode…. And supposing ‘anjali’ actualy got hit, virat didnt for even once ask the doctor if the baby is fine…. Sometimes i feel that ehrn the real anjali will wake up even her child woukd also be fine (remember anjali was also pregnant) because in this serial if a babay is conceived he is immortal. Evrn if his mother stays unconcious for three months or is evrn hit by a truck -_- -_-
    I thought alisha needed to be rested. I thought shooting double role scenes was too much work… But they gave that role to nia! Thay have actually made her the lead! So if the writers dont care and not willing to make an effort then why should i? I will watch the show sometimes but now i will stop caring. No more commenting or getting angry about illogical scenes or overacting by nia… From today on i will just stop caring. Bye guys…

    1. ??? ooh anjali is also pregnant . I wish Tara also gets pregnant. Then all three girls will play baby-baby. I love your logical comments.?

    2. Hi dhara.agree with you.

  9. Nia doing good job. She is acting well. Hope she finds the truth soon.

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