Porus 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Olympia Hypnotizes Anusuya with Black Magic

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Porus 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru and Laachi hear someone knocking wall. Laachi pulls sword as a precautions. Puru signals her not to and walks towards door with her help and opens door with lamps. A spy greets him Bharath Jayatu. Puru replies and asks why Ambhi Kumar did not send message yet. Spy says Ambhi kumar got stuck in some work and sent him a message. Laachi looks surprised. Puru asks not to get surprised as this palace has many secret doors which only royal family and few loyals know of. He opens message and finds it blank. Laachi says it is blank. Puru says there is some message for sure. Anusuya walks to Puru’s room and does not find him, thinks where he must have gone. Puru gathers Chanakya, Hasti, and Bamni and says Ambhi Kumar has sent a message. He asks Hasti to hold message on Pourav rastra map. Ambhi does same. Guard on the other side informs Anusuya that Puru is having secret meeting with Chanakya, Bamni, and Hasti. She rushes towards venue. Puru shows fire torch over message and finds a dot on map. He says Alexander is building bridge over there. Anusuya walks in and says she needs to tell him something. He asks what happened, why she is tensed at this time. She is about to speak when Olympia does black magic on her hair and reminisces cutting Anusuya’s hair strands cleverly and using it for black magic. She wraps hair around black doll and says she saw a bad dream that Alexander has invaded Pourav rastra and taken over, so she got worried for him. Anusuya repeats same. Puru says he is fine. Olympia says a child’s safety is most important for mother. Anusuya repeats same. Olympia orders her to come back to her with blood diamond. Hypnotized Anusya walks towards Olympia’s room.

In Takshashila, Alexander watches dasyus building bridge and tells Ambhi raj that he looks angry seeing his son’s arrest, as a king he must be knowing, they have to be more careful with friends than enemies. Ambhi raj hopes they this would not repeat again. Alexander orders him to stop Barsine’s message from going out of here. He orders Ambhi kumar to supervise Dasyus building bridge and commments that these bharatis are emotional fools and can be fooled easily, Dasyus think he will get them Anusuya. Roxanne says they should have got these fools long ago, they are very talented. Alexander says talent is immense in Bharath, but are emotional fools, we can use them once we win. Ambhi kumar thinks Alexander is a fool to not understand Puru’s plan. Dasyu raj tells Mahanandini that Alexander is not trustable and reminds how he betrayed Frsis and kiled them.

Anusuya walks to Olympia hypnotized and returns her blood diamond. Olympia makes her repeat that Alexander will win and enemy Puru will die.

Precap: Alexander shows Laachi a bright light on the opposite of Jhelum shore and says he wants to know what Ambhi kumar wants to show

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think writer wants to promote superstition among the viewers by showing black magic and hypnotize thorough historical serial….. Indian govt should take action against it… Otherwise r youth starts believing in superstitons

  2. Ek hi talented actor thi Pourav rashtra me Anusaya, usko hi director ne Hipnotise kiya, alksander ka charcter great dikhaya ja raha hai,uske aur Roxen ke to kuch seen nahi dikha rahe aur puru ke charcter me jabardasti ke romentic seen dal rahe hai lachi ke sath, in starting episode chankya is great but shayad pourav rashtra me akar uska talent khtam ho gaya hai,usko olampiya pe jarabi shak nahi ho raha hai, director sahab aise kale jadu se show ka trp khtam ho jaega, aur log kala jadu karana shuru kar denge, usko badhava mat do, isa kuch dikho ke kala jadu kisi kam ka nahi agar tum me talent aur takat hai, aleksander aur puru ke beach me fight dikho jo log dekhana chahate hai, aur ye kala jadu turant hatao,isi kale jadu ke karan chandranandini show jaldi jaldi close karana pada.

  3. great great episode.

  4. everyone stop listening to the foolish and uneducated peoples the fans of porus who understands the story strategy and entertainment of this best serial is so witty intellectual and intelligent and educated that this serial is great and all episodes was great like today’s episode foolish and uneducated peoples commenting above but the fans of porus like me the witty beautiful and intelligent and educated peoples give importance to it and respect this best serials porus not like other shit peoples with shit comments likes shit serials don’t ever come back OK right bye.

  5. Yes.. please no black magic.. it’s disgusting.. please don’t lower the standard of serial by showing this black magic and vishkanya stuff..

  6. great episode.

  7. Frankly, the serial has no longer the truth and fascination of previous episodes. True, there is little narrative on the day to day events of the time. But producer could have been more serious.
    The producer has made a joke of history by twisting the story. It looks cheap and crazy now. Also producer has used less imagination in depicting past history which could have been better.
    Very poor episodes made on the cheap!

    Battles with handful of foot soldiers for both sides.
    What a shame for an opportunity to have made made a good serial on Porus.

  8. shut up shit peoples.

  9. I want to say this a long time ago u all are sheep’s like peoples commenting on one anothers sense of humour u all are not using ur own brain copying one people u all have no common sense not commenting what u urself feels about episodes but the intellectual and intelligent girl like me knows the story the great stategy of porus direction by the director sir not copying others I am not a sheep like u I have a common sense and I am saying by my own feelings I appreciate every episode every strategy ever entertaining episode of this great show porus get it u fools OK bye what u all wanna say now plz plz tell in ur comments booo.

  10. frankly speak everyone OK.

  11. Porus is Great serial,but only thing is that not include Black magic part, we want battle on ground and some talented strategy from porus, Chankya, Bamani, Anusuya & lachi. Aleksander read indian peoples mind and accordingly build strategy like handling Dasayu, but chankya not handled that Olampiya.

  12. I stopped watching the serial 2 weeks ago. I am spending my time on Vighnagarta Ganesha ???. The Porus serial has become too low of standards to comment. Sorry. Bye all

  13. OK bye.

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