Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya, Dulaari and Vidha are in the car as they are going to hospital to bring Dhaani home. Parshiya says Vidha is looking happy. Vidha asks Dulaari to make halwa for Dhaani and kheer for her. Parshiya asks her to make rasgulla for him. Dulaari says okay. Viplav comes to hospital holding bouquet and asks nurse where is patient. Nurse says she is discharged. Viplav asks about the bill payment. Nurse says it is done. Viplav puts the bouquet on bed and thinks she couldn’t wait for me. Dhaani comes there from inside. Nurse says I thought you have left and tells someone came and threw bouquet angrily knowing you have left. Dhaani looks at the bouquet and recalls Viplav. Nurse says he might be your close relative. Dhaani says not anymore.

Driver gets a call from someone informing about the riots. He asks Parshiya and Dulaari to get down the taxi and says I have to leave. Parshiya and Dulaari insists him to come. Driver refuses. Parshiya angrily asks him to come silently. The crazy people start beating the people and the fire is shown. Dhaani asks watchman to open the hospital door. Dhaani argues with him and asks him to open the door. Watchman says there is a riot outside, I can’t open. Viplav sees her and asks her to calm down. He says we will see once riots are over. Dhaani says my daughter and Maa are outside with parshiya. Viplav says Parshiya is with them and will take care. Dhaani insists to go out, says she doesn’t need his help and asks watchman to open the door. Viplav shouts Dhaani. They come out on the road and see burning stuff.

Viplav asks her to understand and says we will go back. Dhaani says I can’t without my daughter and mum. Viplav says Vidha is my daughter also. He sees people coming holding sword and killing people, and hides with her. Parshiya manages to come to hospital with Dulaari and Vidha. He sees bouquet on the bed and comes out, asks Dulaari and Vidha to go home. He says he will bring Dhaani home and asks driver to take them safely back home. He searches for Dhaani on the road. Viplav and Dhaani are running on the road while the goons are following them holding hockey sticks. They run and hide behind they table of a shop. The goons beat someone. Dhaani and Viplav look at each other. When he sees goons gone, he comes out with Dhaani holding her hand.

Kamini calls Viplav and wonders where is he? Viplav brings Dhaani to someone’s hut. Dhaani looks at him…judaai …Chadariya song plays…………………..Viplav also looks at her. questionably. Dhaani turns her face. Parshiya is searching for Dhaani and sees his phone off. He sees crazy crowd coming towards him to beat him. He runs to save his life. Kamini worries for Viplav and thinks all lines are jammed. She calls to Dasharath from landline. She says Viplav is stuck in riots. Dasharath says I can’t hear you. Kamini says your grand son is stuck in riots and asks him to do something. Dasharath says I will do something and informs Kanak. Kanak says don’t know if we should be happy or upset. Dhaani says we shall go out. Viplav says let everything calm down, we will leave.. Dhaani worries for Vidha and Dulaari. Viplav says they might be fine and asks her to trust him. Dhaani says she has stopped trusting on others. Suddenly she faints due to weakness while trying to open the door.

Viplav holds her and make her rest on grass. He asks Dhaani to wake up, and says you are strong, don’t be weak. He asks God to show him the way and asks her to wake up for Vidha and him. He calls someone and sees call not connecting, gets angry. Vidha tells Dulaari that she wants to go to hospital. Dulaari says your mum will come. Someone knocks on their door heavily. Dulaari opens the door being scared. Parshiya enters their home and says there is a big riots outside. He says Dhaani is not in the hospital and says he will go and search her again, came to just check on them. Vidha asks about Dhaani.

Parshiya says I will bring her. He says Dhaani hasn’t done anything wrong with anyone, and nothing will happen to her. Viplav presses Dhaani’s hand and asks her to open the eyes. Dhaani calls Vidha while still in unconsciousness and asks for water. Viplav gets the water from the pot and helps her sit. Dhaani gains consciousness fully and asks Viplav what he was trying to do, and asks him not to take her advantage. Viplav asks have you gone mad? He says you got unconscious, I was helping you drink water. He asks her to drink water. Dhaani refuses to drink and cries being worried.

Dhaani is about to go. Viplav asks how you will go and says riots are outside. Dhaani says she will go somehow. Viplav says I won’t let you go. Dhaani sees the door locked broken or something. Viplav says this was the only way out and the rest thing you have done. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Mariyam123

    Thank u so much Hasan mam fir the update

    1. Mariyam123

      It’s ‘for’

    2. Are wah aaj tumne arshu ka crown le liya.?

    3. Mariyam123

      Thank u ji

  2. Mariyam123

    Today’s episode was interesting one. Kamini no use of calling. Viplav will not answer as he is with Dhaani. So u sit and play with dt and kt. But I didn’t understand one thing, how can a daayan have mobile? Yeh daayan modern zamaane se hai.

    1. Yes elle viplav would never pick her call if with dhani but today the phone lines wete jammed due yo riots. Diff reason?☺

  3. Mariyam123

    How can Dhaani say that Viplav is taking advantage of hers? Does she not know him properly inspite of being his wife? Now she is not mahaan atma but a buri aatma.

    1. hahaha louella.. tumne meri muvki nahee dilki baat kehadi… vo sirf buri aatma nahee bahut buri aatma hai…

  4. Wow nice episod

    1. Mariyam123

      Hi Wahajat. Yes it was a good and interesting one. Welcome to ikrs family

    2. Hi wajahat welcome to our family.?

  5. Mariyam123

    Vidha was again so cute. I know her role for today was for less time but then too loved her. Aww!! She wanted to meet her mamma. Don’t worry Vidha. Your mamma is with your rakshas uncle! No need to worry!

    1. Yes elle vidhas role was short but sweet?

  6. Mariyam123

    Dulaari maai your acting is very good. But when will your past be revealed? Why r the writers doing this kamini nonsense instead of revealing the past? If we would be the writers we would have kicked Kamini out of ikrs

  7. Mariyam123

    Today no Kanak funny scenes. Was hoping to watch new antics by her and daayan Kamini. But no scenes. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  8. Mariyam123

    Precap is interesting. Viplav and Dhaani locked. Eager to know how they will be out. Waiting to see Vidhaani cute nhok-jhok or moments. But I don’t hope it will happen. As our writers r so great!

  9. Mariyam123

    Everytime Parshiya is trapped! Today also he had gone to bring Dhaani back and then he himself got trapped! Poor fellow! Dhaani ke pyaar main humesha fas jaata hai. Writers show some mercy on him!!

  10. Sigh now take this opportunity to ask her viplav what did I do??!!

    But it’s a good episode especially looking into each other’s eyes! So much love but sadness as well. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for them to be united.

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes they should be united soon. Or it will turn boring.

  11. Nimisha

    Thanks H Hasan

    A bit of a slow episode after yesterday’s awesome walla one but, as ever, MIshal totally nailed his expressions,

    When the first got into the barn places and were crouched behind the door, the way he kept looking at Dhani soooo intently, searching for answers was amazing.

    Also loved how he pleaded with Dhani to wake up for Vidha and for him … And felt sorry for him when he arrived at the hospital to find Dhani had left… Which she hadn’t… But the hurt in his face and the way he said she couldn’t even wait was so sad.

    I was really hope kam had gone pfft, but nope she’s still there, pacing and shaking her stupid hands at everything, getting DT involved, and was disappointed that KT was saying he’s been on nothing but trouble since he went to Mumbai. I hope she was referring to kam but it was prob a reference to Dhani as well,

    Can someone tell me what she mean by I don’t know whether to be happy or upset and she said something about Kam too that I didn’t quite hear… Help ??

    Also, I didn’t get why Dhani said what are you doing don’t try and take advantage of me. Glad Viplav got angry! Wish he’d shouted louder at her for that statement, she knows he’s nit like that! Unless… Ooooh, hang on.. ??? Maybe I’ve figured it out… ??? Unless she thinks he took advantage of kam! Either way it was a stupid thing if her to say! I know she’s angry but Dhani, be fair!

    Viplav, if Dhani doesn’t sort herself out, forget her, get rid of kam and come and find me! I’ll look after you ????????????

    Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow’s epi and hoping the they talk! They both owe each other answers. More alone time in the barn is an exciting prospect. ????

    1. Ade1111

      ????? I know you will want him to come look for you anyway ???? he is coming okay ??

    2. Ade1111

      I wrote him a long letter for him to Come take you ????

    3. Mariyam123

      To know when we first have to invent a time

    4. Mariyam123

      Nimisha di the last part made me burst out of laughter. Yes yes definitely Viplav will find u but either u have to go Mumbai or we will send him there. If u will come its well and good because at least u will meet me too. I will tell him to wait for u. And then u come in a heroine-style entry. Then he will get mesmerized by your beauty like love at first sight! Then one day he will propose u and u will get shy and say yes. Then u both will marry and then u both will live happily ever after! How’s it?

    5. Nimisha

      That happens in my dreams too Louella! In reality he,d walk straight past me! ???

    6. Shruthy

      I guess Viplav will soon realize Dhaani will not accept him, and he hates Kamini too, so don’t worry Nimisha. He will come to you 😉
      Anyways! Your narration looks so good. I so feel the same way like you regarding today’s episode. <3 Good good!

    7. Hi nimmy dear.?

  12. Mariyam123

    Their eyelocks were just filled with sadness. But the bg music was so heart touching. I love the song judaai. A sad music but very heart touching!

  13. Mariyam123

    Where is Arshi di, Renu di, Kavitha di, Nimisha di, Saras mam, Swetha di, Maha, Areeb, Cool, Mahira, Genita di, Flora di, Pooja, Khushi, Avi bhai, Fatarajo, Kavya, Maria, Lakshmi, Sujie, Meghs di, Varsha, Prachi, BR mam, Raj, Rajee, Saranya, Genita di, Marees, Ahana di, Karthik, Arshi, Aish, Amisha, Anisha, Akshay, Hritya, Sofeya, Zea, Zee, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Gennipher, Gudiya, Dilu, Radha, MM and all the members of ikrs family. Plz comment as I m alone here commenting. Plz join me and share your opinion about today’s episode. Silent readers too r welcome!

    1. Nimisha

      Boo! ???

      Hello, how are you? Hope all’s well with you and that’s school’s going well.


    2. Sujie

      Mein aagayi Chuttku 🙂

    3. Mariyam123

      Accha hua aagaye.

    4. Kavitha

      Hi my dear cutie y fear iam here.just now I saw show updated.any way we will enjoy the episode it was awesome going.

    5. Mariyam123

      Oh at last u came. Was missing u all. All left me alone here.

    6. hi louella morning onlyy i read the udate

  14. Mariyam123

    Swetha di my ff Humari adhuri kahani is ended. I have stopped writing because I feel that I have copied the plot of the movie. So I have a guilt of it. So I m not writing it. Sorry but I will not be able to continue.

    About the ff u become free and then tell me. I m also very busy. So when u r free u tell me, I will be ready.

  15. Mariyam123

    Swetha di how did your school day go today? Did u say the speech? Hope u did it confidently, right?

    And I want to see the award u have received. Plz show na.

  16. Mariyam123

    Maria, Areeb and Maha and all others. How’s your fast going? Hope all is going well. May God help u to keep all your fasts and also keep u in good health

  17. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan ma’am for the update….. hello everyone 🙂

    1. Nimisha

      Hey Sujie! Xxx

  18. Ade1111

    Lovely Episode maybe Viplav can use this opportunity to really question her. I would love for Dhani to just give him a clue maybe saying something you read the letter and that would just be a ?Maybe saying Kamini said you read my letter. Well I know it’s not going to happen to happen. Am so desperate to see romance between both of them ???

    1. Nimisha

      No more clues! They need to talk! Spill their guts! Cry and get snotty and clear the air! And then they can hippy and he can kiss her on the forehead!

    2. Nimisha

      They can be hippy if they like… I meant HAPPY! obvio! ?????

    3. Ade1111

      ?????????? I will definitely go with that for sure that will make me super happy

    4. Hi ola after long i am seen u chatting with yr tweeny?

  19. Sujie

    I did not know I would say this one day…but Dhaani is really changed….
    Dhaani sach mein badal gayi hai…..

    How can Dhaani forget Viplav is still his husband…Does she know Viplav as someone who will take advantage of any girl found alone?? Kya Dhaani….
    I still remember the scene where Dhaani was drunk and Viplav brought her to hotel room and assured she rested…. next morning he joked that something happened…. Dhaani cried and soon Viplav admitted he was joking….. Then Dhaani said ….HUME TUMPE POORA BHAROSA HAI…TUM HAMARE SAATH KABHI GALATH NAHI KAROGE……And today Dhaani is behaving in such a way……
    tabhi toh kehti hoon Dhaani badal gayi… In that scene Eisha was there….now Sanjeeda is here…. nayi hai IKRS main…so thought like that about Viplav…..
    Enough of this joke now….seriously those painful eyelocks along with Chadariya jheeni re jheeni…perfect combo for making anyone cry …… 🙁

    1. Sujie

      her husband i meant

    2. Mariyam123

      Yes agree with u. Dhaani has changed. Hope they unite soon. But the writers r so good that they end up giving us

    3. Totally agree to u sujie dear

  20. Sujie

    just one song for ViDhaani now….

    (Me and you locked in one room….and the darling keys are missing)

    1. Nimisha

      Is that from Bobby??

      My mum and dad never let me watch that film… Lol! If they could see some of the stuff I write on here. ????????????

    2. Yes nimmy its bobby.??

    3. Mariyam123

      Perfect song for the situation. Tomorrow while watching let’s sing the song. Oh sorry don’t take it seriously. It was a lame joke!

  21. Mariyam123

    Saras mam wish Siri also all the best for the drawing competition from my side.

    1. sure louella. . Thanks. .. hers is some monthly compilation not a serious one though.. but it coincided with urs… She is in first std now. .

  22. Mariyam123

    Where is our comment machine Arshi di? She updated today’s episode in the previous page and now she is nowhere to be found. Arshi di plz come. Missing u a lot!

  23. Mariyam123

    Arshi di how’s your studies going on? Hope u r taking rest in between as I told u! All the best in advance..

    1. Arshdeep

      Thanks louella.
      Wont be much frequent now. Needs to study more nd more now. Less than a month left???
      Needs to take a break from TU

  24. Mariyam123

    Maria how’s your school going on? Hope u r fine and also hope your fasts r going all well.

    1. Angel20

      My school life is going good! Enjoying?☺☺

  25. Episode was interesting as we could get to see viplav and dhani together but not a romantic one….how can dhani say that viplav was trying to take advantage of her tht was too much doesn’t she know him she is angry doesn’t mean she talk like this

    I think viplav has done only 2 mistakes one being not listening to dhani during DT confrontation next marrying kamini and he is getting to bear so much for it feeling bad the way dhani is treating him

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes Dhaani has changed but because of Viplav. Viplav did a mistake but the mistake was of Dhaani’s too. So no doubt it was not a one sided mistake!

  26. Mariyam123

    Arshi di and Eshani my school is going too good. Thanks for asking!

  27. Mariyam123

    Areeb where r today’s Urdu words? Waiting eagerly for it. If I m not wrong Urdu is written from right to left, correct?

  28. Kavitha

    Hi my dear loving family had dinner all of u .hope had good supper all of u.
    How was the episode very nice na.
    But our CVS is showing us greedy of vidhaani unite but they dont unite tat much soon.any way this olvs giving us energy that they r get united as dream.

    1. Mariyam123

      Hi Kavitha. Had a very good supper. Yes episode was very nice. But the cvs will not unite them so easily. We have to do their aarti then give them Prasad, then we have to give them food and then they will unite vidhaani. A very long process!

    2. Kavitha

      Ya dear wat to do till that day we have to wait n watch na.watchingeams only viplav n vidha some times knk n dulhaari that’s .others r not interested.

  29. Mariyam123

    Friends I m again reminding that the comments day is on 14th and 15th August that is on Saturday and Sunday. But the theme is not confirmed. Plz tell me if u get any ideas. If even silent readers get any idea plz throw your silence and comment. Waiting for your response.

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    Now I have almost commented on every topic! Nothing else left. Now what to do? At least now come all of u. I m getting alone here.

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