Ishq Unplugged 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reporters bombard questions on Mandy’s parents if they are Mandy’s real parents. Judges Daboo and Nakul question Mandy the one shown on TV now are his real parents. Mandy says yes and says he wanted to get into this competition and brought fake parents earlier. Dabboo asks how can he do that. Charu watches news and thinks if Mandy tells media that she arranged fake parents for him, she will be in trouble. Antara waits outside with Sunny, Shaan and Button and hopes Mandy will not be sacked. Shaan alleges her that she created this problem by uploading Mandy’s parent’s video. She says shut up, why will she do that. Judges continue to scold Mandy. Charu enters and says they should eliminate Shaan for lying, she thought he is a poor boy with good talent, but she was wrong, now people are questioning why she let her daughter become such a lier’s partner. Daboo asks her to relax, he will do something. Shaan stands in a shock.

Shaan goes to next room and and tries to call his family. Simmy calls Antara and yells that she and Mandy trusted her, but she uploaded video and betrayed them. Antara tries to explain, but Simmy disconnects call. Sunny enters and hugs Shaan and consoles him. Antara comes and says she needs to talk to Shaan. Sunny says she will go out. Mandy stops her and asks Antara why did she upload video. She says she did not. Sunny leaves. Mandy tells Antara that she wants to win competition with trick. She says when she did not use tricks till now, why will she, does he think she can. He says her mom arrange fake parents for him. She says she does not believe. He says when she cannot believe this, he cannot believe she did not upload video. Button informs Mandy that judges are calling him. He meets judges who give him one more chance. Mandy happily hugs judges and thank them.

Antara goes to her room and asks Charu why did she arrange fake parents for Shaan and now denied now. Charu says she does not need to answer her. Their argument starts. Antara leaves. Antara’s grandma comes and consoles Charu.

Grandma goes to studio and asks Mandy if he saw Antara. Mandy says he did not. Gradmaa says Antara left home 2 hours ago and did not come even here. Button says even watchmen did not see Antara returning. Mandy gets tensed. He and Button search Antara everywehere and assures grandma to go home, he will search Antara. Grandma thanks him and leaves for home.

Shaan is sound asleep. Sunny informs her that Antara is missing. He says she wanted Antara to be out of Mandy’s life and she now went completely missing. Sunny says they have to search Antara soon. Judges come and gather Mandy and Sunny and ask Button to call Shaan. Once Shaan comes, they ask everyone to search Antara. They search again and doed not find her. Mandy sits sadly. Sunny shows her fake concern for him. He says he knows where Antara must be and runs to their usual place and looks in a shock.

Precap: Shaan tells Mandy that Antara left contest and when she will return, she will not be his friend.

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