Ishq Hai…Ya Kuch Aur…Episode 13

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Hi All,
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Kunj: I am Kunj Sarna.Ab yaad aaya? (I am Kunj Sarna. Now you got it?)
Twinkle (mumbling): Kaun Kunj Sarna? Me koi Kunj ko nahi janti? (I don’t know who Kunj Sarna is?)
Kunj Ohh really…You had a boyfriend, Kunj Sarna, studying in Symbiosis..
Twinkle: So you know everything?
Kunj: Hmm.. I am here after a full research on you. Better you don’t deny.
Twinkle: Fine..So you know that my dad is in army. You think you can fool my dad and get his money and property?
Kunj: Excuse me? Why would I do that?
Twinkle: Mera coma me hone ka fayda uta ke tumne kitne paise churaya hai? Sach sach bata nakli Kunj Sarna? (How much money have you stolen from my dad? You fake Kunj Sarna?)
Kunj: Waah bhai waah…Ulta chor kotwal ko daante…
Twinkle: Chodne wali nahi hun main…Fake Kunj Sarna…(I am not gonna leave you, FGake Kunj Sarna…)
Kunj gets up and takes his wallet from pocket.
Kunj (Taking out his ID): Madam Twinkle, for your information, this is my Symbiosis ID and adhar card…
Twinkle checks the ID card and is convinced that he is Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle: Kunj…I am sorry…I misunderstood you.
Kunj: I hope you have no more allegation on its way..
Twinkle has nothing to say. Kunj sat back and now more comfortably as he understood that Twinkle has left her denial mode and is ready to answer him.
Kunj: As per you and your friends, you are deeply, madly in love with Kunj Sarna, Symbiosis and you don’t know me? Strange…Or you are pretending to be like that?
Twinkle: Look I can explain…
Kunj: I know it’s weird and awkward for a girl to meet the one whom she loves secretly. And that to suddenly at this point when you just came out of coma…I can understand…I have no issues with your weird behavior too…It happens…
Twinkle: Kunj, Can I just…
Kunj: I know everything…You love me secretly and has cooked up stories of us to your friends…I came to know everything from Sanjay.
Twinkle is embarrassed to hear all that…
Kunj (Slighlty naughty face): Now tell me? When did you meet me for the first time? Was it love at first sight or…
Twinkle: I am meeting you today for the first time. I know I am wrong…But please give me sometime to explain…
Kunj: Not again…Why are you lying? I have caught you red handed earlier…
Twinkle: Kunj please…
Kunj: Fine…
Twinkle: Alisha used to taunt me a lot about me not having someone to take care of me or love me… I tolerated to a level and after that I had to retaliate. I just gave it back by saying I have a boyfriend…That’s it…That was when it all got started…
Kunj: I don’t believe you…If it was so…I have heard from Alisha…You clearly told her how I look…Tall and handsome…
Twinkle: Every girl would love to have a boyfriend who is tall and handsome…What’s new in that? It’s the ideal boy friend concept…
Kunj: Fine…Your denial mode is still on…Then tell me this…Ideal boy friend concept has a name Kunj Sarna..?You just bluffed a name Kunj…And that too with a surname Sarna.. Accidenlty there was a Kunj Sarna studying in Symbiosis? That’s what you are gonna tell?
Twinkle: I never…

Kunj: Wait a sec…I am not finished yet…What about dad? You don’t know him too? But you chose to be with dad on the pooja which was meant for me? I have all the details…Why don’t you accept that you love me? It’s awkward for a girl to tell her feelings…I have read it somewhere…But I completely understand…You don’t have to hide your feelings from me…
Twinkle: I can explain only if you let me do so…Will you? There is no point in fights and blame game.
Kunj: Yup…I have waited for this so long…go ahead…
Twinkle: I had to cook up more and more stories as Alisha used to check me. But I never told them my boyfriend’s name. The reason was I don’t have one. I just used ‘he’ word.
Kunj: I know these things…Don’t beat around the bush…Come to the point..
Twinkle: Is it that, you just want me to tell you I love you? If that’s the case…I am sorry man…I have no interest in you…
Kunj is getting angry. But controls himself as he has been waiting for this moment for past few weeks.
Kunj: I am sorry…I am being impatient…I have been waiting for your answers for so long…From the day of accident to till this date…A lot of questions are there to be answered. I won’t utter a word from now.
Twinkle: I went to Temple after few weeks. An uncle came to me and asked me for help. He wanted to do a pooja on his son’s name. He wanted me to take a pooja receipt from the pooja counter. Gents queue was longer and ladies had a shorter one. He was alone and can’t stand for long as he was old. I just helped him. He gave me some money, your name and birthdate as it was required to get the pooja receipt. While I was standing in queue, he gave me a paper which was with him and went to drink some water. He was afraid, it will get drenched if he hold it while drinking water from the water pipe. (provided in the temple). I guess it was something important.
Kunj: Yup. That was for my scholarship.
Kunj realizes he promised to keep mum. Kunj makes an expression of ‘You carry on’ with his eyes.
Twinkle: Okay..I had your scholarship paper too with me. I didn’t realize that Alisha was behind me in the queue. She heard me saying your name, birthdate and taking pooja receipt for you. She thought you are my boy friend and told the same to Sanjay. They both came to me and started questioning about it. I was shocked to see them and didn’t know what to say. By then, Sanjay saw your name and college name from the paper I had with me. Alisha was about to take it and your dad came. He was in a hurry and took the receipt from me and left.They were already in a doubt that my boy friend is Kunj. And the paper with me confirmed it completely. I had no clue whether to deny or accept it. I just thought of escaping from the situation and left with uncle. And I didn’t attend the pooja, as you said. I went behind him coz he forgot to take the money back. Sanjay concluded it as me attending the pooja for you. I think that’s what he conveyed to you.
Kunj is shocked to hear it.
Twinkle: After that, at college they started teasing and asking me about my bf with name ‘Kunj’. I had no choice other than accepting it. I just went with the flow. I thought we are never gonna meet and you are not going to know about all this.
Kunj is rubbing his forehead with his hand fiercely…
Kunj: Which means…you had no feelings…for me…?
Twinkle: Nothing at all…I am telling you. I am meeting you for the first time. May be that paper had a passport size photo of you..But I didn’t bother to check.
Kunj: Damn…you girl…You have no idea what your lies had in store for me…
Twinkle: What happened? I hope I didn’t disturb you much…
Kunj: zyada kuch nahi…Bus jail jaane se jaise taise bacha hun…Aur tumhare amrish puri baap se marte marte bacha hun…Vo bhi Sanjay ke help se… (Nothing much…I was about to be in jail…Escaped somehow…Your dad…That Amrish puri was about to kill me…Sanjay managed to rescue me.)
Twinkle (Keeping her hand on mouth): Ohh god…I am so sorry…you had to go through this…Thank god Sanjay was there….Dad is very possessive about me. He would have killed you…
Kunj: Thank you madam for all this…
Twinkle: I am…I am sorry…I never expected this to happen…
Twinkle is sad to hear that she has bothered someone this much. Twinkle wakes up from thought…
Twinkle: By the way, dad trying to hurt you is understood. What’s the matter with jail…
Kunj: Madam, you sent a message stating we had a fight. After sometime, you met with accident. Your friends concluded it to be a suicide attempt.
Twinkle: Ohh…
Kunj: Aapke suicide attempt ka bhi bill mujpe hi fad rehe the…Jaise taise bacha hun…(They concluded that I persuaded you to do that…)
Twinkle: I don’t know what to say…I am…
Kunj: By the way, why did you say that we had a fight?
Twinkle: Actually it was my birthday. Dad had gifted me car and I was going to Shirdi with that for the first time. Sanjay asked me about you. I had to answer why you weren’t with me on my birthday. Our fight could be a reason enough to justify that. So messaged it.. I had no clue this is gonna happen next…
Kunj: Wow…Tume na…Stories likhni chahiye….Actually script writer ban ni chahiye..Khade khade pyaar, fight kya kya kahaniyan banadi tumne…aur bhi kuch baaki hain iss love story me…Aaage (Wow…you should start writing stories..In fact you have a bright future in script writing.I can see that…You made a brilliant love story…love,feelings and fight…Is there anything left to write?)
Twinkle: I am…
Kunj: Aur tumhari creativity ne meri life ki wat laga di… (And your creativity has screwed my life…)
Precap:- Twinj talks

Will post next episode on next week.
Jisha 😉

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    It was sooo cute

  4. Cheena2001Cp

    It was AMAZING!!! I just loved Kunj’s dialogues!! Twinkle has acted really foolish….I expected her to speak some sense! ? But it was good….
    I am excited for the next! ???

  5. it was amazing di…kunj was too funny …waiting for next ….

  6. Hi jisha thank u very much for posting and the episode was awsm and reveling and at last the truth came up the story is really unpredictable but u just rocked it and u had come up with something new and I really loved the episode please post soon love u and take care . And please yaar post soon please

  7. Shalu Choudhary

    Superb episode dear post soon love twinj

  8. Hahahaa .. Poor kunj
    How he thought a girl would secretly be mad in his love and what actually it turned out to be !!
    Loved it totally

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    Amazing episode 🙂

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    Bechara kunj
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