Savitri Devi 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Kabir ruins Sanchi and Veer’s honeymoon

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Savitri Devi 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer coming to hotel in his car and thinks where is Sanchi. He enquires with the receptionist. Receptionist tells that she was here, but don’t know where she went. Veer calls her. Driver asks Sanchi to blind fold herself as Veer said. Sanchi blind folds herself. Driver takes her mobile and rejects Veer’s call and switches off mobile. Veer enquires with the watchman. Watchman tells that she sat in red car and went. Driver brings Sanchi to the man who was stalking her. Sanchi says shall I open my blind fold. Man switches on the recording which Veer recorded to surprise Sanchi in which he asks her to feel him, sense him and tells poetry praising her. Sanchi gets emotional and says I loved it, thank you so much. She says I didn’t know that my doctor husband is a poet too. She says I can’t wait any longer and asks him to open her blind fold. Man (Dr. Kabir) comes near Sanchi and kisses on her hand. He holds her closer and plays music. His face is not shown fully. They dance. He touches her sensually.

Veer is still in car and searching Sanchi. Dr. Kabir face is shown now as he dances with Sanchi and hugs her. Sanchi asks if you are Veer? She tries to open her blind fold, but he stops her and continues to dance with her touching her hands. She says you can’t be my Veer. Dr. Kabir swirls her and she falls. Veer comes and holds her. It is the same place which he decorated for Sanchi and Dr. Kabir took advantage and came before Veer. Sanchi tells Veer that someone was here, but nobody is there. Veer says I will call Police. Sanchi says we shall go home now itself. Priya comes back home and opens the door. Vikrant says so you came and asks her to open bathroom door. Priya opens it. Vikrant asks how dare you to lock me in bathroom. Priya says how dare you to blackmail me and to make me steal the things. Vikrant says you have find out and tells that he is the blackmailer. He says you can’t do anything and will be punished. He hurts her. Priya cries.

Veer and Sanchi leave from the hotel with bad memories. They reach home. Savitri says why did you come early? Veer says weather was not suiting them. Savitri asks them to rest. Jaya comes there and calls Sanchi. Gayatri stops and insults her. Jaya says I came to meet my daughter. Gayatri asks her to get out. Savitri says this is not right and says Jaya is Sanchi’s mother and have right to meet her daughter. Jaya goes to their room. She tells them that Pragya said that you both have returned. Sanchi says yes and tells that weather was not suiting them. Veer asks her to drink water. Jaya says she was feeling strange and that’ why came to see both. She asks Sanchi to take care. Sanchi hugs her. Jaya says she will leave. She comes to Savitri and says atleast you have seen Sanchi’s goodness. Savitri says yes and says I was against her as she was your daughter, and was scared thinking if she is selfish, but thankfully she is not like that and says it is Veer’s luck that she loves him a lot and can do anything for him and his family. Jaya says I am happy that your behavior is good with her, and says she hopes she realizes the snakes in sleeve.

Sanchi tells Veer that their dreams were spoiled. Veer says nothing is important to me than anything. He says I will take you to best trip soon from where you will have best memories. He asks her to sleep.

Sanchi and Veer come to the hospital. Jaya says you would have taken rest at home. Sanchi says she can sit idle. Jaya tells her that a big foreign company wants to work with them and want to sign deal. Sanchi and Veer tell that it is a good news. Jaya says I will call them. Sanchi checks the papers and says who is the CEO of your hospital and says she will sign on the merger deal only after meeting him.

Jaya asks Sanchi to welcome the guest with garland. Sanchi lights diya. Electricity goes. Jaya and Sanchi looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Can any one tell me when will this show go off air? Its really very hard to tolerate it.

  2. Maza aa gay honeymoon barbad ….ab hospital b barbad krde Kabir. …kitne dino baad mazedar episode aaya????? after all they deserve this

    1. Ya maza aa gaya. But iss show main kabir fans k liye kuch nahi hai. Last me un bhai behan ko hi mahaan dikhayenge and again it will kabir be who is going to suffer and get. Twitter pe sare kawo ko mauka mil gaya. Unaki kav kav shuru ho gai.they all started badmouthing kabir aur hame blame karne chale aate hain ki ladai hamne shuru ki.

      1. ??old habit …bas surly ho jate h Twitter pe…par jo ho kabir Jab b ata h sabki chutti kar deta h isiliye wolog suru ho jate h apne kaw kaw ke sath…kya kare gaali b unhe hi milti h jinme kuch talent ya kabiliyat hoti h… my motive is not to hurt anyone reading my comment…it’s about character n truth is whenever Kabir comes he always rocks… n if anyone has problem with my comment then I don’t care ???.

      2. Bas suru*

  3. I liked the episode of today it was interesting
    I think now people will watch the show to find out the plan of kabir ?

  4. *At last only kabir will get hurt.

  5. I will love to watch this show again. But i want to see kabir winning this time and that sanchi loosing everything. I don’t care for sanchi at all. Aur mujhe kanchi bhi nahi chahiye bcoz sanchi doesn’t deserve kabir. Cvs of the show r showing kabir as villain and thinking that viewers will accept that bhai behan. But i’ll always love dr. Kabir only. I watch this show for kabir and dr. Malohtra only. I just hate sanchi.

  6. This like s only from my heart beat Kabir supper entry

    Aj toh Mera bi Dil aagaya

  7. Very good kabir ruin sanveer honeymoon. Gadhi sachi and her gulam husband not deserve any happiness

  8. Varunfan

    I jst cnt blv am people mentality here. I mean are you people gals anyone if yes then hw cm u approve someone being physical wd a gal wdout her consent..hadh hoti he.

    Kal ko Kabir rape karke aaye tab bhi bologe sahi kiya, tum jaisi ladkiyaan to sayed Ladko ke liye apne aapko bech do bazaar me….

    But fact will remain fact and baat online viewers ki nahi TRP audience ki he and trp aunties dnt like ppl who lust over married woman so ya enjoy……

    And i really wish koi ladka tumlogon ko bhi tumhare marzi ke against chuye and sanchi did recognise that dancer is nt her Veer

    1. Oh hello is this ur thinking about girls if yes then go and learn how to respect others……..stupid this is a serial being obsessed with the show is not bad but saying these things to anyone we just said that they deserve it and if he will rape her then also I’ll be with him bcz it is not happening in reality that u r getting this much affected that u will say anything like that what if tomorrow someone say these things to u if u r a girl or just say these things to ur sis or mom will u bear no then how can u bear when someone says these things to u so just shut up and get lost?????

    2. Just check ur mentallity first. U r obsessed with this show. If u r educated enough then u can see no one has done any personal commnt on any actor or a fan they r just talking abt the show and u r commnting personally. What do u know abt us ? Who we r ? And what we r? Just mind ur language. U can’t commnt anyone personally.
      Rahi bat trp aunty ki to wo to show ki trp batayegi ki unhe kya pasand hai. Agar trp aunties ki pasand ki bat karogi to saas bahu drama k time trp girti nahi balki badh jati. Another thing pls try to differentiate btwn a show and reallity.u don’t have any right to make any personal comment on shows only ur mentallity.

    3. Trp audience means aunties reject your so called chota bhai badi behan romance Decrease in trp is proof of that .And hello watch epi carefully your sachi mata happily dance and enjoy with kabir . last me she realised its not veer .

      1. Varunfan

        Just shut up…..
        Its a serial so u can support humiliation of gal cause you like a guy.
        Just cause its a shw u can support anything cz u r certainly biased to a character.before asking me ask yourself what r u saying.
        If this is a serial then why you go mad if smone say anything to Kabir?
        Hypocrite af
        Moreover just check ur mentality blo*dy asslickers of boys, bas handsome ladka dikhi nahi ki ladki ko uspe chad jana chahiye..
        Just tell me why you people so after Sanchi fr nt marrying your Kabir??
        She DONT love him isnt that enough?why should she compromise just because that guy love him???
        blo*dy hell…..
        Toleration this nonsense from long a husband romancing his wife is cheap and an third person forcefully romancing with someone else wife appears charming to you all..
        I feel pity for you future husband/wife.
        Hum kuch nahi bolte to apni jagir samajh rakhi he har cheese ko.
        Bohot dino se dekh raha hu jab dekho tab Go Kabir destroy SanVeer
        Go Gayatri ruin SanVeer
        Kyun bhai are you people convinced that no one gonna give bhao to your Kabir so you and your fav kabir is after a married gal???
        Sharam nahi aati aisi ghatiya baatein bolte hue.
        Sanchi k favour me bolu to serial he reel he bt if someone say Kabir is ugly then rashan pani leke chad jaate ho uspe….
        Khudko aayne me dekho pehele male chauvinist pigs.

      2. Varunfan

        You are certainly watching some other show and not SDCH she tried to open her blindfold many times, she was hesitating cause Veer touch can never make her feel uncomfortable she was not happily dancinng bt ya she came happily thinking that its her husband awaiting for her.
        Anything to justify Kabir

  9. You shut up . I think tumse jyada giri hui mentallity ka koi ho hi nahi sakta. Jo insaan ek show k liye kisi ko personally abuse kare usaki mentallity samajh me ati hai . Aur han ham biased hain kabir k character se accha . Jo rum log twitter pe kaw kaw karte ho kabir k against. Jab cvs ne ek bar veer ko tommy bana diya to haye tauba mach diya kabir ko itani gali di jaise usase bura koi ho hi nahi sakta aur kabir fans isake against me bolte hain to tum log itana gir jate ho ki fans ko personally abuse karte ho. Had hai . Samajg aa gaya ki how cheap u ppl r. And one thin i know very well who am i and how is my mentallity. I m well educated person and on dignified post. I can distinguish btwn a mere show nd reallity. Ok . Watever i m talking here is just abt a show. Got it . Don’t u dare to go personal. Ppl come here only to express there opinion abt the show not to commnt personally. So behave like a mature person. U r not liking our commnts its ok then u may write abt the commnt but u r going personal.

    1. Varunfan

      Veef ko tommy dikhaya tha to we bashed Cbs nt Kabir or Vikram and i hv seen u ppl saying Rs is obsessed with Varun, she may have crush on Varun bla bla so please ok????

      Tommy jaisi shakal bolte tym to yaad nhi reheta and kyun na bolu main u ppl calling Varun fan tommy fans kawua tab voh personal attack nahi he, see each WU thread those r filled with such filthy comments…..
      And then u came to do moral.policing abt nt going personal???

      Kyun bhai hum kahe tolerate kare apne aur varun bhai ke khilaf koi bhi bakwaas…..bolte nahi he to soch rakha he kuch bhi karenge and koi nahi rokega hume…….

      You know what you people are jealous of Varun and thats quite obvious and i will see aur jalo jo bhi karlo jal bhun ke rakh ho jao ye show hamesha Varun ke naam se hi jana jayega and tumhare fav ko to channel ne bday wish bhi nhi kiya ????
      I dnt want to sound saddist but sometime you people need to taste your own cake….

      Aur haan meri mentality vahi he jo real life me hota he, meri maa ne mujhe ladkiyon ki ijjat karna sikhaya he and Kabir jaise ladko ke vajay se sab ladke badnaam hote he.More than that I am surprised ki voh Kabir jo Veer ko apna bhai jaisa maanta tha has become this for a mere gal.He is being rude to Veer for long for no reason.but ab jo kar raha he voh maafi ke layek nahi.
      Usne apne maa ko sharminda kar diya ab to…i wnt Kabir mom dad to come back and see what their son is doing.

  10. At last @varun fan if u still don’t understand difference btwn fiction and reality and will go on getting personal i’ll just have to sau only one thing nothing more than that. GET WELL SOON DEAR. MAY GOD BLESS U.

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