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Hello guys how R u all well I am back again …
So thanks to all the readers for commenting even my silent readers commented love u all soooooooooooooooooooo much ????
Special thanks sohi anshika sushmita ramya ayu sidmin123 twinjsidmin rashiverma supriya baby sidmin purnima chiku twinj sidvee vipul adya???????
And also thanks to my silent readers too fir breaking their silence thank you presha aanya priya nusaiba

Sorry nusaiba I didn’t members dat episode number …
To chalo let’s us begin
Recap : twinj bachelor party ….
The episode starts with twinj n others stop dancing n takes out their masks …
Ab : meher what R u doing here …
Y : ha mahi jaan u also here …
Mah : so only u all have the right to celebrate Bachelor’s…
Y : haww mahi …
They all ignore boys n went to take shots …..
Twinj looks at each other n smiles kunj n comes goes to a side …
T : kunj
K : twinkle …
Twinj : see don’t think anything I just came to enjoy today …
K : haha I was saying the same …
T : let’s forget we r going to get married tomorrow…
K : means ?????
T : let’s celebrate as if we don’t know each other what say ..
K : yeah it will be fun …myself sid naam to suna hi hoga n winks at twinkle
T : ha abhi to suna well myself jasmin
Both shake hands n smiles at each other …..
Everyone looks at them Twinj\sidmin enjoying n Raj says they r enjoying as they Meg today only ….
All together : yess just look at them
Elders comes there when Rt says that they r leaving as they have to do preparations early morning and ask them to come soon ..all nods elders left from there …
They all look at twinj n smiles n went on dance floor along with twinj …
(Bekifra bhi hona zaruri hai plays in bg )
Hello… Hello…
I feel the world around me go
Hello… Hello…

It’s tellin me to hold you close
Hello… Hello…
(Twinkle sings n its looks like she is whispering this in kunj ears and they smile )
I feel the world around me go
Hello… Hello…
It’s tellin me to hold you close
(Mahi meher anaya ashna Maya bubbly too sings n dances with their respective partners n they all smiles)

Kaafirana dil,
Isey duniya ka kya hai pata…
Hai fakira dil
Ye Khuda bhi mill jaaye to kya? (x2)
(Kunj takes the Mike from Twi hand n started to sing n dance with twinkle n holds her n dances with twinkle )

Thodi manmaaniya ho
Thodi nadaaniyan ho
Ho shararatein bhi thodi zara
Thodi beimaaniya ho
Door pareshaniya ho
Jaake duniya se keh do zara…
(Kunj holds twinkle by waist n spins her around n holds her in his arms n fly in air while twinkle enjoys soo much and everyone’s was also enjoying along with twinj )

Befikra bhi hona zaroori hai
Befikri mein khona zaroori hai
Beimaaniya ho door pareshaniya ho
Jaake duniya se keh do zara…
(Twinkle holds kunj n they dance saying bekifra bhi hona zaruri hai and shows tashan to each other too

Befikra bhi hona zaroori hai
Befikri mein khona zaroori hai
(Song finishes n they all get tired n comes back to the drink counter )…
T : wow I enjoyed soo much
K : this is the best bachelor’s ever n winks at twinkle …
Ab : now guys we will move …
T : so soon ….
Kunj looks at twinkle n does his one eye brow wala look while she shies away …
After sometime they all came back and left for their respective rooms …

Next morning:::::
Twinkle was not able to sleep whole night n was just yawing when all the other girls wakes up …
Meh : twinkle u waked up so early
T : I didn’t slept whole night …
Mah : what bhabhi r u serious ??
T : yeah mahi …
Meh : what happen twinkle…
T : don’t know meher I was just feelings nervous my whole life is gonna change today …..
Meh : oh twinkle it’s normal even I felt at my wedding day n blushes….
They all tease each other n went to get freshen up ….
@ night :::::
Leela meher ashna Maya bubbly everyone is with twinkle n ask her to get ready soon
After sometime twinkle is shown in bridal dress looking very stunning she ks applying eye linear n mascara then she applies lipstick and then leela n everyone comes there n does twinkle hair style she was perfectly ready when leela dons bridal veil at twinkle n looks at her n caresses her face …
L : pata hi nahi chala meri kudi kab itni jaldi badi hogayi u r looking so beautiful twinkle n gets teard eye …
T : maa u r crying see don’t cry plzz and gets teard eye too …
Raj : awww just look at them bas rone ka na mauka chahiye …..
Twinkle hits Raj with her elbow Abeer n rt comes there too n rt compliments twinkle ….
Ab : itni cute moment hai ek selfiee go banti hai boss he takes out his phone n they all pose for the selfies …

At kunj side …
Kunj gets dressed in cream n red sherwani when babee anaya mahi usha Manohar naman n others comes there
B : hayee kitna sona lag raha hai tu kunj
U : ha babee just look at him …
Mah : wow bhai u r looking so hot

M : but one thing is missing ..
K : what papa ???
N : Abey idiot ur turban …
Manohar gives to usha n she passes go babee …
U : babee kunj is ur son before me so u should do this…
Babee smiles at makes kunj wear his turban all smiles …and they take selfies too ….
Screen freezes

So guys how was the epi ???
Well do comment
Sorry for grammatical errors if any
Ba byeee

Love u all
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned

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  1. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode… Awesome

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi …

  3. Sohi

    The episode was full of fun very much excited for the marriage but shadi ho lekin twist na ho aisa nahi ho sakta ?tho twist tho banta hai do continue

  4. Aanya_pandey

    Ohh my my!! Can’t wait for next episode.. twinj ki shadi..
    This epi ws jst soo cute

  5. Wow the episode was amazing n suoer cute ?? loved it.. and the song??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  6. Omg,next epi me shaadi fir twinj romance….wow sameera dii,it’s very nice.I can’t wait for next epi

  7. Wow sameera cute n lovely episode loved it plsss asap

  8. SidMin23

    Cute as always and can’t wait for twinj married and do post next post soon. Sameera

  9. Presha

    awesome cute lovely

  10. Supriya18d

    I enjoyed the whole epi….It’as really awsm…..Sam luv u dear

  11. the epi was as usual toooo wonderful.enjoyed the party scene veryy much.eagerly waiting for nxt epi.and don’t be sorry.i’ve just asked that the dp was looking you dear.

  12. Anshikajainn

    Sooo cuuuttteeeee i just loving it and can i ask u a personal question that sameera you are studying or you are doing some course ??? Pls tell mee

  13. tanishasharma21

    Hi sameera m silent reader but even a regular reader of your ff n today’s epi was just muaah?

  14. Hey sameera this episode is amazingly amazing as always…twinkle and Kunj pretending as strangers and enjoying together is so cute…TwiNj dance tho ???❤❤❤ waiting for TwiNj marriage…

    #love ❤❤

  15. Amazing epi was mindblowing plzzz try to post nxt asap

  16. Today’s party was rocking and very eager for the shaadi post soon love you ?

  17. SidMin

    Loved it too sweet appke karan hame diabetes hojayege inna cute 🙂 Loved it Twinj were awesome and the song part was lovely 🙂 Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

  18. Ayu

    Sooooo sweet n sooocool!!! That was soo amazing! Loved it Sameera! ?

  19. Chiku

    Woaaah its amazing ????lovely
    Its soo sweet. Finally twinj getting maaried ????????
    Loved it
    Love u??post soon

  20. Awesome episode…

  21. Wowww yaar Sameera todays epi was awesome fabulous mindblowing n soooo sweet as always….. twinjs scenes were too cute… everyone fun wasy awesome… loved it…

    N really very sorry for late cmnt…


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