Hello guys how R u all well dekho fir se wapas aagayi ????
So thanks to all the members for ur cute and motivating comments yaar …
Love u all sooo much dat I can’t even describe yaar …..
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Well aamu k golden jubilee read kiya shock dediye nah usne UMm mujhe b zor se laga jhatka ?????
Well mein bhi aaj ek shock dene wali hu par pehle epi lelo guys …..
Recap : Twinkle mehandi ceremony twinj moments ….
The episode starts with twinj sitting n talking when they hear some noise ..
K : twinkle where is this noise coming from ….
T : yeah it’s seems like 2 people r fighting let’s see. ..
They stand and goes to check n sees anaya n Raj flighting with each other
Mehbeer n other comes there too …
K : anaya what happen why u two r fighting ….
A : bhai Raj is saying that boys can dance better than girls …
K : yeah he is saying truth
Raj laughs while twinkle angrily stares at kunj n holds him n says what u r saying sadu ….
Twinj also flights n they all get into a heated argument….
Ab : wait let’s have a boys vs girls competition…
Meh : okay agree …
Anaya n mahi stands beside twinkle n says now we will come as bride friends rather than from sisters n shows tongue to kunj …
R : then we’ll also come from groom side hai na Abeer jiju n yuvraj …
Ab : yeah …
K : so it’s decided let see who will win
T : okay we will see that and they all left from there showing tashan to each other …..
All girls comes back to taneja mansion n started practicing for their performances and says we will show these boys now
Same happens at sarna mansion ….

@ venue (sangeet function) ???
Tanejas sarnas luthras and all the guest comes to the venue kunj and twinkle looks at each other but this time not with love but with tashan n gives whatever wala look to each other…..
Usha babee n leela takes twinj to the stage…..
K (whispers) : kya siyappa queen ab tak naraz hai mujhse chal na let it be
T : I’ll not talk to u now huh …
K : twinkle ….
T : kunj …
Both look at each other …????
When Abeer n yuvi comes there n says
A : attention everyone as u all know dat today is sangeet ceremony of our cute love birds twinkle n kunj all claps for them ?????
Ma : so here we all have decided to have a competition between boys n girls n glares at yuvraj ….
Meh : so shall we begin …
All again claps …..???

Abeer yuvraj Raj naman cherry rohit comes there n started to dance on thug le when meher mahi anaya ashna Maya bubbly too joins them n they all show tashan to each other n boys dances with thier respective girls song ends all claps for them …..
Ab : so who will decide the winner now
Meh : we have won already and girls laugh …
Rt & M : both boys n girls r superbb now lets continue with the sangeet …
Bub : so now the next dance will be by the elders ….
Leela usha babee Rt Manohar Anita surjeet everyone dance on galla goodiyan song lovely Jodi’s too joins with the elders n have fun twinj also joins with them ….
Bub : so now the most awaited performance of the night ….
Lights went off kunj comes there signing gerua and twinkle comes n holds his hand n dances with him both looks so cute while dancing and their performance ends n all claps for them and after sometime they all went to have dinner n left for their rooms
(As from sangeet till wedding is in hotel itself so they all r staying together ??)

Kunj n the other boys all comes to a room n kunj ask them what happen ..
Y : seriously bro u r asking us what happen??
Ab : yeah u r getting married n u have not celebrated ur bachelor’s yet …
K : oh guys let it be nah tomorrow is my wedding …
N : what happen to u kunj u celebrated my bachelor before my engagement n u r getting married without bachelor party
(Remember guys kunj entry after the leap in naman bachelor party )
K : woh but what we will tell girls. ..
R : I think they must have slept till now

On the other side ??
Twinkle n other are sitting in twinkle room and they r saying same to twinkle
Meh : twinkle come nah we will have fun
T : but guys it’s soo late …
An : oh twinkle bhabhi come nah we will enjoy n these parties happen at late nights only …
Mah : really anaya n hits her slightly they all teases each other n smiles …
T : okay okay we will go but what about boys ???
Bub : I feel they have slept till now
Ash : oh cool so we will get ready n go now what say all hi-fi n decides to go to bachelor club …
.on the other side
K : okay bachelor club
N : yeah bro we will get ready n then move on ….
Ab : okay they all left to get ready
Twinj : bachelor club n smiles
Screen freezes…

So how was the epi ????
Do comment n tell me ….
So shocking news now ….
Arey nahi samjhe meri kehne k Matlab hai …I am not ending this ff guys …
Shocking news thi rocking news wo b comment kar dena ….
As my many readers like meeta twinjsidmin sidmin baby sidmin123 and many of my readers I don’t remember names guys ???plz forgive me so they all told me not to end this ff and do century so I thought okay q nahi I’ll not end this ff and will continue this ….
To I just want one thing from u all and that is ur support guys if u all agree to support me in this journey like u all does till last epi I’ll continue this ff other wise I have written my last epi also ….
And also I’ll show twinj cute si married life then after Jan I’ll resume my ff with a leap so do comment should I end it or continue ….
Okay now ba byeee love u all take care
Do read keep commenting n stay tuned
Sameera ??

  1. Sohi

    Hahaha the competition was fab waiting for next episodes fun post soon and ya love you too

  2. Ayu

    Yay yay yay!!!! U r staying!!! Yippieee!!! Di it was simply amazing!!! Haha! Tashan boys vs girls! Jo bhi kaho girls are THE BEST❤️??❤️
    N ican feel…bachelor’s party is going to bring along an amazing twist??
    Really looking forward to the next?
    Love u?

  3. Supriya18d

    Thanku Sameera….4 not leaving us…..awsm epi luv u dear

  4. Woo-hoo yippeeeeeeee tysm sameera for continuing ur ff…today’s episode is always fab…loved boys and girls tashan…desperately waiting for bachelor’s party…

    Love you ❤

  5. Anshikajainn

    Yeeehhhhh thanks Samira and yes its both shocking and rocking news BTW the episode was awesome

  6. Rashiverma2199

    Wow…..sameera awesome episode….. Waiting read the next part….awesome…..
    That news was really rocking….
    Luv u loads dear….????????

  7. Sammmeeeerrrrrrraaaaaa sachi tum ye ff end karna rahi ho
    Dis is d best news yeh shocking nahi rocking news episode se zyada tumhara ye msg padkar acha laga
    Episode was amazing yaar super specially starting fight n all loved it
    N love u

  8. Hasi

    fab episode…..☺☺

  9. Sameera phele toh may dar gayi tum bhi aamu ki tara ff end karne toh nai wali par yeh dil kush hogaya jab tumara rocking news sunna aur yeh bhi koi puchne ki baat hai we will surely support u.Mindblowing plus fab plus awesom epi.Too gud.Luved it.
    Post asap.

    Lots of luv,

  10. Hayeeeeeee Sameera darling! how r u…well firstly very very sorry for not cmntig on ur pre two epi… actually I was busy in college work…

    Anyways todays epi was just mindblowing… loved twinj’s tashan wala love….. it was superb yarrr….n soooooo sweet itna sweet ki sugar bhi phiki pad jaye…..n wowwww now their bachelor party I’m eagerly waiting for that….dusra wala epi jaldi se post karna…

    N thank u soooo much for such a cute shock cum surprise….. really I’m very very very very happy that u r not leaving us… waise main chodne bhi nahi deti…. well I’m glad that u r not ending ur this ff….
    ba bye n tc
    Love u


  11. Chiku

    Yayaaaa yaayaaaa yaaaaa
    Finally u r not ending it?????????woaah i am very happy
    Loved it
    Episode is awesome ?????????its soo cute. Lovely
    Lots of love ?

  12. Awesome u nailed it and i am so happy ? to know that u r not ending ur ff I luv u ? thanks for not ending ur ff

  13. SidMin23

    Sameera itvjs is shocking news for me that finally u decided not to end this wonderful ff and I love the ways your write. And thanks u for not ending this ff. And hope to get next update soon. Iam eagerly waiting for bachelor party and twinj moment and again you give us shocking news but in a good ways. Sameera.

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…cute lovely…. aur rocking news h….ye toh …

  15. Yaaayyy thank u for not ending this ff???.. this is a very big rocking news ??.. coming to the epi it was fantastic n cute epi.. their tashan was a total dhamaka.. loved it.. n bachelors party gonna b fun??.. do cont soon ❤❤

  16. SidMin

    Today I not only loved your ff but also your decision to continue You know even though we haven’t yet talked to each other personally I feel connected to you I don’t know if you feel so or not but its just that I really don’t know what makes me feel so happy when I see your ff or your comment 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    The episode was so sweet and cute Tashan meh bhi sweetness hai 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

  17. Baby

    ohyehoye sam di srsly maza aagyaa
    ofco rocking ……♥♥♥♥♥ sch mein luv u lot di
    abhi mein bas has has has rhi hun yr……d episode was wow beautiful now bachelors club woohhooo n d news u gave oohhooo di meri toh face ki smile i nhi jaa rhi☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻☻m sooooooooooo very happy didu dat u r nt ending it love u di m sooo happy dat u wont believe….love u osm episode…….♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    thanks for listening us love u di m soooo happy yaaayyyy thanks for not ending it♥♥♥☻☻☻

  18. Awesome epi sam… Post the next epi asap…

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