Socha na tha…RagSan SS (Part 1 & 2)

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Socha na tha…Never thought..Part1 and 2
I have never seen Sanskar Ragini scenes as I am not a viewer of Swararagini.But my dearest friend Piyali wants me to write on RagSan.Though I don’t know RagSan properly I like Varun n Tejaswi.I read a few of RagSan stories and liked this pair too through those ffs.So for my friend Piyali I am presenting this SS.
This is based on the malayalam movie Prem poojari.I wrote this SS years back for fun.But I ignored it as it was the exact copy of the movie except a few scenes and dialogues.But for Piyali I am presenting it.

PART-1….Sanskar is a middle class guy who is crazy about music.his gr8est ambition is 2 become a gud playback singer.his friends r karthik & Swara.Swara is the daughter of a famous music director Inderji.Sanskar’s aim is 2 get a chance from him 2 sing 4 a movie.Swara has given him hopes.he stays in the outhouse of a rich family.a smart old lady called Arundathi stays there with her grandchildren Ragini{19yrs old} & shamit{11yrs old}.her son Om and wife Naina r in america.
One day in the morning,
Sanskar hears a sweet female voice :dadi,i’m going 2 college.
Sanskar was eager 2 see her.he looks though the window.he sees a girl going out on a bike.he cud see only her back.short top-jeans…silky hair.He was disappointed as he could’nt see her face.
after a few days,Shamit comes 2 see Sanskar with a request:can u do one favour?
Sanskar:yes sure.
shamit:she told to take the book that’s kept on the top of the cupboard.
Sanskar:who is this ‘she’?
shamit:my luvly sister Ragini.
Sanskar smiles.he remembers seeing her back that day.
.he longs to see her face. he goes there & takes the book from the top of the cupboard.the shy girl{Ragini} extends her arms from the room 2 reach the book.
Sanskar smiles:Come out of room.
she comes out slowly.Sanskar was shocked 2 see her.bcoz she was looking horrible.she was in a pink salwar.she has worn a big black framed spectacle.her teeth were so horrible that it looked as if its going 2 come out of the mouth.Sanskar gives her the book.
Ragini smiles:thanku..
Sanskar goes out immediately.he was feeling awkward remembering her horrible smile.

Ragini & shamit in the room.

Big smile she removes her spectacle & the duplicate teeth she had worn 2 fool Sanskar.
shamit:didi,u wear it always.u look better in it.
Ragini becomes angry:u naughty boy…..
Suddenly they both laugh.
shamit laughs:that poor fellow ran away with his life.he got scared.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini:His face looked so funny seeing me.I can’t stop laughing.
She laughs a lot.

they dance 2 the song…its the time 2 disco…(KHNH)

suddenly hearing dadi’s voice they stop the music & pretend 2 be studying.
dadi comes:gud,u both r studying.everyone knows that you both will study well and have gud culture also if you both stay with me.

Ragini-shamit feel it funny.
Ragini thinks:Poor dadi does’nt know what we both do behind her.
Shamit winks at Ragini.Ragini has a naughty smile on her face.
dadi:ur dad is online..
they become so happy that they rush 2 take the Phone.
shamit talks.Ragini takes the receiver from him:hello daddy,how r u?i’m fine…
Sanskar passes by…automatically he looks at her through the window with a weird feeling.he cud’nt see her face .suddenly Ragini turns back.Sanskar was surprised 2 see Ragini’s real appearance.
Ragini does’nt see him.she continues talking:u hav a surprise 4 me?what’s that?
Om:its a suspense.Wait for some more time.
Ragini:Suspense?How long can I wait daddy? u’l bring it when u cum here next time?
Om:Sure..when I come there next I will bring it there along with me.
Ragini:O!daddy,u r so sweet…..
Sanskar whispers: Smile Ragini…u r also sweet like ur dad.Ragini,u r so beautiful….

Sanskar can’t take his eyes off her.

PART-2… the next day when Ragini goes near her bike,Sanskar was standing b4 her.she gets shy,bcoz her identity is out now.
Sanskar:so.. you were playing a drama…

Ragini:what drama?what did i do?
Sanskar:why did u fool me?
Ragini smirks:u got fooled easily bcoz u r foolish.what can i do 4 that?

Sanskar becomes angry.but he controls it.
he talks sweetly purposefully:why did u hide ur pretty face?
Ragini gets impressed by that statement as it is a compliment for her beauty.
she laughs:bcoz i wanted 2 tease u.
Sanskar smiles:but why?
she takes her bike & goes away with a smile on her face.
Sanskar tells himself:i’m going crazy…is it luv?or simply an attraction?

he sings & dances around thinking about Ragini:

[Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai]
[Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai]

Pehli Pehli Baar Milaata Hai Yehi
Seene Mein Phir Aag Lagaata Hai
Dheere Dheere Pyaar Sikhaata Hai Yehi
Hansata Hai Yehi Yehi Rulaata Hai

[Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai]
[Dil To Paagal Hai
Dil Deewana Hai]-dil-to-pagal hai.

Swara watches it with a smirk on her face.
Swara:Sanskar,who is in ur mind?
Swara:no one else?
he:who else can take music’s place in my heart?
Swara:i can’t believe it seeing u singing & dancing like a mad person.
Sanskar becomes embarrassed.
karthik laughs.
Swara:anyways,2morow,there is a song recording.u come with us.the super singer Rahul is the male singer.and the one and only Swara is the female singer.
Sanskar:u r so lucky Swara…
Swara:One day that luck will cum 2 u Sanskar.

he smiles.
he also goes 2 see the recording.he sees the song recording & enjoys it.
Sanskar imagines himself singing in the place of Rahul.

Swara intoduces him 2 inderji.
Sanskar:plz giv me a chance 2 sing 4 a movie sir.
inderji:i can’t tell u yes immediately.1st let me hear ur song.

Sanskar gets his voice does’nt come out properly.he was very weak in singing.
inderji becomes angry:this is ur song?And u r so prou.u want 2 sing in my movie?rubbish.
Swara:Dad…it’s not like that.
Inder does’nt even listen 2 Swara’s words.
He goes away.
Swara:Sanskar,why r u getting tensed?u were so energetic.But you were shivering while singing.
Sanskar:i dunno how it happened.Seeing inderji in front of me I could’nt sing properly

she:anyways,u hav 2 take practice daily.
Sanskar goes 2 see inderji in his house.
he becomes angry:why r u here again?i told u ..,u can’t sing,so no chance 4 u.
he becomes sad.but he does’nt show that.
he:no problem sir.plz giv me sum other job.i’ve financial problems.
inderji:can u do cooking?
Sanskar was confused. Swara shows action 2 tell yes from a small distance. so
Sanskar shakes his head.
inderji:u know cooking?
Sanskar:yes sir.
inderji:so 2day onwards u can do cooking here as our cook left due to health reason.
Sanskar is shocked:As a cook?
Inder:Why?You don’t want this job?
Sanskar:ok sir. I will do cooking.
inderji goes.
Sanskar:Swara,i dunno cooking at all.
Swara:its ok,i’ll help u.Sanskar,its a gud chance 2 get close 2 my dad.u’ll get a chance 2 prove ur talent. Sanskar smiles:thats my hope.

Sanskar serves food to Inder.he was tensed about inderji’s reaction.
inderji tastes it:u r a gud cook.
Sanskar is relieved.
Sanskar:thanku sir.i’m also a singer.
inderji teases:that i know.that day i had heard ur song.
Sanskar:sir…thats bcoz of my tension.
inderji does’nt mind it.
he feels it funny. Sanskar is dull.
Swara consoles him.

Sanskar goes back home.he sees Ragini’s bike.he goes & touches it smoothly.He imagines Ragini sitting there and kisses it.Suddenly he hears a was shamit’s.
Sanskar gets embarrassed:full of dust.i was cleaning it..
shamit smiles & goes out with his cricket bat.
Sanskar:I don’t know what that boy thinks about me now.It was really embarrassing.

In the evening…
Shamit:Ragini know …that guy who stays in the guest house…Sanskar…he kissed your bike.
Ragini can’t believe it:What?
Shamit:Yes didi..he kissed your bike.

Ragini smiles:Really?Are you sure?
Shamit:Yes didi..I saw it with my eyes.But he said he was wiping the dust in your bike.
Ragini smirks:Oh really! naughty Sanskar…guess you are getting crazy for me.

Ragini brings a plate full of chocolates, jalebies & ladoos without others’ knowledge & keeps it on Sanskar’s table through the window.she hoped that seeing this he will search 4 her.
Ragini hides herself 2 see Sanskar’s reaction seeing it. Sanskar had seen it, but hid himself from Ragini. He smirks he cud guess Ragini’s he pretends 2 be crazy about these sweets.he does’nt look 4 her,instead of that he eats it fast as if he was starving 4 1 week.Ragini becomes angry and irritated seeing it

& goes away.seeing it,Sanskar laughs.he finds it funny.
Sanskar:Drama queen look so cute in an embarrassed state.

Ragini goes inside and takes a paper.She writes something in anger.She keeps that paper piece on Sanskar’s table through the window and goes.Sanskar sees the paper,
Sanskar smiles:Guess this girl is crazy for me.Immature childish girl must have written I love you.
He takes it and reads..”fool,blo*dy fool….”
Sanskar becomes angry.

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    This FF is just awesome…sachi…I couldn’t control my laughter seeing the Naughty Ragini , she fooled Sanskar and this was the best , the Last part…I re read it yaar…such a sweet peice of work…Swara , a supportive friend but why does it have SwaSan and RagLak photo in poster…Love square haan?? I am interested…Ronit as Swara’s father I loved it…Shamit is sooo cute , amazing girl…Sanskar wants to become a singer…I am loving it…Swara is always a rockstar singer…great…Both Sanku Bhaiya and Ragu Baby are naughty , I am really waiitng fior Laksh’s entry as well now…dil to Pagal hai and Its time to disco…great selections for Songs…yaar…I am in love with it…its great…awesome and the name of the ff…it stole my heart dear…Socha Na Tha…such a beautiful name…I am in love with this…thanks alot llot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot for this…I love you yaar…I love you,…sooo much that I can’t tell you sweetie…Love you sooo much…be the happiest…Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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