ISHQ FOREVER TWINJ episode 25 (silver jubilee blast )

Hellloooooooooooooooo guys how R U all bht zyada lamba hogaya na par kya karu silver jubliee hai yaar ?????????
Seriously before starting this ff I thought that I’ll end this story in 20-25 epi but can’t end it bcoz of u ppl ?????????
I love u shoooooo much ek dum bada wala
N thank u also soooooo much guys seriously without u I am nothing u comments made me fell specail day by day tu had given me the best thing n that’s my family my tu family
Again love u all soo much ????
Chalo baki baatein epi k baad I know u all r eagerly waiting to read next epi
Recap : twinj cute eye locks n some cute moments

The episode starts with kunj deciding to propose twinkle tonight n left for canteen …
T : I am so excited for party
Ash : yep twinkle me too it’s gonna be fun tonight
N : ok let’s move now we will meet tonight
Everyone nod n left from there ……twinj was going but infront of college gate kunj stops twinkle n ask her to wait
He goes to naman n tells him that he wants to propose twinkle ::::::::
N : wow kunj finally

K : yeah I don’t wanna loose her now
They hug n decides to make preparations for tonight ????????
At twinj flat :::::
Twinj comes to their flat n twinkle was looking tensed :::::
K : what happen twinkle u r so much excited for today’s party then y r u tensed now ??
T : woh kunj promise me u Wong laugh …
K : but what happen siyappa queen:::::
T : yaar first promise nah ?
K : ok ok I won’t laugh now tell me

T : woh kunj I am not able to decide what to wear tonight :::::
K : what u r tensed for this silly thing n he starts to laugh harder :::
T : huh kunj u promised me that u won’t laugh
K : hahahah siyappa queen seriously u r mad
T : u called me mad how dare u n she starts to beat him with pillow
K : I am sorry twinkle
But she beats him n kunj runs from there n falls on sofa with twinkle on top of him ??
(Tere sang yaara plays in bg????)
They have a cute eye lock n twinkle get up :::

T : now I will not talk to u she shows fake anger while kunj was smiling seeing his siyappa queen tantrums
K : ok I am sorry baba show me your dresses I’ll help u ok
T : ok n takes kunj to her room
Twinkle takes out some dresses n shows kunj
K : UMm twinkle wear red one …..
T : no kunj it got old I wore it two times
K : then pink one

T : UMm but I wore that too ??
K : omg siyappa queen come I have a better option :::::::
T : what kunj ???
K : just come nah he drags twinkle n takes her to shopping mall
T : why we came here kunj ??
K : to do job of receptionist he laughs n says obvious for buying new dress twinkle
While twinkle passes him death glare n they enter into girls section after sometome twinkle finally shows a floral pink dress n kunj gives her ? ? wala look n she smiles
They went to boys section also n buys a white shirt with brown blazer for kunj n they went to paying counter

K : wait twinkle I’ll pay ??
T : but kunj …
K : shhh think as a gift from my side
T : okay
Kunj pays n went towards his car while twinkle smiles looking at the dress
They come to their flat again n twinkle went to change as it was 8 n naman was calling kunj
K : yeah yeah I am ready but that siyappa queen
N : just come soon kunj as u said preparations r done
K : thanks bro …
N : no need for formality bro

They end call n here in twinkle room she gets dressed up n smiles looking at herself in mirror
Meher calls her ……
T : hello meher u r coming nah in party
M : yeah but what we will tell kunj
T : we will tell him truth don’t worry just come
M : ok will meet u at pub
T : okay bye
Here kunj was eagerly waiting for his siyappa queen she comes out n calls kunj
He turns n get Mesmerized looking at twinkle
Twinkle comes n snaps her finger ….

T : how I am looking ????
K : gorgeous twinkle as always
T : chale ?? (Let’s go )
K : yeah let’s go :::::??
They come to the pub n meet everyone
N : hey where is Abeer yaar twinkle

T : he is on the way
K : okay let’s go inside ::::?
They all r having fun when Abeer n meher came meher goes to other side n Abeer meets twinj n everyone :::::
They all dance on the songs and r having fun when Abeer makes excuse n goes to meher kunj sees him ????
(Now the real fun begins ????)
He goes behind mehbeer n thinks now I’ll show twinkle ???
He goes back n ask twinkke to come with him
T : what happen kunj ????

K : just come with me twinkle I wanna show u something ??
T : okay kunj
He takes her towards mehbeer n shows them :::
K : see ur bff truth he is still busy with other girl
T : ?????
K : what hapeen twinkle
T : r u jealous of Abeer
K : no I am not
T : then how it matters to u if he stays with me or some other
K : because I lo…..

T : because what kunj ::::::: just say it kunj my ears r waiting for listening those words from kunj
Kunj gets shocked n takes twinkle to a beautiful decorated place (see the cover pic )
He sits on his knees n twinkle was just shocked seeing the decorations n has tears with a cute smile
K : I don’t know siyappa queen what to say know I don’t wanna say I love u bcoz it was still less to describe my love yes I am in love with u idk when n how it happen I have fallen for u the first day we met in gurudwara yes it must be weird how can a small boy can fall in love but this is true I didn’t think of anyone except my jasmine my siyappa queen i am scared that’s y I didn’t confess it till now but today I don’t wanna loose u yes I am jealous bcoz I can’t see my siyappa queen with anyone else I love u twinkle I love u kunj shouts
While tears were gushinv out of twinkle eyes she didn’t respond n she too sits on her knees
T : I was dying to listen these words from u kunj yeah I have fallen for u too from the first sight n I don’t wanna loose u ever my sadu sarna I wanna see u daily I wanna be with u in everyone situation of life whether it’s good or bad I love u too kunj I love you too my sadu sarna
Kunj n twinkle gets up n kunj hugs her tightly tears of happiness were gushing from there ….
Still they don’t want to loose eo other embrace until they hear some noises of clapping n hooting for them

They turn n look at Abeer meher naman n ithers who were clapping for them ::::::::::
Abeer comes n whispers in twinkle ear finally ur coal sarna has confessed his love ::::
Meher comes infront of kunj n hugs twinkle
T : I know kunj what u must be thinking I wanna introduce u to my cousin meher
K : meher ????
T : yeah meher n he is pointing towards Abeer he is meher husband
Kunj gets double shocked n ask what ???

T: I am so sorry kunj but this was our plan
A : yeah kunj twinkle is just my daali don’t be coal sarna now
They all laugh n kunj just look at twinkle who makes face as if apologizing to him
K : I am sorry too twinkle Maya is cherry gf
T : I know dar kunj
K : how twinkle ????
T : okay I’ll tell u in detail that day when Chery n maya were talking I heard them n then called Abeer ….

Flashback shows
Twinkle heard Maya n meher calls her …..
M : hey twinkle how R U ??
T : I am fine twinkle
M : guess where i am now ??
T : don’t know meher u were on your honeymoon right
M : yeah I came to Germany plz come to meet me nah I wanna see u
T : okay I am coming
Twinkle meets meher n Abeer there they make plan n trio hi-fi
Flash back ::::::::::::
N : bechara kunj kya kya samjh baitha
They all tease kunj n he blushes ???
A : I think we should leave these love birds alone
Meh : yeah I too think so
Naman n everyone tease kunj n meher whispers twinkle enjoy n she blushed ???
They left from there leaving twinj alone

K : u r so bad siyappa queen
T : I am soo sorry baby ??
K : baby ????
T : ab I am your girl friend so I can call u baby
K : okay jaan call me anything
Twinkle blushes n kunj don’t blush or else I’ll eat u ????
K : well I have done so much for u so I also want something from u.
T : what kunj he comes closer to twinkle n she blushed again
K : u know twinkle what I wanted

T : no I don’t kno….before she could complete kunj kiss her n she responds too soon they have a passionate lip lock after sometime they broke it n was looking at eo …..
K : now lets go he holds twinkle n takes her to a table (bolna plays in bg …….)
He takes twinkle to a table it has a 3 step cake having cute couple doll on top n twinj written on it
T : wow kunj this is so beautiful but TWINJ??
K : jab sid + jasmin =SIDMIN hosakta hai to twinkle +kunj = TWINJ kyu nahi …..
T : yeah I love u soo much kunj
K : I love u too my siyappa queen he side hugs twinkle ………
N they cute cake n feeds eo n smiles ???
T : now lets go inside kunj …..
K : wait something is left
T : what ????

Kunj takes out ring from his pocket n again sit in his knees
K : miss twinkle taneja aka my siyappa queen n my jasmin will u wanna be my better half for the rest of the life will u me my Mrs kunj sarna …
T : yes Mr kunj sarna I wanna be ur better half for the rest of the life n till death …
K : shh don’t talk about kunj makes her wear the ring n she smiles ….
They looks at eo n takes selfies ????
Screen freezes
So how was the silver jubliee blast epi guys
Do comments plshh
Silent readers too plzz comment
How was the twinj scenes ???

N again I wanna thank everyone for commenting n supporting me It means a lot guys
Ba byee love u all soo much …..
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