Girls On Top 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Girls On Top 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Diana catch Gia and Nadia discussing murder, Gia poses to be clueless about murder, then explains they were discussing. Nadia makes up, they were discussing a movie plot. Diana wish someone had been murdered, to make an interesting scope.
At night, Gia shares with girls to tell Azher. Rave calls dumbest, she can’t accuse someone based on story. Secondly, she can’t give her boyfriend such shocking news. Gia touches her forehead wondering when she got so mature. Rave boasts society makes one really mature. Isha seconds Rave. Guru comes asking what proof they are speaking about. Rave makes up it’s her current appointment proof to be submitted in the embassy tomorrow. He suggests about keeping a pooja for startup. Rave offers help but Guru backs up. Rave consider them all behaving strange, she will deal with them all alone.
The next morning, Isha comes to Tapasia. Tapasia suggests if it’s Sahir behind her, Isha says it’s her. Tapasia asks about her men’s perfume, is it a coincidence that they use same perfumes. Isha clarifies she has moved on and nothing is there between her and Sahir anymore, she is just used to this perfume. She then speaks to Tapasia about her and Sahir, as she has moved on and really want Sahir to move on in his life too. Tapasia calls Isha really nice, she thought Isha was much rude. Isha agrees she is a bit rude sometimes, but Tapasia and Sahir are compatible. Tapasia must never give up, she must think of Sahir as a very difficult dance which can only be learned through practice. She was ready to help Tapasia come close to Sahir. Tapasia demands her promise not to share it with anyone, especially Gia and Rave as well.
There, Nadia discuss with Gia that there are two paths for this case. Firstly to go to court, this will open up everything to the world. But the other plan is that they try to gather proofs themselves. Diana hears about the plan again. Gia and Nadia have to make up that they were discussing Azher’s movie’s new plot. Diana allows them to play this story in the office, as it must be interesting. Gia asks Diana to go home, as its Pooja at her home. Diana warns it would be considered a leave, Gia leaves. Diana caught Nadia to narrate the whole story to her.
Guru prepares for the pooja. Rave brings the fire woods for him, he looks towards her shaved head intently, then offers them all to get seated. Tapasia joins them. Pandit asks who will finish the Pooja, Isha announces Sahir and Tapasia will. Sahir disagrees as Tapasia isn’t religious, Tapasia says she has seen the song and procedure both on TV. Guru notices Isha upset. Azher brings the sweet, Gia goes to help him.
Azher stood in the kitchen, Gia was dividing the sweets. Azher comes to hug her from behind, Gia turns to remind him everyone is there outside. He holds her close. Gia requests him to let her go, someone would come to see. Azher pins her to the wall, saying it’s a man’s fantasy to romance his wife in kitchen. Gia asks wife? Azher says kitchen? Gia notices he called her a wife, Azher shares he is ready to settle with her. Gia apologizes, Azher hugs her tight.
In the room, Guru hits Rave in the room, holding her in his arms. Rave cheers it was his typical YashRaj moment. Guru seriously denies. Rave wonders why is he behaving so weird. Guru says she doesn’t care about his behavior, she is going to US but he isn’t stone hearted. He can’t see his close friends hurt like her. Rave asks what the problem is if she is going to US. Guru says Shekhar. Rave says one always has to take decisions in life, and there are risks with this. She took this decision after thinking a lot. Guru insists that Shekhar is the biggest risk there. Rave leaves, telling him that she won’t change her decision anyway.
The Pandit blesses the couple of Sahir and Tapasia as they finished the pooja really well. Rave brings Prasad, Pandit again notices Rave’s hair. Maryam comes to stop Azher eat the sweet. She looks at the Pooja set up and leaves angrily not ready to appreciate it.
Azher follows Maryam and asks her to calm down. Maryam asks if he has forgotten he is a Muslim, how he allowed his friends conduct Pooja here. If Gia never considered asking her for a permission. Azher asks what the need to create a hype of it was. Maryam asks if Gia asks him to convert, would he? Azher was speechless.

PRECAP: Everyone conduct prayers for startup. Sahir asks Tapasia who told his likings to her. Je and Tapasia dance closely.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Azia is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute…………

  2. isha jassi twinkle

    rave ki hairstyle bohot funny tha…azia is sooooo cuttte. i think isha pe koi jado kardaya???what are u doing isha?

  3. Rave was soo write !!!! Gia’s decision to tell azhar was wrong without having good proof she can’t just go near him and say that your ammi is a murderer ??? isha always keeps me speechless ???? Diana was sooo funny ?????? the way pandit ji was looking rave hahahahahahahahah ????? sooo funny ????? azhia’s kitchen romance was epic ?????? when azhar said he wants to settle with her it was so cute ?????? they both are just perfect . Made for each other ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I feel sad for guru he cares so much for rave ??? the episode was soooo good but wait how can mother maryam can’t come and spoil everything ?????? seriously she so mad . Gia did not even say a word to related to religion ???????
    Precap- Gia is soooooooo smart OMG the way she conducted Muslim pray service beachari maryam hahaha ????? sahir and taps romance ?????

    1. Oops soory maryam herself conducted the Muslim pray service I thought Gia

    2. Right*

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