Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 56 (Happy Ending) – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

Hello My Dear Readers

Yes today with a heavy heart i present to you last epi of this ff.

I had such a great time writing this one

This ff is very close to my heart for several reasons

As i had promised i will share the reasons in last epi

So here it is

*I started writing again after a gap of years

So yes i resumed my writing through this

*twinkle was going through something I have been struggling with.DEPRESSION.

n yes everyone is not as fortunate as twinkle to have kunj

Though i have my parents

Always with me n i feel blessed

In today’s epi through twinkle’s address i have tried to express my deepest emotions n i hope maximum ppl read it.

Friends i would just like to state that depression kills

Our little time,compassion love warmth can save someone

The depressed person looks out for support

Pls donot ignore them

Yes they will test ur patience

But they themselves are suffering a lot

It is a daily battle

Pls be empathetic

N most imp


*I have used two names which are very close to my heart

I will not reveal one though u all loved his character n i am glad

But other one is Dr Injana

Injana is name of my late maternal grandma who passed away in april due to oldage issues

Though i didnot share a very cordial relation with her

But yes now that she is no longer with us i miss her

my mom misses her

I wish i would have loved n respected her more.

While is was writing this ff she left us

So i used her name.

Thanks a lot to every reader

This journey was memorable

Ur comments have brighten my days several times

It has given me new ray of hope

Thanks to all silent readers

Thanks to presha,yashika,melody,kiara,riya,piya ,niya,dharu,vags,aashin ,honey-bunny

I am sorry if i am skipping on any name

Sorry if i have done anything wrong

Thanks once again………

I will always cheerish these moments

So here is the last epi

I hope u all will find it interesting

Here we go…

Twinkle is sitting in a room
She seems nervous
A lady comes n pats on her back
She is Dr Injana (remember the dr who treated her while she was battling depression
The role was essayed by Tisca chopra)
Twinkle-ohh god,Dr i had never expected so many ppl have turned up
Mostly i used to do online or telephonic consultation
How Am I to address such a huge crowd.
Dr Injana(calmly)-The Reason that so many ppl have turned up is they find ur talks so very encouraging n guiding.
Infact it is golden opportunity
U told me u always wanted to help maximum possible ppl
Eradicate suicide completely
Today u have chance
Ur words ur thoughts can save so many lives
Just speak from ur heart dear.
Say all that u always wanted to say.
N ur entire family is here to support u
Just look at kunj,vishal,khushi,bebe n everyone
I know u get all ur energies from them

Twinkle nods-Dr,Has Dr Batra come?I wanted to discuss about khushi’s case with

Dr Injana-He is very busy twinkle
He will come for shortwhile
Kunj too had called me yesterday for same
U don’t wry u focus on ur talk
I will surely make kunj n yuvraj meet him anyhow
My promise

Twinkle smiles and thanks her

Dr Injana-u know today I am feeling so so proud
A girl u had once come to me
Struggling with these issues
Today is going to share panel with famous psychologists
And will be addressing such a large audience

Twinkle hugs her-I owe everything to u and kunj.

Mahi along with khushi n vishal comes to meet twinkle

Vishal and khushi run and sit on twinkle’s lap.
Vishal(thrilled)-mumma u will come on stage
Twinkle-Yes my baby bachaa
Khushi claps
Mahi smiles seeing her daughter in cheerful mood.

Twinkle-chalo both my baby bachaas give me nice nice kissie so that i shouldnot get scared on stage
Both kiss her on cheeks
Twinkle smiles
Mahi-I am really very worried what if seeing so much crowd khushi gets fits?
Twinkle-Donot wry Everyone is there
N khushi is my jaanu
She will look at chachi only
Right khushi?

Khushi nods

Vishal-n if she gets scared i will hug her

Mahi smiles

Dr Injana-Mahi Donot wry khushi will get perfectly fine.She is so adorable.

Dr injana caresses her

Khushi moves her hand away

Vishal smiles-my doll is very shy she doesnot like touchy touchy
We should love her from far

Everybody smiles

Twinkle-Vishal beta take care of khushi n pls donot trouble chachi ok
Both if u be good.

Mahi wishes twinkle good luck-looking forward to hear u dear

Twinkle-kunj has come??

Mahi-no he said in will be there in 5 mins

Mahi leaves with kids

Twinkle looks at watch anxiously-I hope u reach on time,need to see u before stepping on stage

Kunj is driving
He is stuck up in traffic
He looks at watch-Twinkle might be waiting

He parks his car in side
N starts walking fast

Twinkle’s name is announced

She starts walking towards stage

She is feeling low as kunj didnot meet her

Just as she is walking

Somebody pulls her in corner

She finds herself in kunj’s arms

He kisses her on forehead-All the best darling

Twinkle’s eyes glitter

Kunj-Will always be there whenever u need me

Twinkle kisses him

N walks onto stage

She sees so many ppl n actually gets nervous

She fumbles-Goood evening everyone

She stops

Everybody waits for her to speak
She notices kunj gesturing her good luck from audience so does vishal n khushi do

She closes her eyes takes a deep breath-Suicide!!!!!Do u know what happens after that?
Nobody knows Right???
We are gone
Gone forever
Can we get back our life???
So it is one of the most irreversable step
A drastic A extreme step
Yes life is very challenging
Sometimes it gets very difficult
But does that difficulty lasts forever??
Just has nothing is permanent
No sorrow no trouble no obstacle is permanent
Today is bad day
Tom may be worst
But day after tom could be nice
Next day good
Next wonderful
So why snatch that chance
Y give up???
7 years ago i was struggling through similar things
I wanted to end my life

Yuvi looks embarrassed
He feels sorry
Tears fall from his eyes
Kunj holds his hand

Twinkle-Then one day an angel my saviour my husband walked into my life
He taught me how precious i was for my mother.
How i had absolutely no right to harm myself.
He made my each day worth living
He got me out of dark tunnel
Today I am a happily married woman with two darling children khushi n vishal
N a wonderful family
So if i would have killed myself
Would i get this chance??
Not everyone will be as lucky as me
But ofcourse someone loves u a lot
May be ur parents,siblings,spouses, any one
Pls for them donot give up
Value ur life
It is imp
U are imp
U matter matter a lot.
God has planned something for u
Donot spoil his plans
Many ppl struggle with diseases
They want to live but donot get to
U are blessed
Make the most out of it.
Suicide is not a solution
Make ur negative thoughts commit suicide
N u embrace positive n new life.

All stand up n clap for twinkle
While tears drop from kunj’s eyes
It is a very emotional moment.

Kunj rushes on stage

Gives a warm hug to twinkle

All clap

Elders of sarna family are proud

Leela is very very proud

N yuvi mahi n anita feel very emotional.

Scene shifts

Kunj ,yuvi ,mahi ,twinkle
Are shown talking to Dr Batra

Dr Batra-Definetly khushi can get cured n lead a normal life
She will need a cognitive therapy
Which is done in new york
It will take 12 months
Khushi is young this best time to give her therapy
But it will be very expensive
Plus u will have to stay in new york for a year

Kunj-no problem Doctor we will do everything for our child
Pls proceed with all formalities


Kunj-no but nothing doing
U mahi n khushi will go to newyork n get the treatment


Kunj-We all are there for that donot wry
We all will arrange everything

Yuvi emotionally hugs kunj
N mahi hugs twinkle

Scene shifts

Mahi,yuvi,khushi are leaving for newyork
Vishal is little upset
Kunj-beta kiss ur doll n happily send her she will come back all fine then she will never get scared
Vishal hugs khushi tightly-but i will miss her
Twinkle-we will video chat daily
N go to meet them also
Vishu it is for ur doll’s good pls
Vishal(tear-eyed) kisses khushi-ok bye bye khushi bhaiyaa loves u so so chooo much take care come soon

Entire family stands together
For a family pic
Khushi is in twinkle’s lap
Kunj’s arms around her
Vishal sits near anita
All smile
All are happy.

After a year yuvi mahi khushi return back
Khushi now never gets fits
Infact she has got admission in a school
Vishal is very happy to have is doll back.
The treatment was very expensive
Twinj have provided moral as well as financial support
Anita can walk now
With a stick
N guess what
Twinkle is pregnant
So yes vishal n khushi are waiting for a new toy ??

N they lived happily ever after………….

Thanks A lot for reading

Take care

Pls keep me n my parents in your prayers

Stay safe everyone

Good bye?????????????

  1. Presha

    Hey !!!
    I hope you are doing good !!
    I always thought that you are going through alot but i was not knowing it was so serious !!!

    Plz we are friends and whenever you need someone just give me a message though we don’t knw each other but still i will be by your side and its my promise!!

    Take care of yourself plz and don’t let depression cage your senses !!
    Share your emotions with people you trust !!!

    Epi was amazing
    Loved it
    Finally everything was at its place !!
    A happy end but was not expecting it so soon!!
    Loved the whole journey of thi story a lot !!!
    Do start something new if you feel to but i would love to read from from uh !!!

    Lots of love and plz take care of yourself !!!

  2. Really awesome story……
    U gave very good message…..
    U writing was really nice
    Wish u all the best…
    Waiting for ur nxt story too

  3. No words
    Such an amazing story , never thought u have gone through a lot . Hope now u r doing well and be strong always
    U gave a very nice message too , will be reading it again .
    Come back with more if possible will be waiting for ur next one

  4. It was a wonderful journey….
    Stay strong think positive i m sure you will beat this depression soon….& come back with a new bang story when you will be perfectly fit …..

  5. I don’t know what to say at this point.
    I had no idea you were going through this much.
    Just take good care of yourself
    Don’t let depression be heavy on you.
    And Emerge as a more stronger person.
    And now the episode,
    Amazing as always.
    Just loved it!!
    And what is better than a happy ending!!
    Though I didn’t want it to end so soon.
    But really loved reading it.
    Do come back with something new if you feel like.
    Plz Take care of yourself
    Lots of love ❤️

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