Ishq Aaj Kal (Love at these days) – Episiode 17 Finale (Game Over)

Recap: Sameer sends a message to Avni regarding fake trip to Nainital. Rocky says, “Game over.”

The episiode starts with,

Shivangi dials her friend Bhavya(Mansi Srivastava) who is ACP. She narrates the matter to her and asks Bhavya to track his number. Bhavya agrees. As soon as Shivangi, Rocky and Bhavya reaches Sameer’s house.

Bhavya knocks the door. Sameer opens. After seeing Bhavya in Police uniform, his hands shiver, “Shivangi, you’re Gautami sister.” Bhavya says, “Online Playboy, Game over for you. Time to enter lock-up.” Sameer takes a lamp near him and throws at Shivangi’s head. Shivangi manages to gain her consciousness but couldn’t. Rocky holds her. Sameer escapes through window. Bhavya chases him. Soon, Sameer enters the market area of Nainital so he mixed with night crowd.

Bhavya comes to Shivangi who is Sameer’s house and asks her well-being. Rocky says, “How shall we track him? He kept his phone here. It is password protected. Its completely useless.” Shivangi says, “He knows that I am Gautami’s sister but he don’t know I am Avni’s bhabi.” Bhavya and Rocky look at Shivangi with a sight of relief and smirk. Bhavya says, “I got a superb idea. Before that we should seal this house.”

With the help of Bhavya, Shivangi and Avni travels back to Shimla (Because as per message, Avni and Sameer leave from Shimla by early morning to Nainital. )

So, the next day, Sameer came to Avni’s house and he takes her. Shivangi follows Avni in another car. They travel in train first and then in flight. Shivangi manages to travel with Avni’s same transport without getting anyone’s doubt.

By evening, they reached the airport. Sameer says, “Avni, shall we make out today?” Avni nods. And she thinks, “Soon you’ll enter your mother-in-law house (refering lock-up)”.. Bhavya and her other officers appears infront of Sameer and Avni. Bhavya greets them. Sameer shivers again. He holds knife at Avni’s neck. He blackmail Bhavya not to touch him. Shivangi come from the back and kicks Sameer. He falls on Rocky’s legs. Rocky and Roumil slaps him. Gautami, Aaliya, Roumil came there.

Bhavya says, “Rocky, please leave him. We have to enquire him. We have record his statement.” Bhavya takes Sameer from there. Avni hugs Rocky and Shivangi.

After few hours of Enquiry, Sameer reveals his many revelations that he has a big team behind this. They would select good-looking boys and ask them to flirt and use them physically and blackmail by taking video. Also, his team made-out with 23 girls and 17 of them are dead and 6 are mentally challenged. Bhavya successfully arrested all the culprit involved in this crime.

Aliya says, “Gautami and Avni, don’t be shame that you’re decieved. You just learnt a new concept of exceptional cases in our life.” Avni says, “Shall we have a break-up party?” Gautami says, “Yeah, double party. Double celebration.” Avni and Gautami hugs. Roumil murmurs Aliya, “Your teacher dialog is wasted.” Aliya beats Roumil. All laughs.

After 5 days,
Rocky and Shivangi’s family members are gathered in Shivangi’s house hall for a small party.
Aliya asks, “Bhabhi, what is the need of this party?” Shivangi says, “Today is chocolate day, Aliya. So, I made a big chocolate cake.” Ruchika says, “Shivangi, are you creating a scene for chocolate day? You didn’t celebrate Valentine’s day with Rocky and you are sleeping till 3PM.” Everyone laughs at Shivangi. Shivangi says, “Badi ma, you’re always teasing me. Actually I just wished to have a Family Day.” All shouts “Oh” at chorus to Shivangi. Shivangi says, “Just shut up and let us cut the cake.”
Shivangi and all cuts the cake. Shivangi takes a slice of cake and makes Rocky to eat. All smiles and the couple blushes. RoShiv shares a hug.


Thankyou so much Jasminerahul, Adhu, Shanaya, Niyati for commenting and all the silent readers for liking and reading my Ishq Aaj Kal fan-fiction. Always remain grateful to you guys.Please say which is the most interesting part in the fiction, most favourite track, favourite character, scenes and according to you, Which song suits for RoShiv among Zara Zara, Lakh Rokha, RoShiv VM?

Waiting eagerly for your comments

  1. Adhu

    Nice end. So finally Sameer was arrested. Everything came back to normal. It was nice. I loved the time when Shivangi was testing Rocky . Hope to see your next FF soon.?

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou very much. Glad that you like the ending. My next ff is Thankyou Zindagii and first episode was released.

  2. Jasminerahul

    oh no sameer escaped throwing the lamp at shivangi. I am relieved that shivangi is not injured.glad that finally sameer is arrested.loved shivangi coming from back n kicking him.surprised to see bhavya as the cop here.yes this break definitely deserves a break up party.roshiv cake scene n hug were romantic. sad that its over.can we expect an epilogue with lots of roshiv moments? also ritik rudra etc. ..?fav track is shivangi testing Rocky.fav characters are roshiv n rivanya bcz of their true love.I loved roshiv humorous scenes n ritik shivangi scenes the most.I liked roshiv bgm which you uploaded the most as it had roshiv flavour into it

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much. And sorry, there is no epilogue for this.Glad that you like RoShiv VM than the rest also Rivanya’s flashback.

  3. i loved the ff and the story. all the characters were nice but rocky and shivanya were my favorite. awesome ending. and thanks for mentioning my name. that means a lot

    1. Shesha485

      Thankyou so much for commenting. Glad that you like climax.

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