Ishq-E-Kismat Episode 23 – A New FF Tashan-e-Ishq

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Epi starts with twinkle and Kunj sitting amid lush greenery outside the church

Twinkle looks around at small kids playing and having gala time with their parents.

Her eyes fill up with tears

Kunj gets worried looking at her

Twinkle (with lump in throat )-you know Kunj ,I still remember this church this garden
I had come here 20 years ago
When I was just 5 with my parents
It was the first time we had been on a family trip.
U know mom dad always had differences
Throughout my childhood I have seen them just fight.
Like other kids I too wanted that I should spend time with my parents
I had requested my Dadaji to convince Dad.
Finally Dad had agreed
We stayed for 15 days
During those 15 days I have felt my dad’s love.
Just for those 15 days
I remember we came her thrice
And I had enjoyed alot playing with dad.
I don’t know i feel dad never loved me.
As soon as dadaji passed within a month dad left on a business trip that continues till today.
He just keeps calling
And asking about our wellbeing
Calling late at night on my birthday seems more of a formality for him.

Tears fall from twinkle’s eyes

Kunj keeps his hand over hers to comfort her.

Twinkle-Kunj I have always felt unwanted.
I always felt that only my mom loves me.
I matter to nobody else
That is why my main aim in life was her pride and happiness
Then came yuvi in my life.
I felt on top of my world.
I started lying to my mom
Got completely off track
N he got bored of me n left me
I feel that I shouldn’t have taken birth only
My life is meaningless.

Kunj’s hand starts trembling
He feels as if a knife has been put in his heart
He is making all efforts to make twinkle smile
N she just cannot get over Yuvi.

“Ishq-e-kismaat ishq-e-kismaat ishq-e-kismaat
Ishq ka Dard meets hota hain
Kabhie Kabhie Jinke liye Humari Ankhein num hoti hain
Woh kisi aur ke hi gum mein Dubte rehte hain
Kyuki Ishq toh kismaat se hota hain
Ishq Ishq-e-kismaat ishq-e-kismaat ”


Kunj(with a heavy heart)-u know what twinkle.
Sometimes we get so blind in love of someone that we fail to see the love other person has in his heart for us.
Twinkle ur life is not meaningless.
Never think or say that
Your every breathe matters to people who genuinely love u.
Ur every smile is reason for their smile.
Have u have thought
If u are sad how sad Aunty gets
How helpless she feels
Since past 5 months have u seen her smile with heart????

Twinkle gets thinking

Twinkle-hmmm right I know .mom’s life revolves around mine.

Kunj’s pov -Twinkle i wish u could understand that my life too revolves around u.

Kunj goes all silent

Twinkle-Kunj one day u will also leave me n go na???Like everyone

Kunj is shocked by twinkle’s question

Kunj (looks deep in her eyes and holds her hand)-Twinkle I promise to stand by u always.
I will not go anywhere

Twinkle (realizes she has asked for too much)- I am Sorry I got too emotional

She starts to walkaway

She keeps walking

She is getting lost in her thoughts

A child comes to her

He offers her a chocolate

Child (cutely)-my sweet Didi sweet chocolate for u

Twinkle happily accepts it

N gives warm hug to the child

Another kid comes with a flower

Kid-my beautiful Didi beautiful flower for u

Twinkle looks around n finds that

Kunj is giving balloons to a third child

She understands both kids were sent by Kunj

She herself goes to Kunj And kid
And takes the balloons

She hugs all kids n thanks them

Then with a wide smile looks at Kunj
And thanks him

Scene shifts

Leela is walking around in room
Waiting for twinj to return
As she hears noise on door
She goes back to bed
Twinj enters
Twinkle is all in smiles
They enquire about leela’s health
She assures them She is fine
Twinkle like a kid narrates about all the fun they had
Leela gestures thanks to Kunj

Scene shifts

Twinkle Leela and Kunj are seen enjoying food.
Latter they are seen to be playing some video games

Next day

Twinkle Leela and Kunj go on tour

Twinkle and Kunj go for scuba diving

Twinkle is very scared

Kunj holds her hand beneath the cold water.

Together holding hands they take the beautiful feel of scuba diving

All three roam in market

Twinkle purchases some cool stuffs

She is busy enjoying her shopping spree

She likes a t-shirt for kunj

She asks him to come near counter

She keeps the t-shirt on him

Twinkle -perfect Hero

She purchases it

And gives to Kunj

Twinkle-For u my dear friend

Kunj smiles n thanks her

He holds the t-shirt close to his heart.

Scene shifts

It is night time

Twinkle is packing luggage

Twinkle -Ma these 3 days got over so soon.I enjoyed every moment really thanks to Kunj. we have to return back home.

Twinkle, kunj and Leela
Leave from Shimla’s resort.

Kunj is sleeping in living area
His phone is kept on table
Twinkle comes N reluctantly takes his phone.
She sees something on phone
And gets all tear eyed

Phone drops from her hand
She quickly leaves
Sits in car n starts driving rashly
Tears keep falling from her eyes.
Kunj too goes behind her in another car.

So next Epi will have one more twist
Any guesses what could it be?
What has twinkle seen in kunj’s phone????

Thanks alot for reading.

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