Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 4)

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Ishkara- a new way of life – epi 4

I know the story is a little fast but this is because the flashback is not continues tale but memories from the past that lead to the conference day in first epi. Once u know what happened, I will continue the story from the present. My story is mostly about Ishkara so u may feel it is boring but I love them so much and after Ishana’s role ended in IB, a very
beautiful love story also ended. My main focus is on Ishkara. I hope u all like it.

Here it goes,

Attack at OM,

Ishu’s POV

I reached home, I wasn’t angry on Om for not replying but I was disappointed, I went into my room and was surprised, for a sec I was lost whether it was my room or not. The entire room had paintings all around and my messy room had turned to a beautiful art gallery. All these paintings reminded me of him and our meetings, a smile crept on my face and once again I was lost in his thoughts forgetting all sadness. A beep in my phone disturbed me and I looked at my phone, it was another message from Om, he had been calling and texting since I had left the café but I was in no mood to reply. He deserved it and I smiled to myself thinking “pay for ur deeds Mr. Artist”.

I tried very hard to control my desperation but after a struggle of 3 hours, I finally decided that I wud text him and say that I am ok although I wasn’t really that ok. I picked my phone but b4 I cud dial his number, an unknown number flashed on the screen, I immediately opened and read the message, “Omkara Singh Oberoi will die today, save him if u can” it took me a few moments to register the words but as soon as I understood I called back on the same number it was switched off. I instantly called Om but even his phone was unreachable and I didn’t have any other way to contact him. now I was really worried, I need to go to OM and check but how can I go to someone’s house at midnight. But I cant keep quite so I picked my car keys and left. I was driving faster than ever before, with every passing minute my heartbeat was growing faster. I stopped my car at the back gate so that no one saw me and leaped in. after a few minutes I saw myself standing in the middle of the main hall, where shud I go ? where is ur room Om? I stood their thinking.

As I was thinking, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I got worried but I turned around slowly to face the person. To my relief the person standing there was none other than him, he was clearly shocked to see me in his house at this time. I hugged him instantly and tears flowed from my eyes, I felt his arms covering me and I knew he was fine after all.

“ishana” he whispered in my ears and we broke the hug. I wiped my tears. “what r u doing here ??” he asked worried.
“om actually ….” Before I cud complete, we heard a voice ,”let me tell u” he said.

We turned around to see a masked man pointing a gun at Om. “who the hell are u ?” Om questioned him angrily and started walking towards him. he shot and a bullet sound echoed in the entire mansion. “Om” I shouted at the top of my voice and ran to him. the events occurred in a fraction of seconds, I had managed to push Om away and the bullet pierced my shoulder. The last thing I remember was Om holding me and then slowly everything went blank.

Om’s POV

She was lying in my arms with blood coming from her shoulder. I felt like my whole world had ended there and then but I controlled my emotions and picked her up and carried to my room. In the meantime everyone else had got up and shivaay had called the doctor. The doctor checked her and reported that there was nothing to worry about and that she will be fine. Hearing this I felt life coming back to me.

“take care of her” I felt anika’s hand on my shoulder, “I’ll get something for her” she said and left with Soumya towards the kitchen. “how dare he attack SSO’s family, I’ll not leave him” shivaay said punching the wall and rudra was also in anger, “I’ll not leave him once Khanna finds out who did this”. “O u take care of Ishana Didi, we’ll help bhabhi and sumo” he said patting my face and both of them left.

I sat beside her, I was waiting for her to get up and talk to me. I was waiting for her to call me , “Om” how nice it sounded when it came from her honey soaked voice. I wanted those beautiful eyes to look at me with love again. I was holding her hand when I felt a sudden moment. She was slowly opening her eyes and then looked at me giving a faint smile.
“om” she said trying to get up. “Lie down, u need rest” I immediately made her lie down again. “are u ok ?” she asked, worried for me more than herself. “I am fine, when u r there how can something happen to me”, I smiled at her which made her feel better and she smiled back, “waise u cud have just pushed me away what was the need to get urself hurt” I said just to check her reaction. “are u mad, what was the need u r asking me, I had to do it, agar tumhe kuch ho jata to main kya karti” she started talking non-stop once again. “y?? who I am to u ??” I asked her and she was shocked that I had shot her question back to her and was eagerly waiting for her reply. “u are my frnd, nahi ho kya” she said in a plain tone and I was speechless, we just kept looking at eachother. (O saathiya plays in the Bg)

Our eyelock was disturbed by shivika and rumya whose loud voice were indicating that they were nearby.
“I need to do something” I thought deteminently.

So guys how is it. I hope u all are not getting bored. Please do comment and tell me how u like it.

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  1. It is awesome dear

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Nice one,dear..waiting for next..

  3. Awesome

  4. superbbbb yarr, i love it, witing form your next episode

  5. Awesome next post soon

  6. It’s so sweet…Ishkara are bae…Ishana saving Om’s life, the Supergirl?….this starting of the lovestory is amazing… and FRIENDS… oops, Omi is getting friend zoned here?. Awesome episode Prajakta…waiting for the next dear?

  7. Superb Episode!!!!?? I am missing Ishkara too and it is so Nice to read your ff. Keep it up dear

  8. Amazing!!!, i love your ff. Continue soon….

  9. Wowww!!!!!?? Very beautiful and well described story… I am eagerly waiting to know what happened to this heavenly made couple that they are on a sad turn now…post soon☺

  10. Amazing update.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

  11. Pratha

    It was awesome but it’s a request if u can provide a recap in every chapter it would be easy to remember d story.
    Thanks n yes I’m also reading just for ishkara so there is no need to feel sorry…..

    1. Thanks pratha
      I will provide recap from next episode
      Thanks for loving my story

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