Swasan FF: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil (epilogue)

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Hello everyone soo here is the epilogue.. this epilogue is specially dedicated to my sweet rabia api, alku, shreeyu and off course too me also after all im also having the right na to dedicate something to myself ;)…


Everything was settled now…kabir and piya also sought out everything between them without anyone’s notice.. janki first having a doubt but when she saw them happy she erased all the bad thoughts..
She was now living with kabir and piya and swara also shifted with kabir because sanky said he don’t want her any other new stunt or trouble as sanky was going out for 6 months..because janki said for swasan marriage but sanky said first he wants to establish his business and for that he wants 6 months…
Swara first become sad but then she thought if she pressurized him maybe he will not go but he will not happy with heart.. she knows it very well that he wanted to do something for his angel…soo she happily agreed..
Sanky’s moral become high on getting his angel’s support.. while kabir in a fun..
Kabir: dude don’t worry if u didn’t get succeeded naa then don’t worry my sister is very much capable… u will become house husband and she will earn for u both ;)…

Sanky laughs but then: jokes apart kabir.. I love to doo work of household for my angel but due to me I will never let your sister work.. she can continue her job her career but in happiness not as a burden..
Kabir felt proud on his frnd and thanked to God many times for sending such a gem for his sister…swara stares sanky with tear filled eyes but at the same time she was feeling proud on her love..
Sanky left with the blessings of all…sanky got a project in canada which is of 3 months… the company was a leading company in the market and they gave him a proposal that if he handled that project they will finance him in that project.. that company gave a proposal that whoever made the best presentation will get the opportunity.. kabir also gave the presentation… and sanky as a sole proprietor gave the presentation and he got selected…kabir that time literary jumped in excitement while all were seeing him with wide eyes.. because his company lost the project but who cares.. kabir tou was happy for his besty and his success…and other 3 months sanky needed to start his own business…

Leap of 6 months….
Today sanky was coming back as a businessman.. he not only completed that projected within 2 months in fact he also got more investors for his business.. all were very impressed with his capabilities and hard work.. the way he managed all the work..
In these 6 months many things have been changed.. piya was now 4 months pregnant….. swara, janki, kabir trio taking good care of her.. even sanky talked many times with her.. but the thing which didn’t changed is swasan love.. both didn’t saw each other for these 6 months..because if anyone of them will see each other they both will fell weak.. soo both decided that they will not talk or see each other..
Whenever sanky video called to others swara left the place.. both only contacted with each other by writing letter.. they know that its an old method.. but this is the best way to convey each other’s feelings…..on which kabir makes fun of them and said if they want he can arrange pigeon for them 😉

All were doing preparation of sanky’s arrival when suddenly…
Kabir’s shameless parents also came back and ask forgiveness from him.. but kabir knows them better he got to know that they only came for the money as now they r facing some loss…
Kabir: mr and mrs oberio.. I know that u both don’t love me or cared about mee soo come straight on the point how much money u want..
Mr oberio: beta we r sorry.. we r very ashamed on our deed…
Kabir gave them a painful smile..
Mrs. Oberio: plz beta forgive us..
Swara: u both already hurted my bhai a lot.. now don’t u dare to doo that thing again..
Mr oberio: heyy u.. stay out of it.. u r no one to us or our son… that’s why shut your mouth u characterless girl..
Mrs oberio: we know everything about u.. don’t know from where u came in our son’s life after blackening your face..
Swara got tears in her eyes after on such humiliation while kabir clenched his fist tightly..
Kabir shouts: control your tongue mr and mrs oberio.. don’t u dare to say a word against my sister.. I will cut your tongue and will give in your hands.. just get the hell out of here from my home nowwwwwww…
Mr and mrs oberio become scared on seeing his anger while swara was crying while hugging janki tightly…
Mr oberio: per beta..

Kabir: outtttttt….waitt.. he goes and bring his check book.. and tore one check of 1 core and after moving above swara’s head he throw that check on their faces..
Kabir: ever in your life if u tried to show me your face I will kill u both get outttt…
His shameless parents left after picking up the check and on the other side swara also run towards her room..
Kabir calls her: swaraaa.. plzz listen.. but swara shut the door and was crying bitterly…
Kabir was in anger: janki mom again my sister got hurt and I cant be able to doo anything I don’t know what will sanky doo if he got to know…
Janki: we should not tell to him kabir.. he is coming back after 6 months he will become panic…
Piya: we have to try to talk to swara.. for sanky she will surely listen..
Kabir: yaa u r right.. lets goo..kabir knocked swara’s room door..
Kabir: shonaa plzz open the door look sanskar is also coming he will become worried on seeing your state..
Swara after listening this stopped crying and wiped her tears.. and said: no bhai plz don’t tell anything to sanky.. plzz bhaii.. and she opened the door.. but become shocked..
Kabir who becomes happy on seeing her opening the room door become confused on seeing her shocked expressions..
Trio turned and become shocked because behind them sanky was standing with teary eyes.. he watched all the things happened from kabir’s parents arrival to swara’s saying to not tell anything.. he came to give them surprise but rooted on the spot when kabir’s parents insulted swara.. he was shocked that moment k he cant be able to do anything…but when he came behind kabir to talk to his angel he felt hurt when swara said that don’t tell anything to him..
Swara in a whisper: sanskarr…

Sanskar to janki: maa im tied will meet u all in evening by saying that he walked away from there.. trio turned towards swara with helpless look.. swara gave them a fake smile and walked towards sanskar room..
There in room sanky came and go inside the washroom and on the shower.. he was standing under the shower and tears were flowing from his eyes…
Sanky monologue: swara don’t u trust me a little.. he was feeling helpless and that’s why in anger he hit his hand tightly on the wall and there was a glass slab with broke down due to his force and glass pierced in his hand but he didn’t cared.. and after half hr he came out and found swara sitting on the bed..
Swara gave him a smile but her smile fades on seeing blooding oozing out from his hand..swara panics and runs towards him..
Swara taking his hand in her hand: sanskar how this happened…come here.. she took him towards the bed and made him sit… she took out the first aid box and starts bandaging his hand..
Sanky all the while seeing her with pain filled eyes..
Sanskar: swara.. this pain is nothing in front of that pain which u gave me today..
Swara felt pain after listening swara from his mouth instead of angel..she got tears in her eyes but she controlled and in choked voice..

Swara: imm sorry sanskarr I don’t want to tell u all this because u were coming after 6 months and was very happy… and..
Sanskar: and what?? What u think of yourself?? Means I can be a part of your happiness but not of sorrows?? Why swara?? Why don’t u trust me?? U always doo this.. and I always need to make u believe that plz trust on mee but noo…
Swara broke down and hugged him tightly but sanky didn’t respond he was hurt..
Swara while crying bitterly: im sorry sanskarr I will never doo this again.. please for the last time plzz.. she was pleading him continuously and how can sanky remains angry from his angel soo he also hugged her tightly and gave a peck on her head..
Sanky while patting her head: ssshh angel stop crying u know naa I don’t like tears in your eyes.. it hurts in my little heart… (last line he said dramatically).. on which swara giggles and broke the hug..
Swara: uu promise mee u will never stop calling me angel.. and she put hand in front of him..
Sanky smiles and said: promise my angel..
Kabir from the door: oo romeo Juliet if your manao patao session is over naa then come and have your lunch.. don’t know how can I survived from many hrs.. because I didn’t ate anything.. he said literary like a dukhi heroine.. on which he got a smack from piya who was standing beside him..
Piya: stop your dramas kabir.. and sanky, swara come have your lunch..
All ate their lunch.. and on dining table they decided swasan marriage after 2 weeks…soo all were bzy in preparations… one day sanky came..
Sanky: guys we all r doing hectic work from 3 to 4 days lets plan a family picnic whats say??

All agreed and next day all left for family picnic..it was an area near the jungle and also a river was flowing nearby.. the weather was cool enough……janki and piya got bzy in making the food while swasan and kabir were playing Frisbee…when while playing sanky by mistake throw the Frisbee in river..
Swara angry: sanskarrr what is thisss myy frisbeeee…aaaaaannn I with great difficult found that doremon Frisbee for bhai and u throw that Frisbee in river u naaa.. just goo to hell.. don’t talk to mee..and she storms out from there..
Sanky while scratching his head: arreeyyy.. and turns to kabir who w \as standing with a crying face on the loss of his Frisbee.. (heheheheheh)…
Kabir: go to hell.. u idiottt.. and he also goes from there and sat down with piya and start eating salad..
Swara was walking besides rose plants.. sanky came towards her and gave her one rose..
Sanky sweetly: angellll….
Swara: huhhh..
Sanky goes in front of her and sat down on his knees and gave her a rose..
Swara smiling took the rose on which sanky grin’s but swara throw that rose again on his face and goes from there after making faces..
Sanky made a sad pout in the meantime one monkey came and grabbed that rose..
Sanky shouts: swaraa look look.. swara turned and saw the scene..

The moneky who picked the rose gave that rose to his wife ;).. his wife take that rose from his hubby monkey’s hand and looked towards the rose for few secs and then throw that rose on his faces and goes from there..
Sanky’s mouth hung down while swara burst into laughter…sanky stares her with puppy sad face…
Swara: hahahahhaa sanskarrr look even she monkey don’t like that rose..
Sanskar: angelllll… I will not leave u by saying this he runs behind swara while swara runs away from him… and both were laughing and running around the whole ground.. janki, kaya seeing them and praying for their happiness…
Like this many days have been passed…now finally the marriage days came.. it was a mehndi function.. swara was sitting and mehndi lady was apply mehndi on her hands when suddenly all listened the screams of lady.. all become worried..but swara was laughing like hell..
Sanky being confused: angel why r u laughing..
Swara just wait for few secs.. all looked towards entrance.. and thereee.. acp rabia was coming butttt… the drama queen acp rabia’s hair was in the clutches of her princess anniya ;).. and behind them her hubby sohaib and twin of anniya aliya was coming…and the screams was of rabia becoz anniya was pulling her hair’s from side..reason?? lets ask rabia only…
All start laughing while rabia was making funny faces..
Rabia: anniyaa my sweety plz leave my hair today is your swara masi’s mehndi naa.. on listening this anniya left her mother’s hair and came down from her lap.. and runs towards swara..
Rabia while wiping her sweat: I don’t know what I ate while giving birth to this devil..
Swara while laughing hugged anniya and said: rabia don’t forget she is only your half part.. ;)…and she is not a devil u r devil she is tou little angel..

Aliya in child’s tone: swalaa.. masshii im alloo an angelee (swara massi im also an angel)
Rabia while making faces grabbed aliya from sohaib’s lap and said: ya yaa and this aliya is also not less.. u know both were fighting in car on the topic that swara masi loves anniya more or aliya..
Sanskar while laughing grabbed aliya from rabia’s lap and kissed her on her forehead…
Anniya & aliya twins of rabia 2.5 yrs old.. when rabia saved swara that time she was going to the fancy dress competition of police station’s allotted day care where she left anni and aliya ;)..
Swara: why my cutie pulling your hairs??
Rabia: huhh.. this devil wants chocolate which I gave to alliya.. u know she already ate 5 dairy milk silk..
Alliya while jumping in child’s voice: mommyy.. shee ale (ate).. sis (six),, nol (not).. pive (five)
All laughs on listening this…
Anniya: noo mommyy she ill (iss).. liling (lying)..teewoo (2) wal (was) eatel (eaten) by.. dally (daddy).. on which sohaib smile sheepishly and rabia gave all impossible look..(drama queen becomes drama due to the effects of two little devils oopss sorry angels 😉 )
Swara: don’t worry my cuties I already put chocos for u in the fridge go and grab them.. by listening this anni and aliya ran away.. while rabia was shussed by swara only (hehehehe)..
Mehndi function also took place happily..(don’t want to drag)…

Marriage day:-
Sanky was walking nervously in the room while kabir was sitting and eating candy floss (bhukkar)..sanky saw this and snatched the candy floss from his hand and start eating (hehehehe)..
Kabir: oyeee that was mine..
Sanky: uu shutup here im getting nervous and u r eating buddi k baal.. dafa hoja tuu.. menhooss dost (u r eating candy floss.. get lost u jerk frnd)..
Kabir: mainay kiya kiya aub?? (what I did now??) I was tou only eating candy floss which I snatched from one kid outside..
Sanky choked on listening this: u shameless creature being a millionaire billionaire u r snatching candy floss from kids?? Paap lugay ga tjhay paaap.. (u will be cursed)..
Kabir: challyy chupp (oo shutup)..
Sanky: huh.. okay kabir im very tense.. yarr..
Kabir I don’t care look: why?? Did marriage dress is not fitting on u??
Sanky throw the candy floss empty stick on him which hits on his head….kabir: ouucchh..
Sanky: black tongue person shutup..
Kabir: okay okay.. and don’t worry everything will be fine..
Sanky: hmmm…
On the other side piya is making swara ready..with the help of parlor lady
Swara was blabbering continuously..
Swara: bhabii look that eye liner is light in left eye.. bhabi look that eye shadow is more dark.. bhabii look my nail clr in this nail is not properly.. bhabii look my earing is looking shot in my right ear.. like this she was continuously blabbering and piyaa finally lost her control..
Piya: shonaaaaaaa quite.. can u plzz shut your mouth for a minute let the parlor lady do her work.. everything will be fine u naa just stop panicking..
Swara smiles sheepishly and finally she kept quite till the parlor lady made her ready..
Both were sitting in the mandap…

Swara was having tears in her eyes because after many yrs she was getting happiness which will be last long for life.. its true the first happiness which she got was kabir.. but now she was getting her soul mate.. who understands her well without even saying a word..her thoughts were broken when she felt a hand on her hand she looked upwards and found sanky giving her an assuring smile..like saying that these happiness r for life time..swara gave him a full of life smile…
Marriage also took place in the blessings of ppl with all promises…kabir did the kanya daan and also gave warning to sanky to not bring any tears in her sister’s eye..
Swasan were shifted in the nearby mansion which sanky bought for swara…as both don’t want to go far away from kaya and janki soo they bought the mansion with a distance of 2 mins walk..

Marriage night:-
Swara was sitting on bed by putting veil… sanky came inside but stopped on listening one voice.. it was looking like that a person was licking something.. he being confused looked here there but didn’t found anyone.. then his sight goes to swara she was moving her hand inside the veil..
Sanky with baby steps goes to her and opened her veil…his eyes become wide.. because swara was eating oreo and licking his cream.. when sanky opened the veil she gave him a sheepish smile..
Sanky in shock: angelllll…
Swara with oreo in her mouth: sanskarrrrrrr and she tried to run but sanky in a swift sec grabbed her and pinned her on the bed by grabbing her both hands..
Swara stammers: saaa..n.sss.kar…. but her voice cut down when sanky smashed his lips on her lips.. first she become startled but later she also responded..both enjoyed to the fullest.. ;)..and then lights goo off ( don’t disturb them)
Pain is the thing which can only be replaced by love and care.. more than of her life swara beard pain, betrayal from her own blood relations.. but the love she got was from outsiders.. who r now more than a blood relatives for her.. kabir gave her the love of parents and siblings.. and now sanskar was giving her the protection.. Surety of being there for her, love for the lifetime even after death..
Both become one sanskar got his angel in all forms and swara got her sanskar in all forms.. all pain replaced by the sign of love ;)…

5 months leap:-
In hospital kabir was walking round and round while sanskar was making swara eat fruits as she was 1 month pregnant and while piya was in the labor room..
Janki: kabir betaaa all things will be fine…
Kabir: yaa maa I knowww butt..
Sanky got up and put the apple piece in his mouth and make him sit with swara and put the fruit box in his hand and said: u feed fruits to your shonaa soo that your mind will get divert…and kabir was happily feeding fruits to swara while she was glaring sanskar as she don’t want to eat fruits but he was forcing her and sanskar was giving her a winning smile..
Finally after 2 hrs doctor came out and gave kabir his daughter..kabir happily kissed her and then all goes to meet piya..
Kabir put the name of his daughter as alku.. (alku this is for u ; ) )… alku was also a copy of her father as he was a drama king soo she was a drama queen…in fact more than her father…alku was 8 months old when swara gave birth to a cute beautiful doll of sanky as sanky said if swara is his angel then his daughter will be his doll..and both swasan put the name of their daughter as…shreeyu 😉 (shreeyu this is for u :* )
Both alku and shreeyuu were polls apart in nature but then also sticked to each other all the time… if swara scolds shreeyu, her alku di comes for her rescue and if piya scolds alku then shreeyu baby comes for her di’s rescue..both were having a bonding just like a two magnets which never leaves each other’s side..
Like swara and kabir, both alku and shreeyu also loves each other and sprinkles life on each other….
The end…

I don’t know guys how is the epilogue but I seriously don’t want to write epilogue but as my dear frnds and readers requested soo that’s why I wrote it down.. plz pardon me if u don’t like it ..

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