Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 3)

Ishkara – a new way of life – epi 3

Hi guys, after so many lovely comments and feedbacks, I am so happy. Thank u so much guys, readers like u are inspirations for writers like us. Please keep reading and commenting. I wouldn’t waste time talking and directly start with the episode as I know u all are eagerly waiting for Ishkara to unfold their beautiful love story.

Here it goes,

Coffee date,

Ishu’s POV

After spending three hours in front of the mirror I finally decided what to wear, it was a light yellow colour kurti with peach colour salwar and dupatta. I wanted to wear a western dress but thinking about his intense eyes and his paintings, I decided to go ethnic.

“My first date with Om” the thought made me super excited but I realized something. “ is it even a date or just FRIENDS wala thing, what if its just a thanks thing, control Ishu, don’t rise ur hopes too much” I warned myself but the question still prevailed in my mind.
When I reached the gallery, the scene there surprised me. I thought it was a coffee with Om but seeing Shivika and Rumya (in my ff everything is fine between the couples), I understood that it wasn’t a date after all. I was upset, “om cud have at least informed me, I wud have prepared” I didn’t let any of my disappointment visible on my face, I had a hard time maintaining a happy face as if nothing had happened.

“hi” his voice brought me out of my thoughts, “come with me everyone is waiting to meet u” he held my hand and took me inside, I was feeling so happy, his touch was magical and I felt like this magic shud never end. “She is Ishana” he introduced me to everyone with a smile and I greeted everyone.

“so you are the one, in whose thoughts our O is always lost, aapne to mere bhai ko paraya dhan kar diya” Rudra said teasingly.
“shut up Rudra” om stoped him from saying more and Rudra made a cute puppy face. We all started laughing.
“looks like you took a lot of time to get ready” Anika said looking at me and smiled teasingly.
“no… nothing like that”……”actually…..” I didn’t even know what to say, I had really done it for him but how to explain.
“Bhabhi aap bhi” om said and aniru started giggling.
“stop it u both, they are getting late” shivaay interrupted
“haa bade baal wale bhaiya, u shud leave otherwise they will never stop teasing u” Soumya said.
“Bade baal wale bhaiya” I couldn’t resist laughing at Om’s new name that I had just encountered. I realized after sometime that everyone was staring at me with shock and surprise.
“sorry, actually…” I maintained a calm tone, “its ok, even we tease him like this” anika completed my words.
“lets leave b4 they start teasing me again” Om said.
“u all with not come with us” I said looking at others, I wanted time with Om but within a few minutes I had made a bond with all of them.
“not today, but maybe next time” Shivaay smiled to me but he signaled something to Om as if it was some brother code language.

We reached the café in 10 minutes and as we entered I was surprised as it was empty. There was no one besides the two of us.

Om’s POV

She was completely surprised, the facial expressions clearly said that she was hell confused. But even I was confused, how cud the café be empty at this busy hour of the day. She gave me a “what is this happening” wala look and I replied with a “I don’t know” wala look but from inside I was really happy.

“sir, ma’am please come inside” the waiter interrupted our conversation and directed us to the table. ”y is the café empty?” I asked him. “shivaay sir said u r coming with someone and so no one shud disturb u, he booked the entire cafe” he replied arranging the table. Soon the waiter left.

“I didn’t know shivaay wud do this” I said feeling a little weird.
“its ok, I love quite places”she said smiling into my eyes and placed her hand over mine. I felt a little relived. I smiled back at her.
“you are lucky”she said playing with her staw and her voice had a tinch of sadness and pain.
“lucky? Y do u think so” I asked her confused.
“u have brothers who love u so much”she replied “ I wish I cud have someone” she said with a sigh.
I don’t know what occurred to me, I immediately took her hand in my hand and said “then u r also lucky to have me” and smiled, we shared a cute eyelock.
“why?” she asked me looking staright into my eyes, “who I am to u ?”
I didn’t understand how to answer and explain her, what she is to me, that she isn’t a part of my life but a part of me now.

I was so lost in thoughts that I cud come out of my trance only when she loudly banged on the table. She gave me a “where are u lost wala look” and I just stared at her blankly.
“u don’t have to answer” she finally said breaking the never ending silence and from her voice I knew she wanted me to answer but words were stuck in my mouth and my mind and heart were in a confict confusing me about how to answer.
She stood up and left from there saying, “bye”. I cud do nothing but stare at her retreating figure.

So guys how is it. I hope u all are not getting bored. Please do comment and tell me how u like it.

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