“A Deal!!!” TwiNj SS (shot 2) ~By Tamanna

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Hi friends! Thank you so much for ur comments! I really love you guys!

Note: This would be a ss and I won’t be able to post regularly!

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment and I unknowingly do so I sincerely apologize!

Lets Begin!


After Kunj meets Maya on hospital bed. He was really tensed,worried. He asked from many of his friends but none came in use. He went to his friend, Rahil.

“Rahil, what will I do? I love her so much! I can’t afford to loose her.” Kunj said crying. “Kunj, I don’t understand why you are still in love with her after what she have done! If I would have been in ur place then I would surely choke her neck even before she dies.” Rahil says angrily. Kunj says, “Love is everything! I can do anything for her. I love her that’s it! If u know anyone who can help me then tell, or else I m leaving!”.
“I have heard that love is blind but today I have seen it, a living example is in front of me!” Says Rahil in disbelief. He continued “Yes I know someone who can help you!”. “What? Who? Couldn’t u tell me before?” Kunj exclaims happily. “Huh! Okay so he is Raminder Taneja, A businessman. He may help you. And he has a daughter, she runs an NGO! She too can help you!” Rahil says smiling. “Thank you so so so much Rahil! I’ll be back!” Kunj says grinning before leaving.

He reached Taneja house. He stood outside and prayed in his heart, “God plz help me! I need my love! I know u will help me to get my true love!”.

He knocked the door. A servant opened it. RT was sitting in the sofa reading a newspaper. “Actually I wanted to meet Mr. RT!” Said Kunj in a low nervous voice. “Oh yeah yeah! Come!” Said the servant moving aside. “Hello RT sir!” Said kunj moving inside. “Yeah!” Said RT looking at him. “i m Kunj, Actually sir… I needed money to operate my love… (he tells him abt Maya) sir can you plz help me plz” he had tears in his eyes while saying this.
“Okay, I would help you…”, said RT
“Thank you so so much sir! I would return it soon!”
“Wait wait kunj, I haven’t completed yet!”
“Sir?” Kunj says with questioning face.
“Yeah! I m ready to help you but… I have a condition!” Said RT smirking.
“What condition sir?” Said kunj, nervousness was evident in his voice.
“Okay so the condition is that u should make a Deal with me!”said RT.
“What deal sir?” Asks kunj, now scared.
” The Deal is that I will give 3 lakhs, u don’t need to return that money instead….”
“Instead You Have to marry My daughter.” Said RT smirking.
“What?” Kunj asks shocked. Shocked would be an understatement, here he.was.asking life for his love and the thing is he should stay away!
“Yes you heard it right kunj.” Rt says. He takes a pic and shows him. “This is Twinkle, My daughter!”
Kunj thinks, “itni khubsurat! Lekin wo itne paise wale hain aur mere paas tho photi kaudi bhi nahi hai, (how beautiful! She is so rich, why they are.asking me too marry a poor like me!)
“Ur daughter is so beautiful! Anyone will be ready to marry her why only me?” Kunj said.
“Haha my boy! Yeh waisi nahi hai jaisi dikh thi hai!” (She is not like this photo!)
“Means?” Kunj asks confused.
” means that she is Blind, she can’t see, so no one wants to marry her. Two alliance betrayed her. One wanted money and other.body! So I want you to make her fall in love with you! and then you will get ur Money!”
“What Blind?” Kunj asks with widened eyes.


How is it? This shot is specially to those who asked me to continue!

Drop ur comments whether positive or negative. Any confusion do ask me! Ignore mistakes!

See you!

With love,
Urs Tamanna

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  1. Nishfd

    Thanks for continuing it
    Awesome epi
    Post soon…

  2. Mia12

    Omgggg my nakhre queen what a episode,,??????..
    Awesome, Fabulous,,?????
    Feeling very bad 4 twinkle,,????
    It’s very heart touching story,,❤❤❤❤❤
    M in love with it,,????????..
    Hope twinkle thik hone se pehlehi kunj bhi twinkle se pyar karne lage,,☺☺☺..
    Plsssssssssssss post next soon can’t wait to read next,,???..
    LOAD’S OF LOVE,,❤?❤?❤?❤?❤..

  3. Tamanna dear episode was mind blowing awesome
    Loved it to the core
    Post next one soon dear
    Love u

  4. Awesome?

  5. Ahahaa…..drama queen ??????tammy ……abb kush ho gayiii??????amazinggggggg episode?????post soon ??

  6. Hey!
    It was Amazing. I loved it. It’s so beautiful. I am loving your ff. Poor twinkle. Feeling bad for her.and Kunj too. Loved your concept. Post soon dear. And will u be my friend. I was a silent reader.

  7. Hey Tammana!
    Aamna here☺Woh bina login kiye comment kar rahi huna isiliye??bhool toh nahi gayi na mujhe??
    It was really heart touching❤❤
    Felt bad for TWINJ yaar??
    Specially Twinkle??U showed the real fact dear that no one Accepts people with their flaws??
    Felt bad for Twinkle??
    People wants her for money or Body??How even in this Era people can be so cheap??(I know it’s a FF… But people really do this to??U showed the worldly fact?)
    Just loved it dear❤❤
    Let’s see how Kunj made Twinkle fall in love with him??
    Post soon dear☺☺
    Love u dear???

  8. Presha

    Hey tamatar…
    Its awesome…
    Just loved it….
    Too good… Post soon…
    Love u… ???????

  9. Awesome episode di
    Thank God! You posted
    And,please! post soon your ff also . I am waiting for your ff
    Keep smiling:)

  10. Purvi128

    Hey meri shonaa…… pehly toh tujhe bht peetna chahti hhun.. maarna chahti hun bhtt… how dar u say that u r ending ur ffs… don’t u dare.. or else, i won’t talk to you.. prev post pe comment nhi ker paayi.. yahan hi ker rahi hun…tu sochna bhi mat.. samjhii????? warna pitegi…
    achaa….. teri ijury kesi hai??? theek toh hai??? zyada pain to nhii??? i m sorry kal insta pe hamari baat adhuri reh gayi.. actually wo mama ne phone ley liya tha.. that’s why.. we can talk on TU’S PM…
    acha ab is epike baare me kya bolun???
    ek dum jhakkas thaa… shock de diya again tu ne itna badaa.. pehy first me itna bada shock orab…. i didn’t expected that… ko nhii.. but i m lovin it.. do try to post ur ff soon… nd this one too..
    i m eagerly wiatin..

  11. Love it

  12. Mujhe pta that aisa hi much hoga yr I loved it muaahhhhh sorry for short cmnt
    Love u ??

  13. SidMin

    Loved it … just awesome ….
    But I feel sad for Twinkle her dad loved her lot. .. but he is actually giving her away for 3 lakhs that’s not good … I hope Linj really falls for her soon …
    Love you post soon ❤

  14. lovely epi
    post sooon..

  15. awesome

  16. loved it

  17. SidMin23

    It superb feel bad for twinke hope soon she will see I kind a like this deal of rt for kunj as only he can save her as other want her money or body but kunj will heal her throw love and wonder will kunj be able to love her in this journey Rt donlove twinke lot that why he is doing this deal to kunj do that he can take care of her. do post soon.

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    Shocking amazing

  19. fabulous

  20. felt bad for twinkle

  21. gud
    loved it

  22. amazing

  23. marvellous

  24. heart touching

  25. Hey dear sorry for the late comment
    It’s me Simiyy
    It was reallly good
    Feel sad for Twinkle though
    Please post soon
    Loads of love

  26. Baby

    ohhhhh god loved it………
    soooooo emotional amazing
    bechaari twinkle kuch pata bhi nahi usko toh.
    or kunj usko bhi n hi pata maya ke bare mein……
    kash usko jldi sch pata chal jaye
    loved it.♥
    love u lods ♥

  27. Tamanna awesome amazing
    Kya twinkle ko kuch nahi pata kya iske baare mai
    Poor kunj
    It’s just amazing Superb
    Post soon
    Love u keep smiling

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