Ishkara- a new way of life (episode 2)

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Ishkara- a new way of life – epi 2

Hi guys, I know I had promised to post regularly but what to do I had exams. However now my exams are over and now I am free to write so u will get plenty to read. From today the story will be a flashback.

Here is a link for the previous episode and introduction:
Click Here

Now lets start with the epi,

The entire OM was calm as it was 1 am at night, however someone was unable to sleep, it was none other than our handsome artist Om. It wasn’t the first time that he had sleepless night, for the last fifteen years he was unable to sleep because of his mom-dad but today the reason for this sleepless night was different. It wasn’t his mom-dad or their problems but a certain curiosity about the girl whom he had met a few days ago. For the first time in 27 years it was that he was thinking about a girl. No girl ever before had such effect on him and thinking about her a smile had crept on his face.

Om’s POV – next day

I am a regular visitor to this temple of lord ganesh, not bcoz I am his devotee or something becoz for a person like me there is no belief in God but bcoz my dadi wants me to perform a certain pooja here and I cannot say no to her. She is one of the most important person in my life apart from shivrupri and my mom.
As I entered the temple, I felt something different, as if today there was something special. I turned around and there I saw the reason for the difference. She was standing there, busy arranging her plate. The first time I had seen her she was wearing jeans and crop top with a high pony tail but today she was completely different, she was wearing a white anarkali teamed with white jhumkas, her chocolaty brown hair left loose flowing around her face. Her face had an angelic beauty, her eyes, ears, nose and lips, everything was done so beautifully as if God had taken extra efforts while creating her. I never felt so affected by any girl but her presence was so dominating that I couldn’t resist.

When she finished her work she looked up. That moment the world stopped, when her eyes met mine and s mile crept on our faces. We were lost in each other but soon the temple bells brought us back to reality. She walked up to me.

“hi, u come here everyday” she asked looking quite happy.
“no, only on Tuesday, that too only for my dadi” I said still lost in the beauty of her eyes.

We went in and completed our pooja. While we were walking around the temple, she was talking non-stop and I was enjoying her chatter.

“u don’t believe in God, but y??” she asked.
“bcoz , not for once in my life I felt that he exists and I cant believe in something that doesn’t exist.” I replied casually.
“is it bcoz of ur parents” she asked quite hesitatingly.

I was shocked, how did she know, was she able to read my mind.

“yes” I said as I didn’t want to talk about it much.
“u have one reason not to believe in him but what about the other reasond u have to believe in him” she looked staright into my eyes and smiled.
“other reasons” I asked confused.
“ur art, ur talent, ur family, ur brothers and….” She stopped in mid way and looked down, “believe in God for what he has given instead od being angry for what he didn’t give u, life is short, so y waste time in being angry instaed lets spend it enjoying what we have got.” She said aniling and I couldn’t resist those wonderful convincing eyes.

Her words made me think that somewhere she was right. I held God responsible for all the happened but never thought about the good he does for us everyday.
“thanks” I smiled back to her.

“its my pleasure” she said.
“wud u like to have coffee with me tomorrow?” I asked her something that I had never asked any girl before.
“sure, I wud love that” she was really happy.
“ok. I’ll pick u up from ur house at 4pm” I said feeling so happy from inside.
“no, don’t come home. I’ll come to ur gallery” she said instantly and I was taken aback.
“why ??” I asked her completely shocked by her sudden denial.
“because u r an Oberoi and I am a Rana and we are rivals” she said there was some tension in her voice but I didn’t extend the talk much as I didn’t want to spoil her mood.
“see u tomorrow then” I said smiling at her and then she left.

So guys how is it. Please reply and tell. I wud welcome all positive and negative comments so please feel free to express ur vies. My ff will be on Ishkara only because we can watch Shivika and Rumya on tv but no Ishkara. So sorry shivika and rumya fans but please do support.
Bye, keep reading and smiling.

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  1. I saw a vm on YouTube featuring Mahi and Gauri and since then my imagination has gone haywire assuming so and return of Ishkara(still hopeful). Glad you started a off on them. Interesting plot.
    PS I like gaurika but I feel Gauri is perfect for anyone BUT Ishana was meant exclusively for Om.

    1. Even I agree with you
      I hope ishu comes back

  2. Ruby_MarNy

    Welcome back,prajkta..interesting chapter..eagerly waiting for the next one..

    1. Thanks, I will update soon

  3. Soo nyc waiting for next one

  4. Yashu

    Lovely dear waiting for nxt episode

  5. Pratha

    So finally u r back with a bang ????
    I really loved it. Prajkta thank u so much for the update that was so superb.
    Pl. Post next asap & don’t leave this time so much gap. I really missed ur story so much…..
    How was your exams.
    I really feel relieved as I also completed my exams today itself….

    1. Thank you so much pratha
      I promise to update ASAP

  6. It is awesome dear..

  7. Awesome

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