SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 27(ishqbaaz ff)

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Hey guys!!! here is the 27th episode. I know all of you are eager to know the past, but I cant rush through it considering how much anika loves “family” and top of that there are a few twists, one of the major twists will be revealed in the next epi and the other secrets will also be revealed in a similar manner, however I wont drag it too.

Epi 27-


At the Mumbai airport, a man in a light brown suit comes out of the airport. He sees a driver holding the board “ADITYA RAICHAND” and walks towards him. The driver asks if he is Aditya and the man nods in positive. He sits in the car. The driver drives off.

Aditya’s pov- I just cant believe I am back here in Mumbai again after so many years. This is the city where I once used to live happily with my family. My sweet one of a kind family. And this is the same city where I lost all of them. God took away my parents my kaka my kaku my aji my ajoba and my brother, he also took away ichcha atya (father’s sister in Marathi) who saved my life. I lost my melody, the melody of my life here, I went far away from my nrityangana (dancer in gujarati), the dance of my life. But I am here to get back my melody and my dance.

Aditya (to the driver)- first take me to this address and then we will go to the resort. (he gives the driver a slip with an address)

After a while the car stops in front of a middle class house with vines beautifully spread over the roof with small cute garden.

Aditya’s pov- I am again in front of ichcha aatya’s old house, well I have to gather up as much courage I can to go inside again. This is where I will find my dancer, my nriti after so many years.

Aditya walks towards the house and rings the bell but no one answers he tries twice or thrice but does not get any answer, he enquires from the neighbors and find out that his nriti has gone to the market. He writes a note and leaves near the doorstep and leaves to the resort.

A woman who was coming with a bag full of vegetables and other grocery items sees Aditya going, (she doesn’t see aditya’s face just his back)
Woman (to herself)- who is this? What was he doing at my doorstep?

She goes to open her door and finds the note left behing by Aditya

Woman (reading the note)- I came back nriti, I haven’t forgotten my little sister. I will be at green valley resort. Please come to meet your adi bhaiyya.

Her eyes get filled with tears, she drops the grocery bag, gets a nearby auto and rushes toward green valley resort where she would meet her bhaiyya again.

Back at OM-

Tej- shivaay, Aditya reached mumai and has checked into the resort. I just spoke to him and he said he will be fine with the meeting being held today evening
Shivaay- that is good bade papa, but how will we get anika there?
Rudra- bhaiyya leave that to me, the meeting is going to be held in the resort itself right?
Om- yes
Rudra- resorts are not only for business meetings, right?
Om- right
Rudra- they are also for recreation, right?
Om- right
Shivaay- rudra get to the point!!!
Rudra- okay okay, I will get anika di to the resort telling that we will have fun there and play a few sports or just sit and relax.
Mallika- good idea rudra!!

Rudra does his anika di’s logic wala sign

Rudra- brains!!! Which some people have but don’t use (taunting shivom)
Shivaay- look who’s talking
Om- the person who himself doesn’t use his brain is talking

Rudra makes a cry baby face

Mallika- shivaay om!! This is not fair, he is the one who gave the idea!!

Anika just enters and hears what mallika said

Anika- what idea did rudra give?

Everyone turn to find anika whose face wall dull and without any charm which was very unusual.

Rudra- nothing didi, I was just saying that why don’t we all go to green valley resort in evening for some time.
Anika- resort? Why?
Om- for a meeting!

Everyone look at om and om realizes what he just revealed.

Rudra- sach ka boyfriend!!! (he muttered under his breath)
Mallika- he means to say that shivaay, tej uncle and shakti uncle have a meeting there and we youngsters can also got there, just to relax you know!! (she said trying to cover up)
Rudra- right!!! Mallika di is right!
Anika- no, you all go, I will go back home
Dadi- anika! Puttar go with them, see mallika and siddharth also stayed back for you
Sid- anika, dadi is right. Please come. For us
Anika- okay okay. I will come

Everyone was happy as everything was going according to what they wanted, but shivaay was the only one who was tensed, he did not want to lose anika not even for her past.

in the green valley resort-
the woman gets out of the auto, pays the person and rushes to the reception, she asks for “Mr. Aditya Raichand” and the receptionist calls someone and then asks her to go to billiard room as Aditya is there.

She rushes to the billiards room only to find a man standing still with his back facing her.

Woman (with suspicion filled voice)- adi bhaiyya??

Aditya slowly turns to see the woman with tear filled eyes.
Aditya- nriti??

Woman smiles with tears rolling down her cheek. She runs and hugs Aditya and he reciprocates.

They have their bro- sis moment after many years filled with love, care and affection which they could not express all these years.
((I will mention the woman as nriti, till I reveal her real identity, well this is also a twist))
Aditya- nriti, did u find melody?

Nriti looks down with guilt and nods her head in negative

Nriti- but, bhaiyya I am sure she is in Mumbai

Aditya sighs and continues his talks with his sister,

Aditya- well, nriti I guess I should go to my room and freshen up, I have a meeting in a while.
Nriti (smiles sadly)- adi bhaiyya you go, even I will leave
Aditya- why will you leave? We have met after so much many years.
nriti- adi bhaiyya, we have been talking since four hours, and I have not even informed papa about your arrival or my whereabouts.
Aditya- according to what you have told about him and your life, he would be in the bar drinking and I am sure he will not pick any call of yours.
Nriti (nods)- I know he will not pick up and I know he will be drinking, but he is my father
Aditya- nriti, all of this is happening because of those chaddas, I will just not leave them for ruining my family (his voice was filled with immense anger and he cluches his fist with anger)
Nriti- bhaiyya, please control your anger, you said you have a meeting, right? Concentrate on that, leave those chaddas aside for now.

Aditya nods and is about to leave but he stops and looks at nriti

Aditya- nriti, just wait for the meeting to get over and then we both will go home, ok?

Nriti nods, Aditya leaves.

Back at OM-

Om is in his room, he takes his phone and starts chatting with someone. After a few minutes rudra enters in full swag style only to find his long-haired brother immersed in his phone.
He lifts one eyebrow and starts thinking

Rudra (in his mind)- what happened to this lambe balon wala prani??He keeps giving me lectures about not getting addicted to phones and nowadays he himself is getting addicted to phone. (he stares at om for a while but om does not see him) from quite a few days I am seeing him, he keeps typing messages on his phone and keeps smiling on his own. From when did he start having so many friends???

Rudra suddenly felt a light hit on his head, he turned that side rubbing his head to find his eldest brother looking at him with his eyebrows twitching

Shivaay- what are you doing??
Rudra- bhaiyya ssshhhhhh. Look at O

Shivaay sees om smiling and looking into his phone.

Shivaay- what happened to om?
Rudra- uffo bhaiyya!!! Om is immersed in his phone and smiling looking at the screen from such a long time. And this is not the first time or second time this is happening from quite a few days.
Shivaay- even I noticed many a times
Rudra- shivaay bhaiyya,
Shivaay- hmm
Rudra- tofu mai kuch kaala hai (something is black in tofu)
Shivaay- it is not tofu mai kuch kaala hai it is daal mai kuch kaala hai, dumbbell
Rudra- I know but I don’t like daal, I like tofu!!
Shivaay- u will remain a duffer!!! (giving him a you are impossible look)
Rudra- bhaiyya leave that and concentrate on O. I have to find out from where did he make so many friends!!!
Shivaay- it might just be a FRIEND (smiling slyly)
Rudra- hmmmmm…… or GIRLfriend!!! (giving his detective wala look)
Shivaay- he did not even notice us from such a long time!! This has not happened before
Rudra- follow me!!! (with his detective look still on his face)

He slowly creeps up behind rudra whereas shivaay stands there seeing his antics with a confused mind thinking what his little brother is upto now.
Rudra peeps into om’s phone from behind, sees the name of person with whom he was chatting and smiling. He gets shocked then makes a cry baby face and runs back to his elder brother.

Shivaay- what happened?? Who is he chatting with?
Rudra- bhaiyya you are already going to become paraya dhan now O is also going to go on same path!!!
Shivaay- what?? What are u saying rudra? Tell properly
Rudra- bhaiyya it has never happened that om chats with some close friend for so long right?
Shivaay- right
Rudra- but now he is chatting for hours together with an unknown girl!!!!
Shivaay- what the wuck??!!!

Shivru stare at om who was still chatting and smiling. Rudra nods in positive

Rudra- bhaiyya our om is changing!!
Shivaay- are you sure rudra??
Rudra- bhaiyya om always saves contacts with proper name and never saves nicknames, so if he has to save a person’s contact whose name is not known to him what will he save it as??

Shivaay thinks for the answer of this weird question put up by his little brother

Shivaay- ummm, ajnabi or anjaan or unknown
Rudra- see see, this is what he has saved the contact with whom he is chatting as!!!! ANJAANI!!!!

Shivaay looks at his brother shocked, then he goes and stands behind om and peeps into his phone and finds that he has been chatting with someone called “ANJAANI”

Shivaay- what the wuck!!!! Om!!!!!

Om gets startled and was almost going to drop the phone but handled it. He turns back to find his shocked brother and then looked in the front to see his little cry baby brother.

Om- shivaay, what was that?!?!
Shivaay- om, what are you doing?!?!
Om- what am I doing?
Rudra- that is what shivaay bhaiyya is asking you O!!!
Om- I …I…
Rudra- what I… I tell what were you doing?
Om- just chatting!
Rudra- u never get time to chat with me for so long, but u get time to chat with OTHER people
Om- rudra!! She is not OTHER people, she is my friend
Shivaay- friend?? Whose name is anjaani??
Om- no…… no her name is not anaani
Rudra- then what is HER name??
Om- rudra, will you stop exaggerating words, yes it is a she and we got in touch a few days ago thanks to a wrong number call she did.
Shivaay- why did you not tell us?
Om- I was……. Was just going to tell…….but….. vo
Rudra- seeeeeeeee, I told u bhaiyya our O is changing!!!
Om- rudra stop your drama. Shivaay even u did not tell when u realized your love for anika
Shivaay- that was about love, but is this about love?

Om get into deep thinking on listening to this but rudra jerks him and brings him out

Rudra- O you have also fallen in love, right? Right?
Om- what? No!! not is not about love
Shivaay- then why did u not tell us?
Om- I ….. I don’t know
shivaay- what is her name?
Om- I don’t know

Shivru look at each other quite surprised

Rudra- how does she look?
Om- I donnt know

Shivru look at each other much surprised

Shivaay- what does she do
Om- I don’t know

Shivru look at each other very much surprised

Rudra- where does she stay?
Om- I don’t know

Shivru look at each other very very much surprised

Shivru- do u know anything about her??
Om- yes. she is beautiful from the inside, she is strong, she is her sister and father’s only support, she is sweet, she is kind, she is funny, she is understanding, she is loving, she is caring, she is…….
Rudra- wait wait wait, u don’t know her name (om nods no); u don’t know how she looks(om nods no); u don’t know what she does (om nods no); u don’t know where she stays (om nods no); then how do u know she is loving, caring and stuff??
Om- because I chatted with her, talked my heart with her, she made me smile when I was gloomy or sad, she made me feel high above the sky when I was feeling down low below, I shared my feelings, she understood them.

Shivru stand with their mouths open wide, and three girls standing at the door say “yeh ho kya raha hai!!!???” yup they are mallika, anika and prinku. They heard shivomru’s convo.

The boys look at the door to see the three girls surprised.

Precap- anika is walking from one side and from the other side nriti is coming and they bump into each other as they were not seeing in the front. Nriti says ‘oh!!! I sorry, I am so sorry’

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