Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 23)

Metha mansion ?

Ishana and om both said no together .

Raj – k thn he signal one goon to kill om .

Ishana – no .

Raj – om I know u r not scared of death …but I want to tell u one thing if u will not marry ishana now thn ….any one of my goon will sing .

Om – no ????

And ishana – if u sing thn i promise I will leave omkara dis thing Raj say in ishana ears .

Ishana – I will sing

Om – me to
Both of them r thinking for each other .

They both signed .

And r legally married

Raj took out a gun shoot ishana near her heart …….Ishana fall down .

Om – ishana …..Ishana .?

Om – u baster I kill u …..Om was choking Raj neck suddenly a goon hitted om with rod ….now om was unconscious .

Ishana was alive. ….the bullet just touched her shoulder…..but she was breathing very very slowly ……that’s y Raj thought he is death .

Raj placed the gun in om hand ….he had given some money to one of the servant … call the police ……and he left .

( Raj plan is to prove om as a murderer so that he can take revenge from oberoi and he will get the property of metha….and no one will found him guilty.)

Raj left the mansion with his goon.

After 5 min om waked up and remember what happened .

Om – ishana he get up walk towards ishana …..Om ishana wake up …..he saw that ishana was alive and was breathing ….he lifted ishana in his arms and walked towards the car …..Om reached city hospital .

Om – doctor. …. doctor he was so restless that he was not able to breathe . ……. doctor .
Doctor – what happened y r u shouting …..plz clam down ……who is she

Om – plz save her ….goli lagi hai plz doctor.
Doctor – nurse prepare the operation theater.

Om was shivering badly as he don’t want lose ishana .

Police entered hosital

Police – Mr omkara oberoi u r under arrest….as u tried to kill mrs ishana .

Om -what no I didn’t try to kill ishana .

Police – we find dis gun in metha mansion and the finger print on the gun prove that u tried to kill mrs ishana.

Om Recall when h gained back his sense the gun was in his hand .

Police , – let’s go

To be continued.

  1. Shivika

    Awesome…….i wish truth come out soon…..u nailed it

  2. MahiraKhan

    Ohh god !!! Om arrested…

    Does he like jail so much that he get arrested each time…

    Once in serial and here…

    ?? just joking..

    Ishaana wake up fast and save your hubby ….

    Continue soon…


  3. Jaya

    Ha ha i thought goon will sing a song lol…then at last i got it was’sign’ not ‘sing’. 😀 😀 mistake made me laugh dear tnx . Ab toh…We are pakka wala friends na! Don’t say sorry ok! Hum correction krke padh lenge. 🙂 . Finally ishkara together legally. Cheers!! Shaadi hogayi let’s party 😀 😀 . How will oberois react 😉 imaging.

    1. Ruhirachel

      Lol sing seriously yar I didn’t noticed that ?????

  4. Superb episode

  5. JanviSingh

    Awsm yr….. Luvd it …????

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks dear ?

  6. Kehkasha

    Wonderful dear..
    And I have posted the next part…

  7. Too good…

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