Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger,lust and revenge -(part 19)

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#dance academic #

I man calling om …sir excuse me sir .

Om – who was thinking all dis ….came out of his dream .

Man – ap kon???….and why r u standing here ……. academie is close ….if u want admission thn come Tomorrow.

Om- academic !!!! ….( om don’t notice that it was a dance academic as he was following lovely )…….ya academic hai.

Man – ya ….it’s a dance academic .

Om – who is the owner ?

Man – ishana metha …..there is ….. pointing towards ishana

Om- ( in mind )oh so ishana is now teaching dance ……chalo accha hai …..she is now in a right path .

(Om dreams start after lovely tell that she love om ……and ishana was feeling hurt)

Lovely and ishana who trun towards the the hall entrance as om and that man was talking so loudly .

Lovely – Om shocked . ……lovely ( to herself aree what he is doing here …..mera plan flop ho gya ….now how I will come to know that ishana love him or not .?

Ishana – om ?( to herself what he is doing here …..god y u always bring me and om together ….????

Man – ishana mam do u know dis man ??

Ishana – ya ….u go .
Man – k mam.

Lovely rush towards om and asked him.

Lovely – what r u doing here .????

Om – I followed u … I guessed that u r going to meet ishana.

Lovely ?- u know what u timing is really bad …..I was trying to know about angel feelings about u .

Om – ya I saw that …..?how !!

Lovely – it’s call jealousies if ishana really love u she will be jealous to know that I live u .,

Om -??lovely r u mad ….y r u doing dis …if she love me she will say it ….plz stop ur nonsense.

Ishana was not able to hear them as they both r talking so slowly .

Ishana make some noise … that they both give attention to her.

Lovely – angel so what I was saying ya I love omkara …….as my real brother lol she was doing dis as om told her to do it.

Ishana – who was so confused …..said …it’s good .

Lovely – omg I am late nani will kill me …as I have take her for checkup…….bye angel ….see u later.

And it’s just om and ishana .

Om – how’s everyone at ur home ???

Ishana – good ….but y r u asking.

Om – vo that day left without saying me bye …….so thought maybe something happened.

Ishana – hmm sorry for that ….. actually academic se call tha …..and u r busy with ur family .

Om – hmmmmmmmm……thanks for bringing me back to my home.

Ishana – welcome …….Ishana was leaving from there ……. suddenly om holds her hand .

Ishana – turned .

Om ,- where r u going????……..or should I say running.

Ishana – running from whome ??

Om – from me .

Ishana – I am not running …..I have some work .

Om – ishana ….something is wrong in u…..I when we meet first u always call me ….try to meet me…..but now u .

Ishana – om …..that time was trying to fool u and that’s y I was doing all dis ……but now I am doing some good work .

Om – ta I know and I am really happy for u .

But y u always run from me ???

Ishana – because I don’t want to talk to u .

Om – but y???

Ishana – because…..( she stopped.)……just I can’t .

Om – I know !
Ishana – really thn tell .

Om – because u care for me ……y still see as as old om as ur friend .

Ishana – oh really nice thinking but that’s not true .

Om oh really thn y u daily come to oberoi mansion …….and stand there waiting for my one look .??
Ishana – was shocked ….. because she daily want to oberoi mansion and stand there for hours to see omkara ……(ishana how he knows that )

Om – kya hua ……??? Making any new story to tell ??

Ishana – what nonsense !!?!?!

Om – I knew it that u will not accept it …I have a proof ….he show some pictures of CCTV camera ……where she standing at the back side of oberoi mansion .

Ishana – was quit .

Om – y ishana y u daily come to see me ….if not care …….and friendship …..thn y u come .

Ishana – vo.

Ishana phone rings .

Ishana – hello rohan .

Rohan – mam plz come fast u uncle ki health ………….rest mutted )

Ishana – tensed rohan I am coming plz u be their .

Ishana left with even looking at om.

Om ( little jealous to here a boy name ) …..rohan kon hai? …….and what happened y ishana was tensed .

To be continued .

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  1. Akshaya

    Omg post the next ASAP. Loved this episode

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks akshaya…..hope u r liking my ff?

  2. Yashu


    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks yashu? ….hope u liking my ff


    Superb as usual Di!!!!!!! And please do read my FF’s 6 th part and comment and post the next episode soon. Waiting for it!

    1. Ruhirachel

      Sorry dear I read ur 5th part it was awesome……and I hope that u r liking my ff?

    1. Ruhirachel

      thanks sso ,hope u r liking my story?

  4. MahiraKhan

    Om’s dream???

    Awwww!!! Nice ep…

    1. Ruhirachel

      Dreams means he was thing about consequences….. wht can happen….. hope u loved it

  5. Shivika

    Superbbb……post soon

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks….shivika …hope u e liking it .?

  6. Jaya

    Thank god! It was dream. The point where ishana caught red handed was…hilarious ha ha

    1. Ruhirachel

      Jaya thanks a lot …I hope u liking my ff?

      1. Jaya

        You hope only 🙁 ? Ofcourse i do like it. Otherwise i wouldn’t have done gud comments 😉 . Got it? 🙂

  7. Amazing episode… plz post the next update asap…

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks ankita ….hope u r liking my ff?

  8. Sweetuishkara

    wow dear love it

    1. Thanks dear … hope u liked my ff ?

  9. Honeypriya

    I m new here. N just read ur ff
    I m grt ishkara fan
    I m not able to find d previous episode
    Can u plz just send d links ruhi

    Now as of of now I love dis epi waiting for d next

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