Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 9)

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The epi starts with Urmi sitting on a rock, counting clouds in the sky. She sighs. What a terrible place is this? Siya says the winds are so soothing. Urmi says yes, even eagles flying here and there is Soothing, isn’t it? Siya says shut up urmi, we can have fun here as well. Like we used to do with Mandvi and sutkirti in childhood, in the village?? Urmi says hmm. But I’ve to go home asap. I want my phone. I want to see the likes I got for my latest pic. And if I had my phone here na I would have clicked so many selfies..

Mahadev comes in front of Vishwamitra. Siya says look there, bright lights are emanating from that mountain range. Siya urmi reach there. And look at the mountain from behind. They get shocked seeing the bright light emanating from the mountain. Lord Shiva tells vishwamitra that he spoke the wrong mantra. Lord Shiva tells him the correct Mata and asks him to first send siya urmi to the present and then come back to the ashram by saying the mantra in opposite order. Urmi says didi, is the shooting of some show going on here? Siya says but it seems like the real lord Shiva. Urmi says ugh di, what’ll real lord Shiva do here? That too in a forest? Siya says but look carefully, the moon on his head. The ganga waters from his head . The snake in his neck. Looking so real..!! Urmi says do you think so di? Lets find out. Ram and Lakshman come and ask what’re you doing there like this? Urmi jumps and asks lakshman, hey you know? Who’s he?
Ram greets lord Shiva and asks him how he’s here.. Lakshman asks urmi if she knows anything. You don’t know the lord of lords lord Shiva? Siya tells urmi, see I said he’s real lord Shiva. Siya urmi go and greet lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blesses them and leaves.

Urmi says but how lord Shiva in modern times?? Vishwamitra opens his mouth to say something, while Lakshman says are you mad? He came on rishivar’s tapasya didn’t you see that? Urmi says I saw that but… Lakshman says you’re a shop of confusion. Urmi says I’m not any shop of confusion. Vishwamitra thinks they started fighting again.. He says hey will you let me speak or not?? Urmi says Hmmm yes i asked you only but this, so called sumitranandan lakshman spoke in between. Vishwamitra says its not your time.. Siya says what do you mean by our time? Vishwamitra says this is not kali yuga, your 21st century. This is treta yuga, the yuga of the Ramayana.. Urmi gasps.. The yuga of the Ramayana???? How’s that possible.? Oh my goodness… Vishwamitra says it has happened, all because of a demoness Tadaka.. Siya says Tadaka..! The one who was killed by lord Rama..! OMG! Wait for a moment!

So that means that he..he…he is real lord Rama.! Am I dreaming? She turns to ram who’s aiming arrows on a tree, with wide eyes.. Urmi says that means he’s real Lakshman and I was fighting with him,.. Oops… I need to apologize to him.. Lakshman thinks why is she staring me, as if she’s going to eat me. Ram looks at siya who was staring him, still like a statue and goes near her. What happened to you? Why’re you standing still? As if converted into a statue? Siya falls at his feet, with tears in her eyes. Ram wonders the cause of her weird behaviour. Why’re you falling at my feet, ram asks.. Siya says pr..a…bh…uuu..! Ram says Prabhu.!? I’m not any Prabhu? Siya says you’re my Prabhu.. Raghunandan.. Lakshman says see urmi, my brother is so great, everyone falls at his feet. Urmi looks at him and says yes.. But you’re not less great then your brother..

Precap:-Confusions ended. Chaos ended. Last episode…

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  1. Padmaja

    WOW!!!!!! At last the confusions came to an end… siya urmi got to know where they have been….and u gonna end this ff ah?? pls dont end it dear..

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u very much dii. Yup I’ll end it coz I’ve no idea to drag it and I don’t want to make it boring.will write a new one soon ?

  2. Inu

    Superb epi

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u very much ?

  3. Astra

    awesome dear..super…

  4. Amalina

    Fantastic dear! But it plz don’t end it…

  5. Pragyashree

    Fantastic but this is gonna end

  6. Jayani

    It was asum di… Nd m sure even I wud hav wanted my phone… No I can liv widout phones… Plz don’t end it so fast di???… Nd at last… Urmi understood d greatness of lakshman… Will dey get 2 meet d REAL mithila sisters in vishvamitra’s ashram??? All 4 sisters??? Eagerly waiting for d next epi… Nd I hope dat isn’t d last epi… Pls continue di…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      Yea dear there’s gonna b loads of suspense for last episode and it’ll be very long so I’ll post on Sunday ??
      Yep no one can live without phones ? bye dear and thanks sorry for late reply..i was busy practice for republic day function so that’s y didn’t reply.. Love u ?

      1. Jayani

        Even v hav republic day program… Nd if u don’t mind, can I send d links of d videos which v tuk during d old practice??? Waiting for ur reply di…

        Jai Siya Ram

  7. nice it…..dont end …………

  8. Vanshika

    Thank u very much everyone..

    1. Jayani

      Ur welcum di?

      1. Vanshika

        Wow dear for sure send me the links ??

      2. Vanshika

        Are you in Instagram dear?

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