Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger, lust and revenge -(part 7)

Episode 7

Two more week passed ……lovely and ishana r taking care of om .. special ishana……and om also feel some thing special for ishana.?

# om is now ok just little exercise needed so that he can walk properly.

It morning time …..

Om wake up om om om …. .calling calling ufff ya Mister om kitna Sota hai……..Om.

Om- I heard that lovely ?

Lovely – oh really ……I thought I have to say it again but thank got u heard that?

Om looked at lovely and give a impossible look to her . ?

After breakfast om .

Om – where is -ur angle??

Lovely – my angle or urs??

Om why she will be my angle …u only call her angel ……… Lovely yes but now days I can see how u look my angel and how u get upset and sad when angle goes to work… that means she -ur angel to?….wait wait correction …..I should say -Ur Love angel .??

Om -was acting like that he is not getting what lovely is saying.

Om – u know lovely what.

Lovely -what ????

Om – u r impossible.

Lovely- nahi omkara u r wrong………I am lovely not impossible lol.

Om – ufff u know what u remind me of my brother rudra he just like u… (duffer).
And om was crying as he wants to meet her brother’s ……and want to say sorry for his stupidity .

And that time ishana entered.

Ishana – lovely when ever I leave om with ..u y he start crying ???

Both looked a ishana.

Lovely – vo kya hai Na angel he can’t handle my jokes and start crying ……and all three start laughing …. together?

Lovely – angle as u r here …. I can leave now .

Ishana – where r u going ???

Lovely – nani ka pas.

Ishana – k bye take care.

Lovely left.

Ishana – om how u r feeling now ??

Om – perfect.

Ishana- and what about -ur leg ?

Om- hmm good .

Ishana understand that pain us still there.

Ishana – I have a surprise for u .

Om – surprise what surprises ??

U will come to know tomorrow morning.

Om – y tomorrow.
Ishana – because it will come tomorrow only.

Ishana now stand up and walk and do the exercises otherwise ………-ur leg will not work .

Om -?k Mata ji.

Ishana – Mata ji????do I look like a Mata to u ?? and from where u r learning dis words

Om – side effects of lovely ishana??

Ishana that I can see.

To be continued…

  1. MahiraKhan

    Ohooo!!! Another post…

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    1. Ruhirachel

      Already posted

  2. Shivika

    Woahh….awesome…..lovely is so hilarious…oh god seriously reminds of rudy……waiting for the surprise
    Post soon….loved it

  3. Plz plz…post another episode soon yaar bcoz 2morrow i’m going 2 hostel

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      Already posted dear .

  4. Jaya

    Ha ha ha 😀 today’s epi was lovely .

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    Wow loved it….

  6. Amazing episode…

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