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A boy is lying down on the floor in a completely devastated condition. His face seems to be too impatient even in his sleep and he is sweating profusely in that dark room. His one hand is completely outstretched and has water traces all over maybe due to continuous sweating and it is showing continuous motion may be it’s trying to get hold of something. While his another hand’s fist is tightly closed and his body is badly trembling as if he is seeing some horrible nightmare. Although he wants to wake up but something is pulling him back not allowing him to open his eyes even a bit.

Two boys enter smashing the door hard and get horrified seeing boy’s condition, both rush to him. One of the boy’s shake the sleeping fellow and says with overflowing concern.

Get up Om.

(The man lying on the floor is revealed to be Omkara Singh Oberoi).
Rudra get some water.
Ji Shivaay Bhaiya.
(The two boys who entered the room are none other than ShivRu.)
Rudra brings a jug filled with water and Shivaay sprinkles some water on Om, who wakes up with a jerk and shouts.
Om: No no please no.
Shivaay holding Om: It’s me Om, Shivaay.
Om sees Shivaay and hugs him tightly while shivering, Shivaay too reciprocates. Shivaay looks at Rudra who is crying silently at a corner and extends his arm, Rudra runs quickly in the embrace of his elder brother and hugs him tightly. Two of them are shedding tears uncontrollably .

Those silent sobs die after a while but the wounds weren’t healed rather they were too deep to be healed even by the entire tornado of tears.
Om breaks the hug and looks at Shivaay and says with tears and an inexpressible pain in his voice.
Om: Shivaay I can’t take this anymore, please let me out I can’t live life as a prisoner. Please kill me Shivaay please kill me.
Shivaay was shaken by these words of Om, how could he bear the most precious possession of his life, his own brother no not brother but his own child asking him to take his life, yes Om wasn’t only a brother to Shivaay, for Shivaay Om was his son and hearing those pleads of being killed by his own brother pierced his heart thousand number of times.
Rudra who some how had controlled the tears couldn’t bear these words and again broke down.

Shivaay somehow gathers all his broken strength and cups Om’s face and tightening his grip on Om’s face makes him look at him and says gently
Shivaay: No Om nothing will happen to you and I won’t let you go anywhere.
Om: No Shivaay please it’s better to die rather than living this cursed life.
Shivaay looses his cool and shouts at Om.
Shivaay: Shut up shut up Om don’t you dear say again that you are willing to die. Do you even have any idea that how will we all live without you, how will we survive. No Om, you have become so selfish, can’t you just give life one single chance. A chance to fight with this addiction a chance to live. Not for anyone else but at least for Rudra and me. Can’t you see us live peacefully.
Saying so he was about to leave but Om holds his arm and dugs himself in the shoulder of his brother.
Om: Shivaay please it has become impossible for me to leave drugs. For hours I keep hallucinating things, at times I don’t get any sleep and this urge, this urge keeps haunting me all the time.
Shivaay was listening to his brother’s talk and he creased Om’s face.
Shivaay: Om why don’t you consult a doctor.
Om: No Shivaay, I will have to explain him my entire condition which I can’t. No no please.
Saying so he again hugs Shivaay. Shivaay creases his back and in a very soft, chocked and hardly audible voice speaks.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Om, it’s ok if you don’t want to take any medical help. We both are with you na. We will help you out. Don’t worry.
Shivaay notices that Om isn’t responding and he understands that he fainted in his arms only. Very protectively with Rudra’s help he makes Om lie down on bed. Both Rudra are still having tears in his eyes, while Shivaay is trying his level best to be strong in front of his brothers. Shivaay some how composes himself and silently sits beside Om on the bed as Om is holding his hand very tightly and isn’t ready to let him go off. While Rudra sits on the opposite side leaning on the bed post. Soon three of them drift to slumber heavy heartedly.

Two pair of eyes saw the entire happening from the window and the owners of those eyes were standing numb at their positions silently seeing the pain of their loved ones and weeping on this heart wrenching situation.

A girl is seen standing exactly in the centre of the ground, with a troop of band accompanying her. She is wearing black jeans, white shirt and a black crop jacket.
She has a guitar around her neck. The entire ground is over flowing with the crowd.

The camera focuses on the big black chocolaty eyes of the girl and then on her hand that is holding a guitar.
The girl pulls the strings of her guitar and begins to sing.

O malang hua
Dil ye mera
Hai mast malang hua
Dil ye mera

(The entire crowd goes wala hearing her and the ground gets filled with their hoots and the girl begins to sing even louder.)

Ishq fikar da chatte balla
Mauj karda ho ke jhalla jeeve…
Ishq mein dil na
Hoyea fakeeri
Maange sab ki
Khair sukhalla, jeeve…
Gira deewareee…
Laga lalkareee…
Ishq di masti de
Vich sone de jaage
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage…ve…
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage… Ho dhunki laage ve
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage… Ho dhunki laage ve

(She sings pointing at the crowd, going near them and rounding around the stage at a fast speed.)

Tu hawa
Paani aag hai
Tu daga
Daani daag hai
Jo bhi chave tu…
Ban jaave… Re…
Hai bana Mera
Dil khuda
Hai khuda
Kab mujhse juda
Khudko dhoonde
Toh ussko pave re
Gira deeware…
Laga lalkare…
Ishq di masti de
Vich sone de jaage…ye…yeah…
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage…ve…
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage…ve…
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage…ve…
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage… Ho dhunki laage ve…

(She jumps in the hard whistling and hooting crowd and continues singing ?.)

O malang hua
Dil ye mera
Hai mast malang hua
Dil ye meray
O malang hua
Dil ye mera
Hai mast malang hua
Dil ye mera

(She goes back to her troop and sings along with the..)

Ladla dil ko har bashar.
Ishq tha changa hai hashar.
Karle kud se hi pyaar bandhe aa….
Hey jahan ki tujhko kabar.
Kud se hai par tu bekaber.
Lela apni jee saare bandhe aa.
Gira deeware…
Laga lalkare..
Ishq di masti de.
Vich sone de jaage….ye…yeah….
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage…ve.. (Ho dhunki laage ve).
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage… (Ho dhunki laage ve).
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage…ve..
Dhunki dhunki dhunki laage….


A silver SL Mercedes comes speeding and taking a round of half of the fountain ⛲ stops exactly in front of the main gate.
A beautiful girl in her late twenties opens the car door from inside and gets down the car, she takes hold of her guitar ? bag from the back seat of her car.
She is reviled to be Aradhya and she is the one who was preforming approximately an hour ago in the ground with her “ANGELIC DEVILS TROOP”.

She is in a peach coloured high waisted sleak skirt accompanied by a white crop top and white coloured 5-inches butterfly heals. A neatly made puff with long straight flawless hair that are finding their way along the rhythm of the air and her flicks are disturbing her pretty face every now and then but she is hardly concerned about it rather she is enjoying the moment, her magnificent eyes are covered up by glares. Her neck is adorned with a clear crystal neck piece and a white golden bracelet-cum-watch is relaxing on her wrist.
She moves towards her house and the first person she meets is the dewaan (gate keeper) of their house-cum-palace.
Aradhya: Namaste Jeevan uncle kaisa hai aap.
(Hello Jeevan uncle, how are you?)
Dewaan/ Jeevan: Thik hun beta aur tumhara aaj ka karyakram kaisa raha.
(I am fine dear and how was your today’s concert.)
Aradhya: Bohaat bhadiya.
( Very nice.)
Jevaan: Aachi baat ha. Chalo aab jao bada Malik tumhara intazaar kar raha hai.
(Good dear, now go inside sir is waiting for you.)
Aradhya smiling: Thik ha ji. Bye.
(Okay. Bye.)
Jevaan smiles and says: Bye.

As she moves inside the other person no no not person but animal sorry can’t call it even that as he is bestie of Aradhya and he is none other than her ‘Snoofy’.
She gently rubs his head while he licks her feet.
Aradhya: Hye Snoofy, how are you?
Snoofy: bhau bhau….

Diya comes from back and hugs her from behind itself and says
Diya: Get ready for the court martial Captain, Brigadier is in full mood today.

On hearing this Snoofy picks up a red flag that’s near him by his mouth and begins to swing it.

Aradhya getting rid of her grip speaks with a bit of fair in her voice
Aradhya: Why?? What did I do now?
Diya showing an I don’t know expression from her face and curling her hands inwards nods frantically in a ‘NO’.
Diya: How must I know what’s going in that Hitler’s mind?
Aradhya making an I am dead expression says
Aradhya: This hitler na oh god I don’t understand what’s wrong with him, he is behind us like hitler was behind Jews and one day he will close us also in the gas chamber and kill us. Diyu isn’t there any way to escape.
Diya making a thinking expression says
Diya: Ya there is one.
Aradhya curiously: What??
Diya putting her hand around Aradhya’s shoulder
Diya: To run away to college. And that’s what I am doing. Bye bye ? babes. Have fun time.
Saying so she runs away pushing her a bit.
Aradhya to herself: Waah God ji waah. She is such an interesting character. If she has to run from teachers she comes home and if she has to run away from hitler she goes to college. What sought of creature is she.
Aradhya bachuu if you want to get saved na then you have to save yourself only no one is going to come for your rescue. So begin your work sweetheart.

Saying so she removes her sandals and tip toes towards her room via staircase.
VOICE: Where are you going?
Aradhya’s expression changes her mouth begins to make funny gestures and she very very carefully turns towards the voice.
Aradhya: What happened dadu?
Damodar Rajput: Aradhya I have to talk to you come and meet me in the study.
Aradhya: Ji dadu. But I have to leave for hospital also.
Damodar was going but stops hearing her and turns towards her again and says in a strict and stern tone.
Damodar: Neither your hospital is going to run nor am I going to take your entire day.
Aradhya gets scared only by the frequency of his voice and nods her head in yes.
Aradhya: Ji dadu.
Damodar: Good. Come in ten minutes.
Aradhya: Okay.
Damodar leaves and Aradhya also goes to her room all the while murmuring to herself.
‘Oh God this dadu, he is impossible. God I am sure you are totally against me, couldn’t you wait for a while. No but you had to send this hitler exactly on time only.’
Cursing her destiny she reached her room and quickly freshened up and went to study room.

Suryaansh Rajput, Avinash Rajput, Avanti Rajput and Adhiraj Rajput were seated on the side sofa. Aradhya questioningly looked at them and they all returned her a blank look. Before their eye talk could go further Damodar enters the study room.
Damodar looks at all of them and begins to say
Damodar: Before you all come to Aradhya’s rescue I am telling you all that my decision is final and none of you can change it. I hope so I have made myself clear.
(All nod in yes, while Aradhya gives ‘baccha Ki jaan lo Ga kya’ expression.)
Damodar turns towards Aradhya and with authoritative tone and begins to speak
Damodar: Aradhya all your wishes have always been fulfilled.{{har ma baap ka apna bachon ko blackmail karna ka favourite and simplest way??.}}
(Aradhya nods) Now it’s your turn to show your love and respect towards your family and it’s legacy. I know you want to do many things in your life and I am not going to stop you also but there is one condition and that is for the next 12 months means one full year, you will have to give to our Charity Hospital in Mumbai.
Aradhya: But dadu we have many hospitals here also, then why Mumbai.
Damodar: Because that charity hospital was started by your dadi so I want that you go there for one year and take care of that place. And no more arguments over this tomorrow morning you are leaving for Mumbai and over their you will stay with best friends family. Now go and begin your packing.
Aradhya left with no option reluctantly agrees.
Damodar leaves handing over her plane tickets.
After Damodar leaves.
Aradhya goes and sits with a bang on the sofa with ticket in her hand.
Aradhya: Papa what sought of hitler is he no not hitler, that hitler would have been kinder than him. (she says in frustration.)
She receives chuckles in return.
Aradhya glares all of them.
Aradhya: What?
Suryaansh keeping his hand on her head says
Surya: Aru relax it’s just matter of one year.
Aradhya looks at him shockingly and says
Aradhya: It’s not one year but a one full yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrr. And that to it has been only five months that I have returned from U.S. I was missing you guys so much there and again this vanvas (exile).
Adhiraj: Chill sisoo we will come to meet you there.
Aradhya: But still bro I will miss you all alot.
Avanti: Okay okay fine we will discuss all this at night now Aru you go to hospital.
Aradhya with a sad face: Okay bye.
Avinash: Wait doctor sahiba if you will go with this sad face then all will throw stones on us and will say that where have we got this rondu (one who cries alot) from and where have we left their Miss. Afat (Miss. Troublesome).
All giggle at his words and finally Aradhya smiles and leaves.

Aru and Adhiraj are talking while Avanti is checking Aru’s belongings.
Avanti: Aru you have grown up so much but still you can’t pack your bags properly.
Aradhya makes a puppy face accompanied by an adorable and convincing pout. She goes towards Avanti and rounds her arms across her shoulder and says
Aradhya: Chachi I will miss you alot and who will take care of me like this and no one will scold me like this over there.
Avanti melts with Aru’s emotional blackmail and kisses her forehead and says
Avanti: Don’t worry my daughter I will come to you when ever you will miss me okay.
Aru nods.
Adhiraj smiles seeing his drama queen.
Diya enters in full style with Mahi and Aru hops over them.
Aru: What’s the news Diya Rajput 007.
Diya looks at Avanti and says
Diya: Mom dad is thinking about you.
Avanti giving irritated look says
Avanti: Fine I will go.
Diya: Okay.
Saying so Diya drags Aru to bed and makes her sit beside Adhiraj and says
Diya: So according to agent Diya Rajput 007 the news is such that you are going to stay in Hitler’s best friend’s house, although his friend is no more but you will stay with his family.
Aru curiously: What next?
Diya: Wait didu next is that Hitler’s friend has two sons.
Adhiraj: They would be old.
Diya: Obviously, don’t tell me you are planning to flirt with them. Please man at lest leave them look for someone of your age.
Adhiraj: Shut up chipkali (lizard) I was saying that if they are old then they would have son’s as well and hitler might be planning to marry Aru there.
Diya shocked: WOW bhaiyu you became so intelligent. How come? Wait wait I know after all company’s effect. You have started staying in my company na that’s why you have become so intelligent.
She says raising her collars.
Adhiraj: Let it be your shirt doesn’t has a collar.
Aradhya who was pissed off shouts.
Aradhya: Shut up you two.
Both put fingers on their lips.
Aradhya holds Adhiraj and says
Aradhya: Bhai why don’t you talk to hitler.
Adhiraj backs off and says
Adhiraj: Are you mad, me and talking to that hitler I won’t do that in my wildest dream also. Shair ka galla ma toh ghanti nahi bandun Ga. (I won’t tie bell in lion’s neck at any cost.)
Diya: But wasn’t it billi ka galla ma ghanti. (But wasn’t the proverb something like bell in cat’s neck.)
Adhiraj: Neither that hitler is a cat nor are we mice. Rather he is king of this jungle and we are his prey.
Diya: Satyavacchan (True words).
Mahi to Aru: Don’t worry Sanorita bhaada bhaada deshon ma aisi chutthi chutthi batein hoti rehti hain.
All laugh at her cuteness and Aru hugs her and Diya & Adhiraj too join them.
Avanti enters the room again.
Avanti to Diya: Diyu your papa didn’t call me.
Diya making an innocent face.
Diya: Momzi when did I say that papa is calling you. I only said that he is thinking about you.
Avanti: Oh… (then she realises Diya’s mischief.) You wait, I will teach you a lesson today.
Saying so she begins to chase Diya.

After a while all leave to their respective rooms and drift into a deep slumber.

No no I didn’t kill her. No I didn’t do any mistake. No I am not at fault. Please please leave me.
ShivRu get up suddenly hearing the horror filled voice. They both see Om muttering these words in his sleep. Shivaay shakes him but Om keeps mumbling and doesn’t gets up. Shivaay pats his cheeks but their is no response again.
After a while suddenly Om wakes up sweating profusely and breathing heavily with a jerk. Both ShivRu get worried and hold him tightly. Shivaay takes a tablet from the side table and makes Om eat it. And under medicines effect Om sleeps and ShivRu carefully tuck him into the bed and leave covering him with a comforter.

“They not only kill, they invade, they conquer and they destroy. Not only one life but all the lives. Such is the fate with which every drug addict meets. Drugs or any intoxicant substance isn’t a way out for any trouble or depression. It just aggravates the problems.

Aradhya in the Oberoi mansion.
Aradhya and Om’s first meet.

People of two different fantasies What will be their destiny when they collide???
What’s in store for a happy go lucky girl in a stone house of sorrows????
Will Om leave this addiction ever???
To know more stay tuned.

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