Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger, lust and revenge – (part 6)

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Episode 6

Ishana – vo vo I was just roaming there …….and I saw u .

Om ( easily sensed that ishana lying) and was again going to ask her .

But ishana phone rings?.

Ishana – hello

Stranger – hello where r u …..I told to that don’t be over smart with me ……I know u r with that oberoi .

Ishana – look I am not with any oberoi k….and second thing I have done what u told me to do so plz leave me alone.

Stranger – look if u love -ur sister thn don’t play any game with me …….right now -ur sister is save but u never seen tomorrow.

Call ended

Ishana hello hello ……ishana get sacred as she have only her sister …… ishana ( god plz take care of Mona plz)

Om was looking all dis but can’t hear ishana

Ishana- om let’s have dinner thn u have to take -ur medicine.

Om- hmm k

Dinning table?

Om – was eating quietly .
Ishana (to herself) mena Abhi cook nahi kiya pata nahi kasa hoga.

Thn ishana looked at om who already finished half food .

Ishana – take bite and start shouting …….mirch mirch mirch. …..god save me.

Om who know about that was already sitting with a glass of water to give it to ishana .

Ishana forgot her manners and she was drinking water like any thing.

Om looked her and smiled at her childish nature.

Ishana after some time she was feeling good and she looked at om ….who had finished all the food .

Ishana to om
Ishana- om r u k … can u eat dis …..dis like poison.

Om- with a smile …..Ishana u had prepared it with so much concern and love that i felt dis dish was super tasty.

Ishana – was amazed……….u really a good person om and u r not like other rich children…..u r pure hearted.

Om – even u r same .

Ishana – no om I tried to fool u and I tired to separate u and ridhima …….and that’s not right……..but I happy that she is with u.

Om- with mix emotions …….no ishana we r not together anymore she left me 2 months ago……and it’s k because we both don’t love each other so their is no reason to live together ?.

Ishana oh – hmm u r right om ….if u don’t love any one we shouldn’t stay in that relationship.

Both looked at each other (as they want to share so many thing)

Ishana wait I will be back.

Ishana here take it…… Om what ishana ?medicine time?

K now u should take rest om.

Om- hmm
Ishana – can I ask u some thing ??

Om- ya
Ishana- plz forgive me for what I did …..believe me I have no other options.
Om- come near ishana and make her face so she can see her face (as she was looking down Because be if the guilt) ….Om ishana I forgive u and I did that a long time back so don’t feel guilty ……but remember that I still hate lies dis -ur second chance …….( om friend’s)

Ishana with tear – om I thing we should sleep now it’s already late ?and thanks I promise I will try that after dis I never break ur trust .

And she left to hall after making om sleep .

Ishana ( sorry om I don’t need -ur friendship)
I am helping u because u helped me once just equalizing the scores .

To be continued

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