Shani 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Shani 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shani asks Mahadev if there is any way to stop Yam from being banished to earth. Everything is possible for you. Surya Dev joins Shani in the request. Please stop my son from getting banished. Mahadev stays put. He tells SHani whatever he got in Kailash was the result of his karma’s. Yam’s result is the outcome of his karma’s. None of your journey or you can change the course of his life now. He will have to be banished on earth for forever. Devi Sanghya gets sad. Mahadev disappears.

Narad Muni says it is time for this energy to disappear before we disperse. Devi Sanghya shouts against it. My son will not be banished. She requests Surya Dev to do something. Save your son. It is your dharma to protect your son. Yam took a step to protect you. How can you leave him unprotected like this? You can stop his banishment if you want. Surya Dev replies that his duty is not allowing him to go against Mahadev’s orders. She questions his duties as a father. Shani says mother when she warns him not to utter another word. This is happening because of you only! It is all because of you. Dev dint lose anything. Nothing was snatched from Asuras. Humans took birth but I am losing my son because of you! She again goes to Surya Dev. You will let my son go away because of Shani? Dev Vishwakarma warns her to stop. Don’t forget that you are going against Mahadev’s decision. Yam took a decision himself. He will have to bear the consequences of it now. Narad Muni tells Yam it is time. It will be unfair to not give you a chance to meet your family the last time.

Yam hugs his mother. Devi Sanghya cries. Don’t go son! I wont let you go. Yam looks at his father with tears in his eyes. It is strange. No one can even bless me for this journey. Maybe my identity wasn’t that important. Surya Dev is taken aback. Yam says it was my choice so I only have to bear its consequence. I forgive you. Shani steps forward but Yam warns him to stop. I wont take your help even if you are the last person in the world. Narad muni tells Yam it is time. Be safe. Chains pull Yam inside that energy. Devi Sanghya, Surya Dev and Shani shout Yam’s name in shock. Surya Dev holds Devi Sanghya. They both look angrily at Shani. Chhaya gets tensed.

Yam wakes up and coughs badly. He wipes his tears and points his finger in the sky. All this has happened because of you Shani! I will never forgive you!

Devi Sanghya tells Chhaya she will never forgive Shani. Chhaya asks her how Shani is at fault. Devi Sanghya again blames Shani for Yam’s condition. He could have stopped and postponed this discussion but he dint do it. If it wasn’t Yam then it would have been Surya Dev. Your son dint care for anyone. Not Shani but you are responsible for everything! It is your bad upbringing. Chhaya says I understand your pain. Yam is my son as well. I have raised him for years. Devi Sanghya says you have just raised him. he is my son. I gave birth to him which is why I feel the pain of losing him. You mother-son duo have snatched my world from me. They hear footsteps. Chhaya recognizes it to be Surya Dev’s. Devi Sanghya does not care who it is. I don’t care about our truth coming out before him nor of his anger. I only care for Yam. Surya Dev enters. Chhaya has hidden by now. Surya Dev apologizes to Sanghya for not saving their son from being banished. I can very well understand how a mother feels when she is about to lose her son. Your scream is echoing in my head till now. I know you will still not blame Shani saying he is not at fault. You will try to make me understand he isn’t at fault but I don’t agree with you today. I can punish Shani. Devi Sanghya says what you thought today isn’t right. I wont take Shani’s side this time. Today I have the same views like you. If I could go back in time then I wouldn’t have brought Shani from jungle ever. This war would have never happened and I wouldn’t have lost Yam. I am with you in whatever decision you will take against Shani. I will support you in whatever punishment you will decide for him today. Chhaya worries. Sanghya adds that your son got banished because of Shani today. It is the duty fo a father to punish those because of whom his son gets in trouble. It is important to remind the limits to those who have forgotten it. I have lived my pain. It is your turn to make use of your right to decide Shani’s punishment. Devi Sanghya looks at Chhaya as she walks out of the room.

Shani cries in his room thinking about his mother’s anger. Door opens just then. Surya Dev and Devi Sanghya walk in. Shani says I had already apologized to you (mother) in advance. Devi Sanghya says I remember everything that you said. You also said you will accept whatever punishment I will give to you. He asks her what his punishment is. Surya Dev says I will punish you the same way I did when you took birth. You cast an eclipse on me when you took birth. Now you made your mother lose her son too. I took back my curse after Sanghya’s askance but you went against me only. You always tried to show me down yet I tried to love you only for Sanghya’s sake. It was my mistake. I will rectify my mistake by punishing you! I don’t want to see you in Surya Loka from this very moment itself! Leave! Chhaya hears it and is stunned. Surya Dev tells SHani he does not wish to see his face from this moment onwards. There is no place for you and your antics in Surya Loka. He turns to Sanghya. I told you the moment he took birth – he cannot be my son! He only proved it today. Shani’s eyes narrow down in anger. The wound in Surya Dev’s neck glows and pains. Devi Sanghya looks on puzzled / shocked. Surya Dev is in immense pain. Chhaya tries to intervene but Dev Vishwakarma stops her. This isn’t the right time. Shani says I promised my mother. I will accept her punishment and not yours! you would have been allewed to punish when you would have tried to avoid this situation. I came to you with the proposal to refuse to represent Gods. You dint listen to me. You are equally responsible for Yam’s banishment if you hold me responsible for it. He asks Devi Sanghya if he said anything wrong. She walks up to him. Surya Dev asks her if she saw how rude he has become. He is blaming me for my son’s banishment! You will again try to save him now. Don’t come in between today. She asks him the same. He promised me to accept the punishment I will give to him and not to you. Now I only will punish him. Surya Dev, Dev Vishwakarma and Chhaya are shocked.

Precap: Devi Sanghya pushes Shani out of Surya palace. You don’t have any right to stay here. Humans get attacked on earth. Shani decides to go and save his brother. Shani lifts an unconscious Yam in his arms. I am responsible for Yam’s condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Vanshika

    Thank you ? very very very very unlimited times for the updates u give pooja didi loved it ?

  2. RSR

    Pride of Indian television industry. I just love this show. This was another fabulous episode. I just love the portrayal of Chhaya and Sandhya. I’m just mesmerized to see a person portraying two characters of different emotions. Its just amazing, how I feel so affectionate for Chhaya at the same time, hate Sandhya. Hats off.

  3. GOD’s are representative of positive energy and positive thoughts, but here they are showing in different way as they are showing GOD’s are Mean, Indra dev, Surya dev, Sandhya devi.. I don’t think this is the right way of showing.. Anyway it is a fiction not real, so does not matter. In real nobody knows the exact story of Shani as he has not taken birth on earth like Ram and Krishna..

  4. There is only one god ..which is called supreme power…..which never destroy….but other power like surya dev indra dev shani dev they all are made by supreme power ….they all will also disapper after there life…..but god is only one supreme power like shiva vishnu…..

  5. I love this serial too much…it provide a lot of information about our universe…..

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