Ishkara -ff story full of love , anger, lust and revenge -(part 12)

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Episode 12

Dadi – om ishana kon hai ???
And where is she ?

Om – pata nahi dadi ?
Om – lovely ishana kha hai ??
Lovely – om vo angle ….. vo.
Om – vo kya hai bolo.

Lovely ( flash back half hour ago)

Lovely to ishana .

Lovely – ishana when omkara will ask me where r u thn ??
Ishana – just tell hum that u don’t know. .
Lovely – angle I don’t think omkara will believe .
Ishana k thn tell him …….( muted)

#Present ..

Om – lovely bolo
Lovely – omkara she here only but someone called her so she want outside.
Om – outside?

Outside oberoi mansion

Om was searching ishana ……

Om – ishana ishana ishana ….kya ho tum.

Shivaay came there.

Shivaay – om kya hua ….. .. Let’s go inside .
Om – but shivaay ishana .
Shivaay – om may be she had some work so she left .

Lovely called om.

Lovely – omkara I have to leave now and have great life ahead and plz take care.bye.

Om to shivaay u go I will come .
Shivaay nodded

Om – lovely i know something u r hidding about ishaana .
Lovely – nahi omkara …..I really don’t know where is she ?? ( Trust me,)
Om – I trust u lovely …….but do u know where she lives??
Lovely – no omkara …. she never told me ….and I never asked .
Om -? k but do u have her number?
Lovely – was going to say yes ( but suddenl
# Flashback #
Lovely dis my personal number when ever u need it csll me k ….and plz don’t give to om …..I am giving u because u helped me …so don’t break my trust.

Lovely – nahi .
Om can easily sensed that dis time she is lying .
Om – lovely plz I know u have her number .
Lovely – I don’t have omkara .
Om – ( now in frustration) lovely stop lying I know u have …y u r not giving her number.

Lovely was now little scared .

Lovely because angel told Me to not give her number to u……..and y u need it .. ??

Because I want to be touch u saved my life .

Lovely really thn u should also ask for my no .
But no u don’t need my no ……only angel no u need y so??! Bolo.

Om because I love her .
Om was shocked on what he just said ( om I really love her ) .

Lovely is feeling so happy as she know dis a long time ago that om love ishana .
Lovely in excitement hugged om and start jumping .
Lovely – I knew it. ? that u live angle .. I am so happy omkara .
Om – but lovely she left without saying bye to me ….how can she do that to me.
Lovely – to be sad omkara if u live is true thn she will come back to u one day…….take it .
( It was paper).
Om – kya hai ??
Lovely – angel a number .
Om – with a smile hugged her.
Lovely – omkara I have to leave now …..i will come to meet u when ever I will get time .
Om – take care lovely and be save …….and thanks ones again.

Both say bye to each other.

Om entered his room and was emotionally looking his stuff .

Shivaay and rudra entered .

To be continued

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  1. Amazing Di!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell whether i can call u di or not?? And yeah superb episode loved it to the core!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally omi realised his love for our ishu darling. Thats really cute moment. I really did this- Awwwww!!!!!!! And yeah thanks for posting the episode sonn and I hope you have read my comments in the last 2 episodes. And yeah post next one soon!!! And also thanks for the longer update!!!!!

    1. Ruhirachel

      Nidhi how can i say that u can call me di or not ………as I don’t know ur age ? dear .
      And thanks for ur lovely comments.

    2. Ruhirachel

      And sorry because love become live .

  2. day by day i’m becoming fan 2 ur ff all my words r completed 2 appreciate u

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks and sorry for mistake love ka live ho gya ?

  3. no words 2 appreciate u yaar

  4. Shivika

    …superbbb……loved it

  5. Yashu

    Awesome….loving it

  6. Fabulous episode… just loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

  7. MahiraKhan

    I am your big fan ….

    Your ff is soo good and upload fast tooo…

  8. Renimarenju

    Amazing episode……loved it….a lot……ruhi…….just now only read both parts and am commenting……as am in office……yaar…..ruchi….next time….pls send links naa……luckily this part of ur ff was on first page of ib tu only…and …….i was able 2 read……if u will send links..then it will be easy 4 to find and read……keep the gud work yaar……ur imagination is superb……

    1. Renimarenju

      Oops sorry ……for typing mistake…instead of ruhi …..typed as ruchi…..

      1. Ruhirachel

        It’s k…..and thanks dear ………… actually thori network problem hai link send ki thi but failed …. episodes bhi late upload ho raha hai.


    great one!! post next one soon

    1. Ruhirachel

      Thanks srinidhi.?

  10. Jaya

    So sweet…:-) finally om realized his love for ishu 🙂 waiting…for ishu to return.

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