Mera pehla pyaar (Part 13)

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Hey guys mouni is back again. Sorry for the late yar but i was on occasion. So shall we start now.


Drunken swara & jealous laksh.


Same swara’s p.o.v

Laksh: I love you.

He whispered. I shot my face to his with a shock & confusion painted all over my face. I did’nt speak. I could’nt.

Laksh: I know i was a flirt before but after i bumped into you with my car, i could’nt take my eyes off you…. you were not like any other girl i have seen ever.

He was now looking at me, face to face and in the eyes… he wasn’t lying.

Laksh: I want you swara… for life long please. I love you.

I was shocked by his wprds. Tears building in my eyes. We were both frozen, no one moved until i swung my arms around his neck & pushed my lips on his roughly.

At first laksh was confused but then his lips began to move with mine roughly. I had missed thr feel of his lips on mine, the taste of sweet honey & the pleasure & protection it made me feel.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, lost in the moment & pushing myself closer to him. I was going slowly & teasing him until he let out a small moan. He was about to start the next step.

Swara: Wait…..

What? Why did i say this? Am i stupid? I don’t want to wait. I want him. My body kept screaming at me but i had to….

Laksh: What’s wrong….

He said between breaths, trying to connect our lips once more.

Swara: Not yet… not until you prove that you don’t just want me for my body.

No…just shut up shona. I want this. I tried to keep telling myself but some reason my logic took over.

Laksh laughed & laid beside me.

Laksh: I have to prove it to you… ha…and how would one do this?

This made me laugh to… surely by telling me he loved me was enough… but a part of me said that he was used to getting what he always wanted & i wanted him to fight for it.

Swara: Hmmm… i am not sure but when i see it i will know.

I turned & smiled at him for which he smiled back at me. He pulled me closer to him he moved both his hands around my waist protectively & i rested my head on his chest… laying like this in his warmth & safeness i fall asleep instantly.

Next day

My eyes fluttered open to find sun light brightening the room i tried to sit up… i open my eyes fully to find laksh still asleep. We were still cuddled close to each other, his arm over mine protectively.

I looked up to his calm sleeping face it was so refreshing to see him so cool & calm so peaceful & beautiful.

Laksh: Do you like what you see?

laksh raised his eyebrow & smiled. Heat rushed to my cheeks & i pushed my head into his chest hiding my blush.

Buzzzzz… buzzzzz….

No. I don’t want my phone to ruin this moment but i knew it was my mom… so i slowly got out of my bed, in search of my phone.

“Hello” I answered the call.

“Hey shona, how is gayu?”

“Fine mom.. we have just got up.” I hate lying to my mom, but i couldn’t tell her that i had spent the whole night with laksh & believe me she will kill me.

“Oh good.. i will be at home in one hour if you want to go out somewhere. “?

“Really yeah i will be there soon. Love you bye”

” Love u to shona bye”

I hung my phone & put it on dresser when laksh came behind me & wrapped his arms around my waist, hugging my back close to his chest. He placed a little kiss on my neck & lifting his lips to my ear,

“Who was that?” he whispered with jealousy in his words, sending chills down my spine…how can someone turn me on so much with just the little touch. I turned away to hide my blush.

“hmmm…just my mom. I have to go.” But i don’t want to go. I want to stay with laksh. I weny to pick my bag but laksh grabbed me.

“Why so rush? I will drop you in my car”. I have to be careful. There is no way i can let laksh see where i live, but i also know its impossible.

“My mom has morning off so we are going to spend time with each other and its ok. My house is not so far & i will make my own way”.

I hate all the lying i done today but it was all necessary. I turned fastly & grabbed my bag & tried to leave.

“If it is so close then it will be even closer if i drop u there”… laksh smiled at me. I had to do something & fast. My mouth was going dry & my palms were sweating. What should i do?

Thats it guys. Please comment. Love u all.

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  1. Astra

    hmm…waiting to see laksh’s reaction after seeing swara’s house. I loved both of them. they are genuine. update soon..

  2. Sana27

    Nyc episode…

  3. Superbbbb

  4. Inu

    Superb epi

  5. AMkideewani

    Superb, I love it❤❤

  6. awesome

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