Next day
It was shivika’s third reception only media and business people




Shivaay in black suit

Shivaay in black suit

Om in peach suit

All were enjoying ishana went to check the security

Om was seeing her actions

He felt that he should ask for forgiveness from ishana

He was following  her suddenly she fainted he took her to her room

Then he heard gunshot and ran downstairs

Two maskmen had knocked out the security with poisonous gases

And now people were running helter skelter

They held anika and saumya as hostage

All were stunned

Om shouted – ISHANA

here she woke up

She understood something was wrong and changed her dress

She wore black spaghetti jumpsuit and a bullet proof jacket

Only vikram , aditya , shivika , rumya, om were present as they sent everyone out

And ran downstairs and was shocked now as now the masked man pushed saumya and now held om

Ishana- omkaraji , di

All look at her

Maskman- o so you are ishana i will leave both of them if you agree to die peacefully from our hands

Ishana- ok leave them

Om was pushed and ishana was grabbed and handcuffed

All were shocked

They made her kneel

Suddenly sirens were heard

It was anika (she kept bar phones with her always)

Maskman- siren

Ishana gets up and kicks the first one in his main part while other tries to shoot her but she bends and handcuffs got shot resulting in her hands getting free she not kicks the other one in TIGER SHROFF STYLE

Both are knocked out

Ishana- he is back and wont stop come with me to the secret room

All run with her

She switches off all the lights

Precap: its RAJ VS ISHANA

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