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Click here for all episodesRecap: Ragini is not Shekhar Sharmishta’s daughter
The door opens and Ragsan are shocked to see the person.
Sanskar leaves Ragini.
Ragini: Sudha maa
That person was Sudha.
Sudha comes forward.
She slaps Ragini

Ragini holds her cheek
Sanskar: woh i was.
Sudha: shut up. I have seen everything and i dont want to hear any explanation from u
Ragini: Sudha maa..i
Sudha: i asked to keep quiet. Haven’t i told u Diya not to meet this man again.
Ragini: woh
Sudha: what woh..i know Diya u both love each other
Ragsan look each other shocked.
Ragini: no Sudha maa
Sanskar: haan ma’am u have got us wrong
Sudha: really?
Everyone starts coming to Ragini’s room

Lady 1: Sudha what happened?
Lady2: what is this boy doing in Diya’s room
Ragini: please listen to me.
Lady3: What is more to listen
Man1: these 2 wil ruin our ashram’s reputation.
Lady1: yes yes..
Ragsan looks at each other.
Ragini is in tears.
They all start talking bad about Ragini ruining their reputation.
Guru ji comes.
Sudha tells everything to Guru ji.
Guru ji: see now whatever had happened we cannot change it. So let get them married
Ragsan looks at each other shocked.
Ragini: what marriage.

Sudha: haan guru ji said the right thing.
Lady5: there is a good muhurat tomorrow morning.
Man2: then what r we waiting for.2 -3 men come and take Sanskar along with them
Sanskar: arrey pls tell me say what happened..
Man3: we dont want to hear anything..come with us.
They goes.
Lady3: come Ragini ..
Ragini: but..
They take Ragini with her
Sanskar POV
“Oh god what is happening with me. How can i let this happen. These people are not listening to me also. Now what will i do. These people ..god..where have i landed myself in ?. This is all because of u Ragini. U should have come with me. I know that u are adopted to are here to find with parents, but how can u forget those people who raised u as their own. Yh dadi was rude to u but uncle aunty and Swara they all were nice to u. And they still want u back. Swara really loves u. But u are very selfish and u cant see how much they want to be with u. And see because of this i am in this mess. I just want this marriage to not happen”
Ragini’s POV
“Oh god..how will i tell them ..they are not listening to me..pls pls god get me out of this..why all this is happening with me. I thought Sanskar will understand. But no, he is still behind his promise to Shona di. But now there is no way. How can i marry him. I cant evern think about it. Just 1 more day that was all i needed. But this person came in between and spoiled everything. God pls i want to meet my parents. Pls god i have waited for 2 years. And beczuse of this person. No god pls ..dont let this marriage happen ”
Ragini and Sanskar comes.
Ragini is wearing a simple red saree
And Sanskar is wearing a cream kurta
Ragini: Sudha maa pls listen to me once
Sudha: no Diya..come sit.

Sanskar looks Ragini
Ragini(in mind): this is all beause of u Sanskar
Sanskar(in mind): U should have come with me..then this would not be happened
Ragini(in mind): didnt i asked u to leave me alone?
Sanskar(in mind): didnt i asked u to come back with me
Ragini(in mind): u will never understand how it feels like
Sanskar(in mind): U r selfish Ragini
Ragini(in mind): Its all because of u Sanskar. U should have listen to me..u should have gone back
Sanskar (in mind): It all ur fault Ragini.
Sudha : Diya Sanskar come sit

They sits in the madap.
Ragini(in mind): pls god ..help me out
Sanskar(in mind): i have promised bhabhi..that i’ll being back u. And i’ll do that. I can never break a promise
Ragini(in mind): some promises are meant to be broken.
Swara is walking here and there
Laksh: Swara what happened?
Swara: i dont know Laksh ji..i am not feeling good..
Laksh: what? Ok come we will go and see the doctor
Swara: no Laksh ji not like that

Laksh: then
Swara: feels like something bad is about to happen
Laksh: Swara dont stress urself, i know u are worried for Ragini
Swara looks on
Lkash: dont worry Sanskar will bring her back soon.
Swara: i wish the same.
Laksh: trust him he never breaks any promise
Swara looks on
FB Starts
Swara: Ragu..what are u doing?
Ragini: eating ice creams ..
Swara: its raining Ragu
Ragini: so what?
Swara: so what?..u’ll get fever
Ragini: let it be
Swara: Ragu..what are u saying
Ragini: i am not scared of getting fever Shona di.
Swara: so why r u not scared?
Ragini: because i know u’ll be there for me always

Swara : really?
Ragini: haan
Swara: so i’ll be there u for and what will i get in return?
Ragini: di..i’ll be there with u na..always..isnt that enough
Swara: pagal
Ragini: what pagal…come promise me that u’ll never leave me
Swara: promise..now u promise
Ragini hugs her
Ragini; Promise Shona di i’ll never leave u.
FB Ends
Laksh: Swara where are u lost?
Swara : no thing..i was just
Laksh: relax Swara. Everything will be fine
Swara: hop so.
Marriage rituals start
Ragini(in mind): oh god what is happening with me..pls do some miracle god i dont want to marry him.
Sanskar(in mind): I want to take u back. But still i dont want this marriage
Ragsan looks angrily at each other.
Pandit asks Sanskar tie magalsutra around Ragini’s neck
Sanskar looks at her
Ragini(in mind): dont u dare.

Lady2:arrey what r u waiting for Sanskar
Sanskar ties magalsutra around Ragini’s neck
Pandit asks him to fill Ragini’s hairline with sindoor.
Ragini and Sanskar have a eyeslock
Sanskar fills Ragini’s hairline with sindoor
Pandit: now they are husband and wife
Sudha hugs Ragini.
Ragini goes to her oom
Sanksar also comes there.
He closes the door.
Ragini: are u happy now? I asked u to leave me alone right
Sanskar: its all ur fault haven’t i asked u to come with me
Ragini: why should i listen to u?
Sanskar: u have to
Ragini: i will not..now just go away from me

Sanskar: i am not leaving without u
Ragini: what is ur problem?
Sanskar: now u r my wife u have listen to me
Ragini: i am not ur wife..and u cant take me from here.
Sanskar: seems like u wont listen to me..i know how u take u back
Ragini: do whatever want..i know u r so cruel
Sanskar: i am not cruel. U r being selfish
Ragini: what do u know about me
Sanskar: i know everything about u
Ragini: u dont know anything..
Sanskar: now stop arguing and come we need to leave now.
Ragini: i am not coming.
Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand

Sanskar: come Ragini
Ragini realises her hand from his hold
Ragini: i said i am not coming anywhere ..is that clear..i am not coming.
Sanskar: o then i’ll call Swara and tell everything.
Ragini stays silent.
Sanskar: till now ur sister Swara dont know that u r a adopted child
Ragini is shocked to hear this
Ragini: how do u know that?
Sanskar: thats not the issue here Ragini. See if u are not coming with me then i’ll call bhabhi and tell everything. And i dont know what she will do after that. U know she is will broken shattered as u hided this from her all these time.
Ragini has tears in her yes.

Sanskar: how can u do this to her? Do u know how much she loves u. What do u think she she knew u were adopted then her love for u will decrease? The truth is u dont deserve a sister like her.
Ragini cries.
Sanskar: so now what is ur decision? Are u coming with me or shall i call Swara?
Ragini: no pls dont call di i’ll come with u, but pls i want to see my parents only once..pls..They will come here tomorrow. I just want to see them once and then i’ll come with u. Pls
Sanskar: ok ..but one condition u’ll not go and meet them. U can just see them
Ragini: ok fine i’ll not even go near to them. Ok
Ragini nodes her head
Next day
Ragini is about to go.
Sanskar: Ragini remember u can just see them.
Ragini: yh
Ragini goes.
Sometime later
A couple comes.
Sanskar also sees them
They goes to guru ji.
The couple is revealed as Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore and Janki Rathore (Ragini’s parents)
Guru ji: namste Raghuvendra Rathore and Janki
Ragini looks on

Sanskar comes to her
Sanskar: is that..
Ragini nodes her head in yes.
Guru ji: how are u Janki beta?
Janki: i dont know guru ji. When will god give our daughter back to us.
Tears come from Ragini’s eyes.
Sanskar(in mind): i know Ragini what i am doing to u is not right but..there is no other way
Ragini(in mind): i am right here maa..but i am sorry i cant come and meet u..i am sorry
Sanskar(in mind): pls forgive me Ragini
Ragini(in mind): today my parents are near me but still….
Precap: Ragsan back to GM

I know this episode was not up to the mark i am really sorry for this..actually i was super busy for some days so i wrote this chapter in a hurry.. thats why i’ll try to make the rest of the chapters interesting..pls comment and tell me how it was.

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