ISHKARA FF-Life Found Love Once Again-Chapter 101



Everyone are worried seeing Ishana’s unconscious state… They try to wake her up but failed… She remains unconscious… Raghav thinks something and looks at Arjun…

Raghav: Arjun, I have an oxygen cylinder at my room… Bring it with the oxygen mask… Maybe, we can….. (Stops seeing Omkara places his mouth on Ishana’s doing CPR for her… Raghav signs Arjun to go and Arjun leaves inside the house covering his nose with a handkerchief…)

Om: (cries holding her face) Please open your eyes, Ishana… Don’t do like this to me… (Presses her chest gently with her hands and repeats doing CPR to her… Ishana still doesn’t open her eyes… Omkara cries hugging her… He feels a little move on his chest and sees Ishana’s face is moving a little… Omkara lifts her face and pats it…) Ishana!! Ishana!! (Ishana opens her eyes with a heavy breath and coughs… Omkara pats her back gently…)

Ishu: (weakly) Omkara!! (All smile in relief except Ashok who is shocked seeing her alive… Omkara smiles in tears and hugs her… He breaks the hug and kisses all over her face… Ishana smiles weakly at him..) I’m fine… Don’t worry… (Omkara kisses her lips without bothering their families presence who turn their faces smiling at each other…)

Om: You make me scared… (Tears are still flowing from his eyes…)

Ishu: (wipes his tears) Your Ishana won’t leave you this soon… Even if the God wants to take my life, I won’t allow him to take it… (Cups his face) This life is just belongs to you… As long as you are alive, I will be alive too… (Omkara hugs her tightly… She too hugs him back… Others smile looking at them… The police arrives and about to take Ashok but he runs away from them… The police chase him… SidRan want to chase them too but others stop them…)

Tej: Police will catch him… Our Ishu is important for us now…

Mr Chabra: Correct!! Let’s take her to the hospital first…

Reyaan: How about their wedding??

Om: It will be cancelled… Ishana need to be treated first… Her life is more important than anything… We can do the marriage on another day… (Everyone nod agreeing with him… He is about to lift her but Ishana stops him…)

Ishu: Will you agree if I say something??

Om: Can I say no to you?? Just tell me…

Ishu: (holds his both hands) Please don’t cancel the marriage… I want to marry you and be your wife…

Om: (holds her face with one hand) We will marry, Ishana but not now… You are not well and need to get treated…

Ishu: Please, Omkara… Don’t say no… I want to be your wife as soon as possible… I don’t want to postpone our marriage… I’m good only, Omkara… We can go to hospital after our marriage… (Omkara feels bad seeing her pleading him… Others too feel bad seeing her…)

Reyaan: Karan bhaiya, check her and tell how is she… (Karan holds her hand and checks her pulse… He then checks her using his stethoscope…)

Shivaay: How is she, Karan?? Can we proceed the wedding??

Karan: She is still weak but we can do one thing… We will give her emergency treatment for some time using the oxygen cylinder… We can proceed with the wedding and take her to the hospital after the wedding… (All smile in relief… Karan looks at Ishana…) We will not cancel your wedding… Happy?? (Ishana nods happily… Karan kisses her forehead… Annika returns there running towards them…)

Shivaay: Annika, where have you been?? Ishu has woke up… (Annika goes towards Ishana)

Annika: Ishu, you are fine??

Ishu: I am good, Annika di… (Annika hugs her and kisses her forehead…)

Rudra: Bhabhi, where have you been just now??

Annika: I ran to bring this water to wake her up… (Showing a mug full with water…) Remember last time when the same happened to me, your bhaiya throw water on my face… That’s why I thought to do the same to her… (All laugh seeing her cuteness…) But, she is awake now… So, no need of this now… (She throws the water without looking and it lands on Shivaay’s face… All cup their mouths in shock… Annika realised what she has done and makes a puppy face at Shivaay holding her ears while Shivaay glares at her… Ishana laughs seeing them… All smile in relief seeing Ishana…)

Ishu: Annika di, you thought to throw this water on me like this?? (Annika nods… Ishana smiles and pulls her cheek…) You are too cute, my khidkithodh Annika di…

Rudra: Bhabhi, this is not needed now and the water has landed correctly on the right person… (Shivaay stares at him)

Annika: By the way, how Ishu got conscious??

Rudra: O have saved her by giving CPR for her…

Annika: CPR?? What is that?? (All look at each other thinking how to answer her… Arjun comes there bringing the oxygen cylinder and gives to Raghav…)

Shivaay: (change the topic) Let’s take Ishu to Oberoi Mansion first and give the emergency treatment to her… (Omkara is about to lift Ishana but Arjun stops him…)

Arjun: Om, you can lift your Ishana during your grah pravesh… Now, let me carry my sister… (Omkara smiles and nods his head… Arjun lifts Ishana in his arms and all leave to Oberoi Mansion…)


Ishana has been treated for some time by RaDuKa till her pulse and heartbeat become normal…

Shivika’s Room

Shivaay is wiping his face which drenched by Annika just now… Annika goes and hugs him…

Annika: Shivaay, are you still angry on me?? (Shivaay keeps quiet) I’m sorry, Shivaay… I swear that I didn’t see you were standing there… That’s why…. (Holds her ears… Shivaay chuckles and takes her hand from her ears… Annika grins happily seeing him not angry with her…) You are not angry with me??

Shivaay: (cups her face) Why I need to angry with my beautiful wife?? Actually, I’m very proud of you… You were still manage to think when all of us were panic seeing Ishu’s state… Luckily, Om did CPR for her…

Annika: CPR?? Shivaay, why you didn’t do CPR for me that time?? Why did you throw the water on me?? (Shivaay is surprised with the question…)

Shivaay: Annika, do you know what is CPR??

Annika: I know that is one type of treatment to save someone’s life…

Shivaay: Do you know how to do it?? (Annika shakes her head…) I will tell you how… (He holds her and makes her to lie on the bed…) CPR is done when a person is lack of oxygen where another person will give his/her breath from mouth to mouth…

Annika: (widened her eyes in shock) What?? That is called CPR?? (about to get up but Shivaay pushes her back on the bed…)

Shivaay: I might have done that to you if you were still unconscious that time… Never mind, I will do it now but differently… (Places his lips on her and kisses her… Annika holds his head and pulls him closer deepening the kiss…)

Ishana has become normal and the girls help her to get ready… Everyone leave to the wedding hall after that…


The Raichands and Chabras welcome the Oberois… Swetlana places tikka on Omkara’s forehead and they enter the hall… Omkara has been seated at the altar and that pandit started the ritual for him… The girls bring Ishana there… Omkara smiles seeing her… The pandit ask Omkara to stand and exchange their garlands… Omkara is about to wear the garland for Ishana but ShivRu lift Ishana from the ground much to everyone’s shock…

Rudra: O, you can’t get my bhabhi soon…

Prinku: (claps happily) Correct, bhaiya!!

Shivaay: Right!! She is our pink star diamond and you should try hard to get her… (Omkara raises his eyebrows… ArSid come there…)

Arjun: ShivRu, if Ishu is a diamond, our Om is the base of the diamond… We won’t let him lose easily… (ArSid lift Omkara and he wears the garland on Ishana… Ishana too wears the garland for him happily… ShivRuArSid place IshKara down… IshKara smile at each other… The elders chuckle looking at them…)

Tej: These youngsters are so unbelievable… (Others nod their heads agreeing with him…)

Shakti: Yes, bhai saab… I think their roles have been reversed… (TejSak laugh…)

IshKara asked to sit and the pandit continues the rituals… He asked for Ishana’s family to do ‘kanyadaan’ for her… ArSid go towards RaDuKa…

Arjun: You three will do ‘kanyadaan’ for her… (RaDuKa look at them in surprise)

Raghav: We?? You both are her brothers and you are the one should do it…

Sid: We are her brothers but you three are her fathers… You are having more rights than us… We both have done ‘kanyadaan’ for NiTiMi… Now, it’s your turn for your daughter… (Arjun nods his head agreeing with him… RaDuKa look at NiTiMi who are also nodding their heads in tears… They turn towards Ishana who is signing them to come through her eyes… RaDuKa are about to go when they stopped remembering something…)

Dush: If fathers are having rights to do ‘kanyadaan’ for their daughter, the mother having the rights as well, right?? (Siddharth nods and goes towards Swetlana…)

Sid: You too go with them…

Swet: Without you??

Sid: We are one, Swetlana… There is no difference between us… Just go and do it… (Swetlana nods and goes with RaDuKa to the altar… Swetlana takes Ishana’s hand while RaDuKa take Omkara’s hand… Swetlana places Ishana’s palm on his…)

Swet: Our daughter is precious for us… We know you will take a good care of her… Just love her like you are loving her now…

Om: My love for her will increase every day but it won’t become less… Your daughter is my life and I will take a good care of her… (SwetRaDuKa smile and get down from the altar after finishing the ‘kanyadaan’…)

The pandit asked IshKara to get up and take ‘saath phere’ around the sacred fire… Soumya takes Omkara’s scarf and Ishana’s lehenga and ties them… Ishana has been asked to walk in front first for the phere… She does has he said and walks for four rounds… After the fourth round, Omkara leads Ishana and continues another three rounds completing the phere… They have been asked to seat again… Omkara takes the mangalsutra and wears it on her neck… Ishana recalls her previous wedding and unknowingly her eyes started to fill with tears… Omkara then takes the red vermilion and fills it on her middle partition… He too started to recall his wedding with Gauri… He sees Ishana’s tears started to fell from her eyes and he understands she is recalling her past too… They look at each other and have an emotional eyelock… Their families too understand their inner turmoil that they are feeling in their hearts right now… Their eyes are filled with tears too… Their children who have lost their lives years before have found their life again… ShivRu hug TejVi and Kalyani while NiTiMi hug Savitri…

Pandit: You both are husband and wife now… (IshKara break their eyelock and get up from their places… Omkara hugs Ishana and kisses her forehead… Ishana too hugs him back… They break their hug and wipe each others tears… They take blessings from their elders… They are about to take blessings from ShivIka but ShivIka stop them and hug both of them kissing their foreheads… Other youngsters too do the same for them… Ishana feels dizzy and almost collapsed but Omkara holds her… They take her immediately to the hospital… She has been treated for few hours and discharged after that…)


AniSou take ‘aarthi’ for IshKara… Ishana kicks the ‘kalaash’ gently with her leg… Omkara lifts her in his arms before anyone ask him to do so… He enters the house and places Ishana on the floor… Ishana steps on the vermilion filled plate and places her foot print on the floor… Omkara again lifts her and walks towards the sofa… He makes her to sit on the sofa and he too sits beside her…

Om: Are you ok??

Ishu: (nods weakly) I’m good…

Om: Welcome, Mrs Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi… Finally, you have become my wife… (Ishana smiles at him and holds his hand… Omkara is about to kiss her hand but JhaNky come bringing sweets for them…)

Pinky: Have some patience, Om… First, feed this sweets for her… (Omkara takes the sweet and feed Ishana… Ishana too does the same to him…)

Kalyani: I think we can have the game now…

Om: Daadi, Ishana needs to rest first… Let PriVeer and MaKar play the game…

Ishu: No, that’s ok… I’m still strong… We can play the game, daadi…

Om: Are you sure?? (Ishana nods her head)

Savi: We won’t take very long, beta… Just one simple game… (The girls bring three bowls of milk…)

Annika: We will put one ring in each of the bowls and couples need to find the rings… We will see husband or wife will win the game… (IshKara, PriVeer and MaKar sit on the floor facing each other and AniSou place the bowls in between the couples…)

Annika: Find now… (Six of them insert their hands and search for the rings… The girls chuckle at each other while the couples are trying hard finding the rings…)

Soumya: Pity them, bhabhi… Let’s stop them… (AniSou go towards them) Stop, six of you… (They stop and take their hands from the bowl…) Actually, Annika bhabhi forgot to put the rings…

Prinku: (smirks) Really?? (AniSou nod their heads) Or you all are playing with us?? As I don’t know about you… You must done this purposely…

Annika: Chill, Prinku… Now, we will play for the real… (Puts the rings inside the bowls… They enter their hands and search for the rings…)

Madhu: (excitingly) I got the ring!!! (About to take out her hand but stops when sees Karthik smirking at her…) Karthik, leave my hand… Don’t play cheat game…

Soumya: What happened, Madhu??

Madhu: He is holding my hand…

Karthik: Why are you lying, Madhu?? I never hold your hand…

Madhu: You liar!! See now too you are holding my hand… (All look at them confusingly… Shivaay goes and lift Karthik’s hand which is holding Madhu’s hand…)

Shivaay: Karthik?? What is this??

Karthik: I thought to play this game for long time but this girl ‘I got the ring’!! (Making a weird face while others laugh… Madhu rubs her forehead feeling embarrassed… She gives the ring to him… He takes it and wears it on her finger… Ranveer got the ring and shows to them… He wears it for Priyanka… All turn and see IshKara’s hands are still in the bowl while Ishana is smiling shyly…)

Rudra: O, this bowl is not too big that you are taking long time to find the ring… (Omkara doesn’t bother about him…)

Soumya: Why Ishu bhabhi is blushing like this?? (Snaps her finger in front of them breaking their trances… IshKara take out their hands from the bowl…)

Mithra: Where is the ring?? You didn’t find the ring?? (RuMya enter their hands and search for the ring…)

Rudra: There is no ring inside here…

Soumya: Yeah… Then, where is the ring??

Tia: (takes Ishana’s hand) Aww!! The ring is on Ishu baby’s finger… (Pointing towards Ishana’s finger… Everyone smile at them while Ishana smiles shyly…)

Rudra: O, how you have become this romantic?? I’m impressed… (Hugs Omkara’s shoulder)

Kalyani: Ok… The game is finished… PriVeer and MaKar can leave to Raichand Mansion and continue the rituals there… IshKara will do their rituals here… (The Oberois hug Priyanka while the Raichands hug Ishana… Ranveer searches for something… Priyanka goes to him…)

Prinku: What happened, Ranveer??

Ranveer: My shoes are missing…

Prinku: (confused) What?? Search properly… It must be here only…

Ranveer: But, I placed them here only… (Ranveer looks at Soumya who is controlling her laugh…) Soumya, it’s your work right?? You hide my shoes!! (Soumya burst into laughter…)

Soumya: What I can do, bhaiya?? We have teased Karthik and bade baalwale bhaiya at the altar… We need to tease you as well… That’s why…

Ranveer: So, where are my shoes??

Annika: You won’t get them easily, Ranveer bhaiya… You have to give some bribe to us…

Ranveer: Bribe?? Fine… What bribe??

Annika: You have to decide that…

Ranveer: I will make phav bhaji and paratha for both of you… Is that ok??

AniSou: (excitingly) Ok… Done… (Soumya goes and brings the shoes… She gives them to him…)

Rudra: (to Shivaay) Our wives are unbelievable, bhaiya!! They return the shoes only for phav bhaji and paratha…

Shivaay: That is what I was thinking… These girls are very hard to understand… (Ranveer hugs AniSou and pats their cheeks… They are about to leave when they realised Reyaan is not there…)

Ishu: Uncle, where is Reyaan??

Mr Chabra: I don’t know… I never see him after the wedding… (The security comes towards Shivaay)

Sec: Sir, the commissioner is here…

Shivaay: (confused) Commissioner!!??

Sid: Maybe it’s regarding Ashok… Let him inside… (The security nods and leaves… The commissioner enters inside… Siddharth salutes him…) Sir, you are here?? Anything serious?? (The commissioner nods)

Com: Ashok is dead!! (Everyone are shocked but relief knowing he is no more…)

Sid: The police shot him?? (The commissioner shakes his head…)

Voice: I killed him!! (All turn and see Reyaan walking inside the house…)

All: Reyaan!!??

Chaya: (goes towards him) What are you saying?? You killed him??

Reyaan: Yes, mom!!! I killed him!!

Mr Chabra: Why??

Reyaan: (looks at his parents) Why?? You are asking ‘why’?? What should I do with my brother’s murderer?? He snatched my brother, your son from you… (Looks at Ishana) He tried to molest my bhabhi… He made my bhabhi suffered for more than two years by killing her husband… How could I spare him?? (Everyone are surprised to see him in these much of anger… They never thought a happy-go-lucky guy like him having these many pain hidden inside his heart…)

Arjun: Reyaan, now everything is fine right?? Why did you take this step??

Reyaan: I too thought like you, bhaiya… That’s why I kept quiet after learning the truth… My bhabhi is getting married again and there is someone loves her after Dev bhaiya… But, that creep escaped from the jail and tried to kill bhabhi again… I felt he won’t let my bhabhi to live in peace if he is alive… That’s why I kept a tracker without his knowing when we caught him just now and followed him after the wedding…


Reyaan is driving a car following the GPS tracker… He sees the tracker blinking at a place… He stops his car and follows the tracker… He sees Ashok is hiding behind a car… He takes a rod and hits his head till he becomes unconscious… Reyaan drags him towards his car and drives from there…


Ashok opens his eyes and confused looking at the surrounding… He tries to get up but realised that he has been tied on a chair…

Ashok: Who did like this to me?? (Shouts) Hey!! Who is there?? Come and fight with me directly if you are dare enough!! Why are you hiding like a coward??

Reyaan: Look who is talking!! (Ashok turns to the voice and sees Reyaan walking towards him with anger filled eyes…)

Ashok: Who are you?? Why did you kidnap me?? (Tries to recall) You are with the Raichands just now, right?? Oh!! So, they are the one ask you to kidnap me?? (Laughs mockingly) blo*dy cowards!!! (Reyaan slaps him hard…)

Reyaan: (chokes his neck) Don’t you dare to say one more word about them!! (Leaves his neck) They are not cowards!! You are the real coward!! That’s why you never directly attack them but always attack the girls… They are the true men because they always be on their girls side whenever their girls fall apart… They are not like you who always having dirty thought in your mind… You should have been killed when you tried to molest my bhabhi few years ago… But they spared your life for Swetlana di…

Ashok: What are you blabbering?? Who is your bhabhi??

Reyaan: Oh!! I never introduce myself to you, right?? Fine… I am Reyaan, Reyaan Chabra, brother of Dev Chabra… Remember Dev Chabra?? Dev??

Ashok: You are Dev’s brother??

Reyaan: (loudly) Yes!! I am his brother!! The one whom you killed few years ago!! I am his brother only!!

Ashok: Hey!!! My target was not him… Ishana was my target… He was the one came in between and get killed… Who asked her to marry that bad omen girl?? That’s why he died and she became a widow on her wedding day… Any girls have faced this type of situation?? She is such a bad omen!!! (Reyaan gets angry and punches his face plenty times)

Reyaan: How dare you said like that about my bhabhi?? She is not a bad omen, damn it!! She is the luck charm for everyone in that family!! You are the real bad omen for all the men in this world… You make us to feel ashamed to say that we are a man… But, my bhabhi made us to feel proud that we are men…

Ashok: Enough chanting about your widowed bhabhi!!! (Reyaan punches his face again…)

Reyaan: She is not a widow anymore!!! She has become someone’s wife… She is Mrs Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi… My bhabhi is married…

Ashok: Why did you bring me here??

Reyaan: Actually, after learning that you are the one killed my brother, I thought to spare your life because you are in prison… But, after I saw you trying to kill my bhabhi by escaping from the jail, I understand that you won’t let her to live peacefully… You will do something to ruin her happiness… She already has lost her happiness once, not anymore… So, the least that I can do for her is to kill you… (Ashok looks at him shockingly)

Ashok: What nonsense you are saying??

Reyaan: I’m saying what I’m going to do… You killed my brother, who was my parents eldest son… You snatched my brother who was like my best friend… You made my bhabhi become widow on her wedding day… You should not live after this… (He drags Ashok towards a glass tank and throws him inside… Ashok shivers feeling cold…)

Ashok: (shouts) Take me from here!! Or you will see the worst of me!!! (His voice started to tremble)

Reyaan: (crosses his arms) What you will do after you died?? (Ashok struggles to get out from the tank but he can’t because his hands and legs are tied) Do you know what tank is this?? This is where the huge ice bars are made… (He opens the tap and the water started to pour in the tank…) This is an ice factory… You will be frozen after this tank is full… (Ashok becomes scared listening to him and begs him to spare his life but Reyaan doesn’t listen and sits on a chair watching him dying…)


Precap: Reyaan is arrested… IshKara wedding night… Omkara’s surprise for Ishana becomes a shock for her…

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