Love ka hai intezaar Twinj ff episode 99

Episode 99..

Scene started whole night has been passed twinkle condition is same whatever happened right now she takes all things very seriously and this increase her bp level high.And this not good for her and baby too.Kunj worried about her other hand for Aayat too.


Kunj was hell guilty somewhere because he knows whatever is happening now their life he was the main reason because of his one decision today two heart breaking down there is not fault of them still they bearing what they didn’t do it..

What today Aayat bared only her gods knows her hearts.

But anyone can make a mistake and run. It takes a special kind of person to make a mistake admit to it and face the pain and trouble that comes with the amends..

The beauty of life is while we cannot I do what is done we can see it understand it learns from it and change so that every new moments is spent not in regret .guilt fear of anger but in wisdom Understanding and love!

There’s a lot of things that we all wish we could have done differently , but if you spend too much of your life trying to change the past and your biggest regret will be that you spent your life wishing to change a done past when you could have been changing an unwritten present and future

If kunj has power of that he can change everything went in past switch off all things that in future that will happen people give this to him his all goodness went in water they will not see his pains and tears what he bared In these years..

One day he was become the reason to hurt his wife and daughter whom he loved most he was saving them from all pain and tears but one day he’ll give this all to them that no one can’t give them..

Kunj wiped his tears and went in doctor cabin asked them about twinkle condition they said still she was same cant say anything. Kunj come back with sad face which everyone can see it Leela gesturing Yuvi to take him home.. Yuvi went towards him and keep his hand on his shoulders.,

Yuvi: kunj let’s go home MAA and Papa is here.. Kunj look at him with tears full eyes.,

Kunj: I’m fine you all can go.. please MAA..

Leela:okay kunj we are going but you have to be strong if you break down who will handle Aayat and twinkle now they both needs you very much. Leela come near him and cupped his face., tears escaping from kunj eyes.I know what pain you bearing right now kunj.

Kunj: I know MAA whatever Happening right now I was the reason that guilt can’t let me take breath too.

Rt: no kunj everyone did mistake but you didn’t do intentionally.Who knows that tumhari achai ka yeh result milega return me.We all know you did your level best to become good in every relationship. Right now Aayat and twinkle is important forget about everything.. what goes around comes around those hurt you didn’t understand value of your goodness it’s their mistakes not yours. Everyone left for home..

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Ansh crying badly he was sitting in corner and blabbing mamma ?????.. Aayat see this and become sad. She wiped her tears and went towards Ansh. And sit opposite to him. Tears were rolling down from ansh eyes so big big.. he fold his knees..

Aayat: ansh don’t cry please he looks at her.

Ansh:why you come now haa you hate my mamma.. he cried so loudly.. which make Aayat too crying like same him..

Aayat: tu roh Mat cry baby..

Ansh: Meri mamma ????..

she wiped his tears.

Aayat:don’t worry nothing will happen to your mamma and twinkle chachi get fine.. don’t cry. Tu mera bhai hai na.both hugged cuddles each other’s tightly.

Aayat think woh Meri bhi toh mamma hai na. They both break the hug and look at each other face their nose flowing ?.

Ansh: hehe Aayat nosy.

aayat:even yours too. Both laugh out with tears.Aayat wiped Ansh nose. Get up and have this milk.

Ansh:first you drink half than I’ll too. Both make drink milk each other’s with their hands. Both of them went in home mandir and stand in front of god and fold their hands and closed the eyes and pray for twinkle health.

Ansh: god please make my mamma fine I can’t stay without her she is world best mamma..

Aayat:ho god I don’t want anything just one thing today please make ansh mamma fine. It’s very painful to see the mAmma in pain.who knows this better than me. I’m taking my all words back please Twinkle chachi ko teekh kardo.

After this they both of them went in room and sit on the bed ansh keep his head on Aayat lap. Later both of them sleep itself don’t know Aayat in sitting position.

Just than Leela and all’s come back home Asha who handling yuhi baby Yuvi tell her to see baby first Mahi directly went in Asha room to see baby.. baby sleeping peacefully. Mahi take baby and say thanks to Asha. Asha went in hall and served water to everyone and asked about twinkle health naman tell her in sad voice like same before no response.

Leela: Asha where is twinkle kids..

Asha: mamma here only maybe In room.

Leela: did they had anything.??Asha nodded in no.

Asha: mamma I try but both of them denying..

Leela: okay fine I’ll see.. she gets up and went upstairs in Twinkle room.. Leela entered in room and her eyes went on bed and see both kids sleeping peacefully to see their face Leela heart aching to see her own daughter kids in this condition

she went towards bed and make Aayat lay down properly and covered them she went in her room..

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Maya telling Anant that she wanted Aayat back at any cost she can’t stay without her now anymore.. nani listen their conversation through window and tears escaping from her eyes today she don’t know one day she has too see his kunj in this condition for whom she alive till now. Never thought her all praying to god that make her kids happy but what happened today..she went in room in anger.. her old eyes don’t have energy now to cry but heart want to cry..

Nani: waha maya.. both turn and look at nani..

Anant: nani???

Nani: haa don’t you both feel ashamed on yourselves haa. After what you did with my kunj.. anger clearly visible in Nani eyes and pain for her Kunj too.

Anant: Nani why you always take kunj side can’t you see them.

Maya: Nani please you tell twinkle and Kunj that give my Aayat back to me..

Nani: heheh waha maya today I understand why god didn’t give you child because he too knows that you don’t know the value of baby and can’t understand their feelings too today that small soul suffering pain. What mistake she had done ha. Whom she thought that they are her parents today she knows no they aren’t. Maya what you have done it Aayat it’s so bad if you both done this with your own real daughter maybe she’ll not feel that much bad that today she feel because you both treated her like this because she isn’t your real daughter at least maya and Anant think about her. Anant you were telling that na Aayat is your lifeline what happened today didn’t really if maya did this with your own kid did you let her do it this ha no Anant.

You both throw her like this she is a dustbin thing ha but twinkle and Kunj can’t do it. Woh kehte hai na.


PAR JANM LENE KE LIYE. SIRF EK MAA HI HAI. She said this and left from here.

Maya:this Nani ji always taking kunj side Huh… sometime feels like she just love kunj only you Anant how she named her half of the property on kunj name.

Anant: look at her in stern eyes. Even on my name too don’t dare to forget that maya he too left the room..

In hall Usha and Anjali sitting together Nani come there Usha see tears in her eyes immediately get up and look at her.

Usha:MAA what happened why this tears come??? Anjali make her sit beside Usha.

Anjali wiped her tears. Usha and Nani looking at each other face.

Usha:MAA ??… Usha keep her head on her lap.. I’m sorry MAA just because of me today this tears in your eyes maaf kardo..

Nani:na Usha don’t say this.

Usha: ha MAA after 29 years ago I saw tears in your eyes. Usha raise her face while Nani cupped her face..

Nani: after 29 years ago you see tears in my eyes you are not the reason behind this Usha but itne saalo me I didn’t cry just because of you only. Don’t blame yourself please..

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Kunj still sitting Docter went in icu room check twinkle and see she get conscious now he tells nurse informed about this to her husband Kunj immediately come in icu room and see twinkle she open her eyes and looking at him. Docter went out of the icu..Kunj take step towards her with lots of arduous.He sits beside twinkle and looking at her numbly..twinkle try to get up but can’t Kunj make her sit.

Kunj: how’s you???

Twinkle: hmm fine. Tears rolling down their eyes like splurged.Both didn’t see here and there just hugged each other’s. Kunjjjjj ??????????????.

Kunj:twinkle im sorry for everything I don’t have words for my mistakes today what you bear only you know and Aayat.. you are right i never become good husband and as well father too.

Twinkle:no kunjjj.why this happened to us we never try to hurt anyone but why people give pain too us.Nobody sees our sacrifices kunj and goodness.Today Aayat hating me she is right kunj I deserve it what my small soul bearing today how much it’s difficult for her to digest it this truth. Later they both break the hug Kunj wiped twinkle tears..

Kunj: I’m make her understand that it’s not your mistake I’m her culprit not you are twinkle. For god sake Twinkle please don’t take this much stress it’s not good for you and baby..

Twinkle:I know kunj but what can I do kunj I cared for my all kids but this unborn baby it’s not important for in front of my Aayat. How can I ignore her in compared that how didn’t come in this world till now.

Kunj I can’t bear her hates kunj. Her all words tear me kunj.

Kunj:don’t worry I’ll handle her it’s my promise.Bas you didn’t take anything kind of stress on yourself. Nurse entered in icu room with juice and healthy breakfast. Kunj too the tray from her hands and make twinkle eat everything and give her medicines late he called Yuvi and tell him now Twinkle is little bit fine they’ll come home at evening.Finally all family members get relief that twinkle is fine now.

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ansh and Aayat wake up together their eyes and heart just finding their parents.

Just than Mahi and Leela entered in room with baby and food.

Leela:aw finally my babies wake up. Mahi sit beside Ansh and place baby on bed.

Now come have your food. Aayat simply get up and went out of the room leave Mahi and Leela sad.. they understand she needs time. Leela feed Ansh give him bath as well. After sometime later.

Kunj went and tell docter give discharge to twinkle.he agrees and did all discharge formalities.. twinkle was Already waiting for kunj. He come and hold her hand both left for Taneja mansion.

While Ansh asking everyone when his mamma and Papa will come home. In Whole ride twinkle didn’t say anything just thinking about Aayat. They reached the home and Kunj take her inside carefully. Everyone was in hall only they just waiting for twinkle and Kunj. They both entered at door entrance Ansh eyes went on them he just rushed towards them and hugged twinkle from her waist.

Ansh:mamma.. twinkle keep her hand on his head and caress his hairs..

Twinkle: ansh I’m fine.. Kunj hold his hand and they went towards all.Twinkle and Kunj sit.While Ansh didn’t leave twinkle duppta.but twinkle and Kunj eyes searching Aayat everywhere.

Mahi: how’s you di now..

Twinkle: good Mahi..

Leela:Twinkle you should rest now.

Ansh: haa mamma you just get fine even I’ll not tease you okay.. twinkle and Kunj give him smile and Kunj took twinkle upstairs goes in their room he makes Twinkle lay down and cover her with blanket while Ansh come and lay beside her.

Kunj:Twinkle now you sleep.

Twinkle: hmmm.. Ansh patting on twinkle head in Oder that she sleep. Which make Twinkle and Kunj laugh slightly ?.. Kunj took his clothes went in washroom to get freshen up.While Aayat sitting alone all bad memories running in her mind. Making her mad.

Twinkle feeling little bit pain in her stomach.And cramps coming in her hand and legs.twinkle just gulping all pain. Somehow she sleeps and moving her hand and leg in sleep too ansh see this and get up started pressing her hands. Aayat come in room and see twinkle get happy but immediately hide her happiness too. She went near to bed.

Aayat: ansh..

Ansh: shhhh mamma sleeping.

Aayat: ho what are you doing. ???

Ansh: can’t you see.

Aayat:okay cry baby.. she too sit and started giving massage twinkle on her legs.

Kunj was sitting with everyone they all were talking about Aayat now what they will do with her. Kunj didn’t have any answers now..

Leela: when Anita ji will come Yuvi..

Yuvi: don’t know MAA. Kunj now you have to do something with Aayat. Can’t leave her on herself..

Kunj: hmm I’ll talk to her.. they all having tea now it’s twinkle medicine time kunj and Leela went to her room.They both stop to see the scenario tears and smile both coming on their face. Both brother and sister pressing her twinkle hands and legs and they both can see the amenities on twinkle face.. really now she feel so good. Their little hands did magic that her all pain vanish..

Leela: gussa and dard dono hai uske dil me But apni MAA ka dard bhi dekh shakti hai..

Kunj:hmmm.They went towards them Aayat stop and shut her eyes down.

Leela:very good babies taking care of their mother..

Ansh: acha.. See Aayat tu bhi na MAA ke saath Aesha hi karna.all get quite while

Flood of tears comes in Aayat eyes after Listening maya name.Leela and Kunj see her face expression.Aayat evade being sighted she went in downstairs.Whole day passed like this everyone sat for dinner and twinkle denying to having anything. She asked Ansh that Aayat eat anything he told her truth no.. twinkle get up went in her room while Kunj too behind her. Both entered in room see Aayat sitting on floor and breaking the doll slightly which Kunj bring for her.

Twinkle:aaj nahii toh phir kabhi nahi kunj.

Both went towards her and twinkle stand kunj sit beside her she didn’t look at them.. Kunj cupped her face and making her looking in their eyes.

Kunj:Aayat.. Aayat looks at them like dumb and deaf person.Tears coming from her eye. Aayat about to get up while kunj didn’t let her do it. Aayat I know you are angry with us and you are right at your place you have full right but listen to us first you can give any punishment to me not your maa. He cupped her face looks at me Aayat. Who told you that we didn’t love you haa we love you like anything Aayat we don’t have words to describe our love for you. Hate me not twinkle she is innocent I’m your culprit not twinkle. MAA hai yeh Teri Aayat. She loves more than anything if she alive just for you Aayat.

She didn’t give you it’s me who give you to them if I have any clip to show you that how much she cried from you when I took the decision.She can’t bear little bit pain but at your time she is ready to bear all pain for you. I’m sorry Aayat. Punish me not her.Twinkle to sit beside kunj.. Tearing coming from Trio eyes. Kunj can read Aayat eyes that she had some question.

Aayat asked anything if you wanted today we’ll give all answers of your questions.

Aayat took deep painful breath..

Aayat:sach me aapki beti hu that I want to listen from your mouth.Twinkle and Kunj looking at each other Face.

Kunj:yes Aayat tu Meri and twinkle beti hai.You are our first baby.Twinkle isn’t your Chachu but your mamma real wali.

Twinkle:and Kunj isn’t your Chachu but Papa.Both together hum Tere mamma Papa hai Aayat.

Aayat:phir ab kyu liye mujhe haa.. Throw me in dustbin.

Twinkle: no Aayat. You are you for others but not for us.You are the reason why we both alive. You are the best gift which god give to us. Twinkle hold her hands.

Aayat:you just love Ansh not me and this new baby. If you love us like same than why you didn’t give him to them.

Twinkle:sorry for that Aayat we did mistake to give you.They didn’t see and understand your value.You are part of me.

Kunj:when you went somewhere she gets mad until she didn’t see you her heart didn’t get relief.Aayat she wakes up for your middle of nights when she heard your crying sound immediately wake up nobody can’t wake up but only you.when something happened to you she made her and Health worse than you.To see smile on your face she can do anything Aayat.You know why I love you so much because of twinkle she wanted that everyone treat her princess like queen.She hated you Aayat no Aayat.

Aayat:acha phir maya mamma hate me.?

Twinkle:because she can’t see my doll goodness Aayat.Me tujhse bhut pyaar karti hu Aayat.We just give you you bring happiness in our life so kunj wanted that he can give happiness to his brother by you.When kunj Listen the news that I’m pregnant Aayat he was so happy i never seen anyone happy like this much.From day one he just waiting for you Aayat his princess he toh don’t know if you are girl or boy. Many difficulties we faced on your time your kunj Papa was only who didn’t left any single place where he didn’t kneel down and prayed for you. He takes care of you like a mother. Nobody can’t see and understand our sacrifice Aayat we carved for you always. You thought you are not lucky, but we find ourselves the luckiest people after having you. You always our special child our all memories started with you.

Kunj:yes from you we get first feeling of parents Aayat.What they did today forget we are here you know I was just waiting when you’ll come to me so I show you how much I love my doll. Nobody your place. Your kunj Chachu bolo or Papa you are my first priority always remain. You are our world Aayat.

Aayat: phir why you lied to me???

Kunj:Aayat we don’t have any other option.I did mistake and I understand that somebody to can love my Aayat like me and twinkle, but we are wrong Aayat. Now don’t cry twinkle will kill me because of your tears..

Aayat: you all give me pain.???she burst out so badly. Nobody understands what going on me right now everything giving me pain. I don’t want to live now anymore everything seeing me like fake. That I’m living in bubble world that break down now. Kunj curse himself. After see big big tears in small eyes even her eyes can’t handle this tears. She sobs miserably. Kunj immediately cuddles her to his chest.While twinkle rubbing her back.She makes kunj shirt all wet with her tears drops.Aap dono bhut bure ho. I’ll never forgive you both never. Twinkle hugged her from back.

Twinkle:Aayat don’t say like this. Me Tere bagair me maar jaugi.Aayat started hitting kunj slightly on his chest,.But Kunj didn’t care about it.Kunj cupped her face wiped her tears.Twinkle turned her make her look at her. Aayat baath karna mujse bhi.

Aayat:Kya baath karu.. you both didn’t left anything for me to say. I don’t know how to reacted now. Feel like some movie you all played with me and suddenly truth come out. I thought my Chachu and Chachi is the best that’s why you both always tell me that me and Ansh like real siblings sab real hi hote hai no she screamed. Sab real nahi hote. Hum real te just because of this you were telling me. We are too like real siblings but not like we are real only na. Yeh face sab aap ke jesha Kyu hai I was searching I never knew that this reason will I find it. All used me. Even they too she insecure about me every time give me taunt that I treat you both like my parents not them.She pushed me and I fall down. But mere Papa bhi??I thought he is my hero but no.. he leaves my hand. When my friends get to know about this they all will laugh at me.

Me toh special baby ti na still you all treat me like this why!?? What mistake I had done.

Kunj:Aayattt forgive me.

Aayat:I can’t you separate me from my real mamma why?? And didn’t stop you.

Meri mamma yeh ti and you make her who didn’t love me. Why kunj Chachu. She rests her head near twinkle chest. Tiro make drenched in tears.I’m idiot I didn’t get that

Mamma wali feeling from maya mamma. When I rest my head in her lap I feel so good. Even in yours too. Kunj joint his head with Aayat.

Kunj:you are right absolutely. I’ll do everything whatever you wanted ..

Aayat:really you’ll give me back my all old days even I too want to spend my all days with my mamma Papa not with them whom you make my parents.. both never thought Aayat will ask with Much big question to them. Just for money you sale me na.. twinkle and Kunj get shocked..

Twinkle:nooooooooooooo.Aayat. They both hugged Aayat tightly let their tears flow today. This all seen my two small eyes it’s none other than Ansh..

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Everything is fine little bit Aayat still like same.Twinkle and Kunj try their level Best to make her understand their problems.

Kunj standing in balcony when he got call from usha he received and talking to her twinkle entered in room and went towards balcony and stop at door.. Call was on speak.

Usha: kunj please come back to home I can’t live without you..

Kunj: MAA what Anant Bhaiya done.

Usha:forgive him na please he is your brother kunj.give him second chance please.

Twinkle feeling like she killed them all.

Kunj:MAA I’ll talk to Twinkle.They both talk for while and twinkle wiped her tears and went in hall. Kunj too went downstairs. And see twinkle face find something wrong.

Kunj: Twinkle i need to talk to you..

Twinkle: I know what you wanted talk to me..

Leela: what happened to you twinkle.

Twinkle: please MAA don’t come between us today.. Seriously Kunj what you think about us haa..

Kunj: first listen to me..

Twinkle:acha I know twinkle MAA called me that come back home Please. is it..

after this all happened still you feel for them here Aayat suffering so much.

Kunj: let me complete twinkle…

Twinkle: no first let me complete just because of you today I’m daughter in this stage Kunj she hates me Arey you took our life all decisions she isn’t you separate her from me.Your MAA didn’t live without did really she didn’t about me once when I cried in front of her did she come and stop when you make my life hell kunj no. Arey waha kunj when she can’t stay with you when you have your own family now think about me. Today you want to Listen that kunj I feel like really she is your mother or not. Kunj and yuvi looking at shockingly.

She love Anant Bhaiya more than she can see Anant Bhaiya tears but not yours kunj. Which mother did make one son didn’t sacrifice for her another son happiness she just love Anant Bhaiya. Seemed like she is your sautelee maa. Even today too she chooses Anant between you and Anant Bhaiya. Why?? Anant Bhaiya always denying her but you not still. How easily she said forgive him kunj. Chii if this all happened to her own daughter did really she told this same. Your mother too not less than Maya Bhabhi sautelee..

Kunj:Twinkle in loud voice… don’t dare to compare my MAA with her.. Tears escaping from kunj eyes his lips shivering too. Mat bol yeh word.. and her MAA sautelee nahiis hoti some of is better than real.When you don’t know about my MAA than no need of having any perception about my MAA she is the best MAA. Meri MAA jeshi maa koi nahi hai. Maya Bhabhi Chii I can’t compare her with my MAA nails too.

Twinkle:whatever listen carefully I’ll not go anywhere. If you wanted you can kunj let’s to do it one thing today that would be good for us and my kids too. Break this knot and live on our terms and conditions.

Kunj:Twinkle what rubbish you were talking about that..

Twinkle; you find this all rubbish not me kunj. If you choose your family than remember that I’ll break my all relation with you even not let your shadow too fall on my kids. You’ll alone stay alone.. Indirectly twinkle breaking kunj heart..

Twinkle just speaking whatever coming in her mouth about Usha. Kunj cupped her face.

Kunj: okay fine stay here..Kunj shaking her he leaves her with jerk.

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and went out of the Taneja mansion.

Yuvi: Twinkle..

Twinkle: please don’t come between us. She said and run to her room.

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Usha crying just thinking about kunj.

Usha:what type of mother I’m babaji. Today My kunj in this pain but I didn’t do anything for him. I have to something for her. He makes me always happy now it’s my turn.but Anant I can’t live without him too. Nani come in room and see usha.

Nani: mat ro Usha.They both talking about something while niki and Sheetal come from back and listen their conversation and smirked..

Aayat playing in game in twinkle phone, and she went in photo gallery app and open it started seeing all photos just than her eyes went on one folder name was that best moments of life.. she open it and seeing the photos it’s all pictures of Ansh and aayat when they both really small playing with kunj and twinkle.Aayat sitting in small bath tub and twinkle and Kunj giving her bath too. In one ansh pee on kunj shirt. She laughs and tears escaping from her eyes and fall down on phone screen.She open the one video in that video Aayat sitting on kunj lap. It’s so funny she started laughing. Little Aayat slightly calling pa pa…

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Aayat:papa???.. my..

Episode end on kunj and twinkle face.

Life is all about evolution. What looks like a mistake to others has been a milestone in my life. Even if people have betrayed me, even if my heart was broken, even if people misunderstood or judged me, I have learned from these incidents. We are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference.

Kunj did mistakes but his intentions was good others was not good.He wanted to give them happiness but they didn’t deserve it. It’s truth what people deserve that only god gives them because he understands them very well..


I’m late not well ?..

and busy life ??.

Finally mood hua episode likhne ka?.

Thanks for your comments…

how was the episode write in hustle bustle don’t know finally 99 episode done????. Reason was you all are.. ?????…so finally reach to the end ???..

Leave any mistakes..

please tell me your precious feedback!

Bye love you all.. more twist and turns in my tale ??end will be best..

allahafiz ??????…

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