Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi Gives Love Letter To Gunjan

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yogi tries to write love letter for Gunjan and scolds his friends in frustration. Dadaji enters and asks if he can help. They get tensed seeing Dadaji. Dadaji says he is expert in writing love letters and he is proud of his grandson Yogi who is using old style than new generation’s gimmicks. He chants shayaris/poetry in Urdu and scolds Bablu for mispelling words in love letter. Their drama continues. Dadaji says he wrote love letter to many of his girlfriends. Bablu asks if he didn’t write love letters for Daadi. Dadaji says if he is mad, why would he describe her ugly face as beautiful and her rough hair as beautiful golden tresses, if he holds her hair, they come off in his hands. They signal him to stop. He asks they are acting as if Daadi came. They nod yes. Dadaji turns and gets afraid seeing Daadi. Daadi asks if she looks ugly with rough hair.

Yogi with his friends reaches Gunjan’s music class where her teacher sings Piya Basanti while Gunjan plays sitar. Her fellow classmate sings along teacher. Bablu and Surjit say it would have been good if bhabi also would have sang. Yogi feels sad. Gunjan breaks down while playing sitar. Yogi notices that and walking in signals Gunjan that she was playing sitar very well and should continue. Gunjan happily plays different ragas on sitar. Guruji stops and tells Gunjan that she mixed up raagas, but played well by heart. Bablu and Surjith clap. Guruji asks who are they. They say they came to deliver letter, then say to learn sitar pointing at different instruments. Guruji asks them to sing. They sing Chikni Chameli song while Yogi gives letter to Gunjan via her classmate and signals her to read it and reply him. She happily nods okay. He silently walks away followed by Bablu and Surjith.

Vivek, Kabir and Yogi walk towards home in the evening when Kabir’s father interferes them and asks Kabir to give money for his treatment. Yogi confronts him and signals when did he support Kabir that he is expecting support from him. Kabir’s father yells at him that god made him dumb and deaf due to his arrogance. Kabir warns his father to dare not speak about his brother.

Precap: Gunjan tries to read Yogi’s love letter when Suman walks in. Pari reaches balcony climbing pipe. Yogi shows it to whole family.

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