Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mayura gives electric shock to Rivaaj on Day 2

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mayura asking Ram what is he doing? Ram closes the cupboard and says I was getting bored so was reading magazine. Mayura says I have to discuss with you about the future plan after engagement. Ram says it is your work to think and my work is to follow your orders. Mayura says our engagement shall be low key affair and not many people shall know. Ram says ok. He says Khanak’s property papers will come tomorrow and asks him to sign, says after this Rivaaj will not have anything. Ram says I didn’t know Rivaaj’s sign and says he learnt autograph sign with much difficulty. Mayura asks him to practice and shows Rivaaj’s sign on the papers. Ram copies the signature. Tashi comes to Roop and asks if he is going somewhere. Roop says I don’t want to stay here where my sister is much insulted. Tashi says we shall sit and talk. Roop says I will not stay here. Tashi says I will also come with you. Roop says no and says whenever I will see you, I will remember what has happened with my Di. He says until this matter is settled, we will stay separately. Tashi says she will talk to Bhai and asks him to give her a chance to make everything fine. Roop smiles.

Ram says I can’t copy his sign. Mayura asks him to practice silently and says you are his lookalike. Ram pulls her closer and smiles. Mayura asks him not to dare touch her. He says I helps you and you are doing this. Mayura says I saved you from prison, you owe me. Ram holds her tightly. He asks why did she kick Kesha out. Mayura asks him not to think and do as she says. She tells that she will get signature from Rivaaj and throws the papers. Tashi comes there and picks the paper. Mayura snatches paper from her hand and asks what is the work? Tashi says she came to meet her brother. She tells Ram that Roop is insisting to leave the house and says he will leave me and asks him to call Kesha back. Mayura says no, we have proves against Kesha, we can’t let her come back. She goes. Ram asks Tashi to leave. He opens the laptop and sees Rivaaj’s room CCTV live feeds. He says you was watching me from here. I will see what Mayura does with you now. Rivaaj finds a small blade in the captive room and tries to get it.

Mayura thinks why Rivaaj didn’t wake up till now and thinks to check him. Ram comes running to Mayura and asks what is your intention, did you kill him? Mayura says nothing will happen to you until I want and asks if you have any problem? Ram says I came to do jogging here. Mayura asks him to carry on and leaves. Ram checks Rivaaj’s CCTV feeds and says you woke up, your life will take a U turn which will make you scared. Tashi asks Roop to understand her and tells that she is trying to get Kesha back and asks him not to leave her. Roop says I will stay here tonight and will go tomorrow. Tashi says I will talk. Roop says you have failed as a wife and as a bhabhi. Mayura thinks I wish I could tell you that I am your Rani bhabhi and they are taking advantage of your goodness. Roop goes. Tashi sees Mayura hearing them. Mayura comes to room and cries. She says I am sorry, this is happening because of me, I wish I could tell you that I am your Rani Bhabhi and wishes to remind her of all the happy days. She wipes her tears and says this time I have to take revenge from Rivaaj and promises to get her happiness and also to bring out Kesha and Roop’s truth out. Ram thinks why Rivaaj is moving his chair and thinks she didn’t go to Rivaaj’s room. Mayura comes to Ram’s room. Ram says makoda, I will also know your story today.

Rivaaj falls down from the chair and gets the small knife, laughs. Ram thinks why is he happy? Ram looks at Rivaaj cutting the rope with which he is tied. Ram thinks Rivaaj is going to elope. Mayura comes outside Rivaaj’s room and looks at him through the mirror door. She sees him cutting the rope. Rivaaj frees himself. Ram looks on. Rivaaj sees meter box and then sees Mayura coming infront of the mirror door. He says Saala and looks angrily. He recalls seeing her when he was drowning in water. He says she is torturing me for real and betrayed me. Mayura goes near the switch box. Ram thinks what she is going to do. Rivaaj says I will come out and see you and holds the door handle, Mayura pulls the trigger and gives him electric shock, recalling how he gave electric shock to Raghav. Rivaaj writhes in pain.

Precap: Ram gives breaking news to reporters about Rivaaj. Roop asks Tashi to see the newspaper. Kesha gets angry reading the news. Mayura asks why did you make the engagement news public. Ram says you have also hidden from me about giving shocks to Rivaaj.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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