Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari Scolds A Woman

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari’s friend Neha flirts with Yogi and ask if he can have coffee with her. Pari gets jealous and warns him to say no. He nods yes. Neha asks Yogi what else he likes. Yogi signals. Neha asks what he means. Pari angrily says he likes spending time with friends. Neha says how romantic. Yogi sips coffee loudly. Pari scolds him to shut up. Neha asks what is wrong with it. Yogi says he will leave now. Neha asks what is he doing in the evening. Pari angrily shouts to leave him alone. Neha asks if she cannot proceed she will and make him her boyfriend. Yogi asks her to stop fighting. A pregnant patient with her MIL enters for checkup. MIL asks what is Yogi saying. Pari says Yogi is dumb and deaf. MIL yells at Yogi to go away from his pregnant DIL as he is considered inauspicious. Pari gets angry hearing that and shouts at her to get her DIL treated somewhere else. MIL apologizes Pari. Pari finds Yogi’s mobile and says he left it here itself. Neha says she will go and give it to him. Pari says she will not let her flirt with Yogi again and asks to check patient while she returns Yogi’s mobile.

Bablu looks at Pari’s pic and says she is looking very beautiful, he will marry only her. Moin sees that and scolds Bablu. Prakash pulls Moin’s legs and asks him to accept Bablu’s choice. Moin continues scolding Bablu and runs behind him to hit him. Verma asks Prakash if he is okay with Bablu’s choice. Prakash says he was pulling Moin’s leg.

Pari walks to corridor and sees dead patient’s brothers creating havoc and beating doctors. Peon informs that bed #4 patient died, so his brothers are beating doctor. Pari interferes and says there were very less chance of patient’s survival. Patient’s brothers push her away and she falls down with pregnant patient, then angrily slaps brother and shouts that a patient is hurt because of him. He tortures Pari holding her injured hand and she pleads for help. Yogi realizing his mobile in Pari’s cabin returns and seeing goon brother torturing Pari hits goon. Goons attack him, but he escapes and runs into a room with Pari and locks door. He then sees Pari’s injured hand and ties bandage to her. She gets emotional and thanks.

Daadi asks Nisha why she and Kabir look tensed, but she doesn’t reveal truth. Vivek enters and informs about trouble in Pari’s hospital and Yogi also inside hospital. Police reaches hospital and sealing it from outside handles goons. Yogi and Pari stuck inside room share an emotional bonding.

Precap: Vivek requests constable to let them inside hospital as their brother is stuck inside. Constable pushes him away. Pari cries emotionally, and Yogi hugs and consoles her.

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