Mere Sai 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: False Accusations Against Srikanth

Mere Sai 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shirdi people find out that collector with policemen has come for investigation and discuss what will collector investigate. Patil asks Santa to inform Kulkarni about collector’s arrival at his house and they all will also reach Kulkarni wada. Santa rushes to Kulkarni and informs that a big officer has come with policemen. Kulkarni gets happy that police has come to arrest Srikanth. Collector Chandorkar with his team reaches Kulkarni wada followed by Shirdi people. Kulkarni greets him. Chandorkar introduces himself. Kulkarni says good he came to arrest thief. Chandorkar asks where is thief. Kulkarni points at Srikanth and says he did a big scam by overcharging fees and siphoning education funds and 5 people have given evidence against Srikanth. Chandorkar thinks Srikanth cannot do that. Srikanth says he is innocent and has bills of each expenditure and when he took ledger to police station, police officer rejected his plea saying such ledgers can be tampered.

Patil says they all know Srikanth personally and he cannot do any scam, in fact he pays poor student’s fees most of the time from his salary and they all support Srikanth. Chandorkar says even he knows Srikanth and knows he cannot do anything wrong, in fact he wrote a letter about high taxes in Shirdi. Kulkarni gets tensed. Chandorkar asks him to show his ledgers. Kulkarni’s account hides original ledger. Chandorkar takes fake ledgers and asks Ganpath to check them. Ganpath checks and says there is no problem in it and thinks his heart says something is wrong. Kulkarni says he already told Srikanth is trying to mislead them to hide his own sin.

Sai passes by Tatya’s fields and seeing him tensed asks reason. Tatya says this year, his land didn’t grow any crop at all while all others’ fields are filled with crops. Sai says sometimes they need to check deep within instead of superficial. Tatya digs land, finds termites, and says as he said there as termites inside land. Sai says that is why he told one should check deeply. Ganapth hears him and asks who told this. Chandorkar says nobody said anything and they are all waiting for his answer. Tatya tells Sai that he will burn neem leaves and ward them off. Sai says sometimes solution will be different. He asks termites to go to another place and not spoil Tatya’s crops. They crawl to Kulkarni wada and climb accountant. Accountant jumps and ledger falls from his clothes. Kulkarni gets tensed while everyone look at ledger.

Precap: Sai plays bansuri when Ganpath reaches Dwarkamayi.
They both meet face to face.

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