Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari Denies To Marry Yogi?

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vivek, Rani, Kabir, Nisha, Yogi, Surjith, and Bablu enjoy beer on terrace celebrating Yogi’s bachelor’s party. Vivek asks Pari if she will not have beer. She says she is experiencing intoxication alrady of something else. Nisha says intoxication of love. Everyone taunt her. Vivek insists to have one beer with her jeth and jethani. She also enjoys beer. Down in room, Prakash fumes seeing youngsters celebrating. Kusum says her son is sad and Pari is sad, let them enjoy. Prakash says Pari is just infatuated and once she realizes reality, she will feel Yogi as a burden. Kusum says he always thinks wrong. He asks if she is opposing him. She says she is supporting her son. After finishing beer, Yogi enacts SRK and Pari dances with them. Youngsters then plan how they will elope Yogi and Pari and get them married.

In the morning, Prakash walks to living room and asks family to get him morning tea. Yogi and Pari walk to him as groom and bride. Family gets happy seeing them. Vivek asks Prakash to bless them. Dadaji, Daadi, and Kusum bless groom and bride, but Prakash backs off. Vivek informs that Yogi is shifting to Kolkota. Prakash gets up shouting no.. and realizes it is his dream. He thinks they may marry for sure and should stop them. In the morning, Yogi and others wait for Pari outside house while she is busy getting ready. Yogi calls her and asks if she is ready. She shows him sari and asks if it is pretty. Everyone say yes and ask her to come down soon. Pari sends her selfie with sari to her mother and messages that she is getting married, she can stop her if she can. Prakash knocks door and asks if he can come in.

Gunjan serves medicine to Shiv and insists him to have it. He says he made injustice to her and says he spoke to Prakash last night and if she is ready to marry Yogi. Seema says let us not force her. Shiv says Gunjan loves Yogi and even he loves her from before, so there shouldn’t be any problem in their marriage.

Outside Shrivastav house, youngsters wait for Pari and when she doesn’t come out, Rani and Nisha enter her room and see Prakash walking out. They ask Pari if she is ready. Pari nervously says she needs to go to hospital and walks away while they try to ask her reason. They inform Vivek, Kabir, Yogi, Surjith, and Bablu. Prakask walks to them and asks if Pari tried to suicide. They say no. Kusum asks what are they doing early morning. Prakash says nothing. Rani says Prakash told something to Pari.

Precap: At hospital, Yogi tries to apply sindhoor to Pari and she pushes his hands away. Yogi and Gunjan marry next.

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  1. Verma4

    BS..Pari rejected Yogi because Gungan came sulking to her and she did the sacrifice.

    1. Yes! finally Gunjan weds Yogi.

  2. So this is what they did to my fav show huh! Nice. Imma stop watching from now.

    1. I am not gping to watch if Yogi marries Gunjan.

    2. The show is not on my priority list anymore. I will watch it after all other shows, just to see Gunjan suffer. This will make me happy. Yogi is 110% sure of what he wants and he loves Pari. It’s clear to everyone that Prakash said something to Pari that’s why she’s staying away from Yogi.

    3. I didn’t like yogi getting married to gun Jun….

  3. Verma4

    I think it could be Shiv’s dream.

  4. Prakash an idealistic fool! If the shoe were on the other foot, Shiv would have broken the alliance in a heartbeat if he knew Gunjan was in love with a boy who could speak. In fact, he did just that even without her consent. Prakash is despicable as father, sacrificing his son’s happiness for a friend’s peace of mind, considers Gunjan’s happiness above his own son’s. Even insults his own father! Talks about values. Fine set of values he has, attacking from back. He has definitely said something toPari.And Gunjan. She claims she always loved Yogi and did engagement to punish her father–why did she not share her plan with Yogi? She is as manipulative as her father, she actually moved on with Roshan. If she refused the engagement wouldn’t have happened. Hers is not true love, it’s conviennent love. Now she’s oh Yogi is the love of my life! Unbelievable!

  5. Yogi weds pari are the best otherwise I will not see the show.

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