Patiala Babes 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Arya Is Heartbroken

Patiala Babes 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arya returns home and calls Minnie. Biji says she has gone to restaurant and seeing her injured hands and knees asks how did she incur it. Arya does not reply and insists that she will meet Minnie right now. Biji asks her to change her dress till Minnie reaches home. At restaurant, Bobby gets prospectus buyers for restaurant. The last buyer offers Minnie 50 lakhs plus clearing 30 lakhs loan. Minnie says she needs at least 70 plus 30 lakhs. Bobby sends buyer out asking him to think about the offer. He then tells Minnie that this the the best offer they got since morning. Minnie says she needs at least 95 lakhs for Arya’s better future. Preet says she does not have time as she is leaving tonight.

Minnie returns home and walking to Arya’s room calling her chatanki asks what happened to her. Arya complains that her classmate pushed her down saying she is orphan and doesn’t have anyone, asks what does orphan mean. Minnie gets emotional but controls and says she is going tonight and walks away. Arya cries looking at her parent’s photo and requests to come back as nobody cares for her. Minnie cries standing outside.

After sometime, Minnie packs her bags and tells Preet that she is missing something. Preet says he has packed everything and is missing Arya instead. Minnie then walks down with her bags. Bobby says he has prepared power of attorney papers to sell restaurant, she need not worry as they will transfer money in Arya’s account once property is sold. Minnie meets everyone whole Bobby and Laala go to get taxi. NB says she didn’t meet Arya from whom Minnie is the only family left. Puro asks Arya to go and meet Veer Balika, but Arya acts as slept. Minnie walks to Arya and asks her to open eyes and see that her Veer Balika is going forever, but Arya doesn’t open eyes. Minnie walks away emotionally. Arya runs out and searches Minnie.

Precap: Minnie nurses Arya’s injury and asks how did she incur it. She says her classmate Monto pushed her down and said she is orphan, asks what is orphan.
Minnie gets sad hearing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. Does anyone know where Micky is .what happened to Preet and Micky love story

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