Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Yogi To Elope With Pari?

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Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv gets discharged from hospital and reaches home. Seema asks him not to think about Pradeep Chauhan and Roshan much. Shiv asks where is Gunjan and if she will accept Yogi again. Seema says it is getting to fast. Gunjan opens Yogi’s gift box she found in hospital and finds a sari in it. She reminisces Prakash informing about Yogi and Gunjan’s alliance. She wears pallu on her head and reminisces Pari informing her that Yogi is waiting for her in Qutub minar venue. She video calls Pari and asks if she knows about her and Yogi’s alliance. Pari says she heard about it. Gunjan asks if Yogi is okay with this alliance. Pari asks if she is okay with it. Gunjan signals that she always loves Yogi and got accepted engagement with Roshan to punish papa. Pari disconnects call and cries.

Shiv calls Prakash and says he relieved his tension, asks if what he promised in hospital is true, will he accept Gunjan as his bahu. Prakash says they are friends and will share their problems, Gunjan is like his daughter and he knows what is better for her. Shiv thanks him.

Srivastav family sits for dinner. Kusum calls Pari. Prakash asks her why she is calling Pari after what her parents said. Yogi loves Pari. Prakash says he has already fixed Yogi’s alliance with Gunjan and his decision is final. Dadaji asks how can he take decision when he is still present, he will see that Yogi and Pari marry. Prakash shouts who is he to take decisions, because of his wrong decision to get Pushpa married to Kailash, they lost Pushpa and Kabir is devoid of his mother’s love since childhood; he will not let anyone else take decision regarding his son’s life. Dadaji is hurt and walks away saying he is right followed by Daadi. Vivek confronts him and says he did wrong, Kabir says if he cannot respect his father, he shouldn’t expect them to respect him. Prakash asks Kusum if she will also go. Kusum says she is following her patni dharma, but is also a mother and if someone tries to ruin her son’s life, she will not keep quiet.

On terrace, youngsters gather. Rani says Vivek did wrong by speaking rudely with Prakash. Vivek says even Prakash insulted Dadaji. Pari asks if Prakash uncle will accept her and Yogi’s alliance. Bablu jokes if Yogi marries Gunjan, he will marry Pari. Pari hits him. Surjith suggests Yogi and Pari should elope and marry, then Prakash cannot do anything. Yogi and Pari agree.

Dadaji tells Daadi that he is a bad decision maker. Daadi says he is not. Kusum walks in saying his decision was not wrong. Prakash stands near door. Daadi calls him. Prakash walks in and apologizes Dadaji for his misbehavior. Dadaji says he deserved it as he was trying to act as father. Prakash says he is father and elder of this family and will always be. He tries to convince that Pari is not a perfect match for Yogi as she will start feeling awkward after marriage and will try to degrade Yogi due to his dumb and deaf nature. Daadi says Pari is not like that. Prakash says he is showing them the reality.

Vivek says it is brothers’ bachelor’s party and lets celebrate. Pari says yes with beer. Everyone warn that she is Srivsastav family bahu now and should be in sanskar. Pari gets nervous. Everyone laugh, and Vivek gives money to bring beer. Pari asks again if Prakash uncle with agree. Everyone in chorus say even his father will agree.

Precap: Pari and Yogi return home as bride and groom, family gets happy, Vivek asks elders to bless new bride and groom. Dadaji, daadi, and Kusum bless them, but Prakash backs off.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I don’t know whether Yogi & Pari bring married is a dream or not but it makes me happy. Prakash wouldn’t be against Pari if he hadn’t promised Shiv to get their kids married. I love Pari God being crazy and I believe she won’t forget her responsibilities because she thinks of beer. At the ball she wanted was beer and partying, she has been doing that anymore. I always wondered what was Pari’s role because every time Yogi ran behind Gunjan he’d collide with Pari stopping him in his tracks. Now, I love them. As for Prakash saying Pari will be tired of Yogi because he’s mute, hd must take a seat. Besides Pari said she wanted a guy who doesn’t talk and it looks like she’ll get him.

    1. I love Pari for being crazy. Autocorrect!… At the beginning she wanted beer and partying…

      1. I knew it Gunjan loved Yogi deeply.

  2. I am happy finally yogi and gunjan will marry .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I knew it! Gunjan loved Yogi deeply.

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