Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: A new guy makes an entry in Nia’s life

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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guneet hearing Ghanshyam talking to someone and telling that he is trapped. Guneet asks if everything is fine. Ghanshyam says he had picked a passenger from the airport and tells that they needed 2-4 days to stay. He says he got him room in the house and tells that it has two way door. Guneet asks him how much he gets? He says he gets something. Guneet gets an idea. Golmaal song plays….Amber signs Guneet and tells her that she shall not use the house stairs and reminds him of the clause. Guneet asks him to add her clause and says your contract shall go in hell. She says your contract is not legal. If you misbehave with me then I will tear your contract and go. Amber says just 25 days to give deposit of a year. Guneet looks at him. Kajal calls Nia and asks if everything is good between Kabir and her. Nia says he is perfect friend. Kajal says when love happens then ground gets pulled away, song plays in background and everything seems to be colorful. Nia says bye.

Guneet asks her friends to pics of the house. Her friend asks why she is doing this? Guneet tells that she is thinking about giving the room for rent, to the travelers who don’t stay in hotel. She tells that she has an idea. She says they will come from back stairs, stay in that room and use the kitchen. She asks her to take the kitchen pic. Her friend Naina takes the pic of lawn. Guneet says if kerala sees you taking pic then? Amber sees them and asks not to use camera to take the pic of his house. Naina says kerala is sweet infront of him. Guneet says I told you.

Nia comes out of the airport while talking to Amber. A guy is seen running and coming there. Nia’s trolley gets stuck and she falls down. She sees the guy falling on her and keeps hand on her face. He falls on her, says sorry and runs from there. He looks at her while hiding from some guys. He smiles looking at her. Nia picks her trolley and goes.

Guneet tells Naina that she lied to Amber about her mum and tells that Nia is with her. Naina says if he comes to know. Guneet says if Mata ji comes to know. Pummy comes and asks Guneet to bring tea. She asks if they were talking about her. Naina says she was asking to put ginger. She says truth will come out eventually. She asks if she comes to know about KK. Guneet says bad people goes away from life so that good people comes in life. Nia is in the resort and calls Amber. She searches for network and tells that she has reached here. She says she will be back by tomorrow evening. The guy is also talking to his father and tells that he will not come. He says you are a conman, let your men search me. Nia tries to talk to Amber and falls in the swimming pool while searching network. The guy sees her in pool and gives his hand.

Nia holds his hand and he also falls inside, while trying to take her out. Nia smiles looking at him. He asks if this is a joke and splashes water on her. He asks if she is liking it and laughs. Nia gets out of the pool and sits on the chair. She covers herself with a towel. He says you made me fall again and again and says I want to hire you to make some people fall. Amber calls her. Nia picks the call. The guy thanks her. He sees men coming there and covers them with the towel to hide himself. He tells that she has saved him and asks her to sit. He says she shall do the things which she had not done before. He sees the men go. Nia asks if his story is true or false. He tells that his dad wants to make him CEO of his multinational company and wants to control him with a remote. Nia laughs hearing this. He tells that his dad called him today and announced him as the next CEO. He says he ran from there and his dad sent security behind him.

Amber calls Nia and asks why she disconnected the call. Nia tells that she had fallen in the pool. He asks her to go and get herself checked by the doctor. Nia says she knows swimming and tells that orientation will start in an hour. He says he wanted to spend time with her and she…She says even she wanted to spend time with him, but what to do. She ends the call. Amber asks Ghanshyam to fix the LED lights. Shanti smiles. Amber cuts her 100 Rs from her salary. Guneet asks what is today? Ghanshyam says today is surprise party for Nia. Naina tells Guneet that she will take lawn pics also. Amber sees them. Naina asks can I take some selfies and tells that she will not disturb him. Shanti asks can I come in the selfie? Naina says yes and asks Amber to come. Amber says he don’t want. Naina takes pics of the house. Guneet says we will take pics and go. Amber says if you don’t pay the 1 year rent then you have to leave. Guneet says she got the idea to pay it.

Nia asks Amber if he had medicine. Amber says I will eat, but he sleeps. Guneet keeps medicine and glass of water for him. She then switches on the TV and runs away. Amber wakes up hearing the sound.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. When guneet was keeping the medicine, a song was played in the background.
    Can you please tell me what song that was?

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