Is Loving You A Mistake? GiNa SS Part 6

Is loving you a mistake? Part6
After 2 months…

Ranveer kept ignoring Diya.But once in a while when Dira insisted he spent time with her,not as a father,but as a friend.

Now Ranveer and Diya are in a resort for their honeymoon.Ranveer was not at all interested in honeymoon.But he was sent with Diya for honeymoon forcefully by Ahem and Gopi.
Diya:Ranveer..this place is so beautiful.Shall we roam about the place?

Ranveer:No way.Why will I accompany you?It will be so boring.

Diya became dull.
Ranveer went out.
At midnight Ranveer returned.He was drunk.Diya was shocked.
Diya:Ranveer…you drank?I have never seen you drunk like this?

Ranveer:When people are in depression what else can they do to forget their pain?You put me in pain Diya.Though I did’nt want to I had to marry you and spoil my own life.Why did you come back Diya?Why did you come back to destroy my life Diya?
Diya’s heart was pierced terribly.

Suddenly Diya blasted at him:Stop it Ranveer.You know very well that I love you.Then why should I destroy your life?I married you as I love you,not to destroy you.And if you did’nt want to marry me you should have told me openly rather than marrying me and blaming me after marriage.
Ranveer:I don’t want your love Diya.
Ranveer fell unconscious on the bed.Diya burst into tears.
Diya:Why our beautiful relationship became like this Ranveer?

The next morning Ranveer woke up from sleep and recalled their previous night conversation.
He was embarrassed to face Diya.
He thought:Oh no.What did I tell Diya?I should not have been so rude and hurt Diya.I think i should apologize to Diya.
Diya:Ranveer…Let us go back.
Ranveer:Diya…yesterday night I…
Diya:No need of saying anything.Let us return home.There is no use of staying here.

They returned home.
Gopi:How was the honeymoon?
Ranveer walked away ignoring her question.
Diya:Mummiji…there is no point in spending time together.Nothing is working out between us.

Gopi became upset:Don’t say like that Diya.
Diya:But that’s the truth mummiji.
Diya walked away.
Rashi:It’s happening just like I feared.I always feared that even if Ranveer marries Diya ,after marriage what will happen to them.I am even worried if Ranveer will find true love in some other girl.
Gopi:Stop it Rashi.Nothing like that will happen as Ranveer’s true love is only Diya.
Rashi:I agree with you.But what if without realizing that Ranveer would take a wrong step?

Gopi:No…it can’t happen.

After a few days….

Dira:Mumma…now a days very rarely papa is seen at home.

Diya:Papa’s exams are coming up.So he is busy.
Dira:I really miss papa.I want to see him.
Diya:But papa is in the college beta.

Dira:Please mumma.Please take me to papa.
Diya:Ok..I will take you there when the college hours get over.


Diya took Dira to Ranveer’s college.
There they saw Ranveer,Adi and Aliya coming out of their classroom.Seeing Ranveer,Dira got excited and ran towards him.
Dira hugged Ranveer.
Diya was worried about Ranveer’s reaction.
Diya:Oh no.Dira addressed Ranveer as her father before his friends.Now what will happen to Ranveer?God..please make everything alright.

Ranveer was frozen seeing Dira’s action while Adi and Aliya were confused.
Aliya:Beta…who are you?
Dira:I am Dira.
Aliya:Sweet name.Why are you here?
Dira:I came to see my papa.
Adi:Who is your papa?
Dira:This is my papa.
She touched Ranveer.
Adi and Aliya did not believe it.
Aliya:Where is your mumma?
Dira pointed her finger towards Diya.
Ranveer stared at Diya angrily.

Aliya:That is Ranveer’s elder sister Diya.Means Ranveer is your Mamu?

Dira:No.She is not my papa’s sister.She is my papa’s wife.I saw their wedding.Dadi told me that after wedding mumma became papa’s wife.
Aliya:What nonsense!
Adi:I can’t understand what this kid is saying.
Aliya:Me too.Ranveer…why are you not saying anything?
Suddenly Adi remembered something.
Adi:Dira…Diya’s Di and Ranveer’s Ra.It means….

Aliya was stunned.
Aliya:Ranveer…tell something.What is this kid saying?
Dira:Papa…come..we will go out with mumma.We will go the icecream parlour.Then the toy shop.

Adi:Say Ranveer.
Aliya:For God sake say the truth Ranveer.

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