Krishna Chali London 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mohan threatens Krishna and Veer

Krishna Chali London 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna saying I will go home and explain this to Shuklain. Veer says I will come along. Krishna says no, I have to do this alone, take Sunaina to hospital. Sunaina says I m fine. Veer says come with me. Veer kisses Krishna on her forehead and smiles. Krishna comes home and hugs Bela. She says Mohan and his friend are caught, the money is safe, we will go to hospital. Lali asks where is Radhe. Krishna gets a call and asks how. Inspector says they are clever, they tricked us and ran away, be alert, we will find them soon.

Krishna gets Mohan’s call. He threatens her. He says give me my money, else none will get saved, the entire hospital is in my hands now. Shuklain and Gajanan see him. Shuklain asks Gajanan what’s happening. Gajanan looks on. She says they all have guns, take Radhe aside and ask him what is he doing, he is innocent. Gajanan says he isn’t our Radhe. She says no, he is Radhe. She asks Mohan why is he doing this, she will not let anything happen to him, who are these people. She says we will save you, leave this gun. Mohan slaps her. She falls down and gets shocked.

He scolds her. She cries. Gajanan says how dare you hurt her. Bilal makes him fall down. Gajanan gets caught. Mohan says you all are fools, Krishna and Veer said right that I m not Radhe, but you all troubled me, did you see any dead man coming alive, Radhe is dead, I m Mohan. They get shocked. Shuklain cries. Mohan says don’t come close to me, I became Radhe for money, Krishna will get money, hope for this, else everyone here will die.

Shuklain cries. Gajanan says he isn’t our Radhe, don’t cry for him. Krishna and everyone come to the hospital and ask police about the situation. Inspector says there is much danger, you can’t go in. Krishna says they know better than us. She shows her ID and says I can help, I know all the routes. Gajanan says nothing will happen to Shukla. Krishna helps the police by explaining the floor map. Mohan says I m waiting for Krishna, who will come to fight me here. Inspector says we don’t know how many goons are inside, I wish someone from there told us. Veer asks Sunaina to stay inside and not come out. Sunaina worries for him.

Veer prepares some syringes for the goons. He hides his face. Veer asks who are you, I was treating patients in OT. Goon asks who else is inside. He injects them with syringes. Krishna calls Veer and says you know… He says I m inside the hospital with mum, Mohan kept everyone as hostages, I came here for mum’s checkup, I have hidden mum in OT and fainted the goons with injections, I damaged their phones, they are 10-12 goons, I got all the patients with me, the left over people’s lives are in danger, I will try to faint the other goons. ACP says leave it on us, keep informing us about the situation.

Krishna says yes, don’t take risk. She gets Mohan’s call and answers. Mohan asks what about my money, you may take a wrong step in greed and I can kill some people here, give me my money and a safe way to go out, I held Shuklain’s hand, I will kill her first. Gajanan gets angry. Krishna says no….. Shuklain cries. Mohan says I don’t have much time, we will start killing them one by one if our demand isn’t fulfilled. Veer sees more goons and takes the injections. A goon hits him. Mohan points gun at him and says explain him not to do this and leave fights for me. Veer sees Sunaina. Mohan gets angry on them. He says Sunaina was in OT and came out for her son. Sunaina says sorry Veer, I was scared. Mohan and goons laugh on her. Mohan says Veer has hit my four men, shall we kill four people now. Krishna says no. Mohan asks his goons to kill four people. Gajanan says no. Veer says kill me, I have hit your men, stop, leave them. Mohan comes to Veer and shoots. Krishna shouts Veer. Mohan smiles.

Mohan threatens to kill Shukla. Krishna and Veer come with the police. Mohan says you got police here. He removes Shukla’s oxygen mask and fires at Veer.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. 2 more episodes…????
    2. Mrs. Shukla and Mrs. Sahye I mean Radhey mom and Veer Mom, both are dumb and stupid, who doesn’t react according to situations, but uses their stupid brain when not needed…????
    3. Today Lali was looking so prety in green sari..????
    4. Precap will be interesting, as due to fire Shukla will be fine and beat Mohon..????
    5. Radhey Mom had 4 children still she look young than Veer Mom who had 2 children but she look has if she crossed 100 yr of her age according to serial..?????????

  2. Husna shelley

    I felt very disappointed with story line from march to present. btw.. only 2 days in hand. waiting for positive end and happy off air.

  3. Husna shelley

    I became Megha’s fan by her acting guts. also mayank. karan did well. missed gaurav the heart of krishna chali london.

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